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Simple but elegant wedding bead jewelry can give the bride a special charm and make it unique. The choice of accessories must be approached with particular responsibility, because the abundance of decorative elements can simply spoil even the most feminine, sophisticated look or make it unique, stylish. When choosing jewelry, follow one simple rule - the richer the bride’s dress, the more modest the accessories should be, and vice versa. Too massive jewelry can overshadow the airiness and tenderness of the image of a young.

Options for wedding decorations for the bride from beads

In the wedding image of the bride, in addition to the dress and veil, there should be a gold ring on the finger, on which the gem will glisten. And all the other jewelry is simple jewelry. For example, a necklace, which was used to create beads, looks very gentle, airy and elegant. This accessory perfectly complements any bride’s dress and does not look cheap. To make the image of a young harmonious, you can choose beads, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras. Looks beautiful pendant butterfly, earrings.

Honeymoon Bead Jewelry

Bouquet of beads, rhinestones and glass beads

Wedding bead jewelry is exquisite, delicate, modern. A bouquet made of this material, complemented by glass beads and rhinestones, looks very beautiful, original and rich, ideal for almost any image of a bride. The advantage of such an accessory is that it is not afraid of a strong wind, rain, it tolerates frost and will retain its beauty even by the end of the evening. For a long time, your bouquet will not change its correct shape and will long remind you of the happiest day in life.

Bridal bouquet with beads

A bouquet for the bride made using beads and glass beads is a fashionable, stylish solution, but you need to adhere to a few tips when choosing it:

  • The bride’s bouquet should not overshadow her outfit, which is the main decoration of the young.
  • Make sure this product is not too faded..
  • The colors of the chosen bouquet should go well with the clothes of the bride.
  • It is advisable to opt for compositions for the creation of which small square beads, pearls, bugles, and rhinestones were used. Such an ornament will look elegant, and its weight will not be too big.
  • A round or cascading bouquet is perfect for a dress with a fluffy, voluminous skirt.
  • If the bride chose a stylish outfit, a tight-fitting silhouette, she should pick up a simple bouquet, not overloaded with a lot of decorative details.

Necklace and earrings made of beads and stones

When choosing wedding jewelry from white beads for the bride, it is recommended to immediately purchase a set - earrings, necklaces. The beauty of the air necklace is mesmerizing - it is a string of beads, at the end of which there is a small hook. Such products are very elegant and modern, and transparent beads look like noble diamonds. However, the bride needs to be extremely careful and not overdo it much, otherwise she risks becoming like a bright Christmas tree.

If you opted for an elegant dress of a tight-fitting silhouette, complement it with a set of wedding jewelry from beads - earrings, necklaces made using stones and beads. In order for the accessories and the evening dress of the bride to harmonize with each other, you need to be able to combine them correctly:

  • If the dress has a V-neck, a beaded necklace or a glass bead product of the same shape is suitable.
  • An airy necklace with beads fits the open neckline.
  • Jewelry on the neck of the bride and groom should be selected taking into account the style of the dress.
  • When choosing wedding accessories, remember that all products must be made of one material.

Diadem for bride hairstyle

The tiara is the perfect decoration for the bride. To feel like a real princess, you do not have to save up for jewelry for several years. This accessory looks no less beautiful and stylish if it is made of beads. Diadem for decorating hair, like other wedding jewelry, should be selected taking into account the style of the dress of the bride and groom. To complement the image, the bride can use a bracelet, but do not choose a lot of accessories so as not to look vulgar.

How to make a DIY wedding necklace?

Bead jewelry is gaining immense popularity. Handwork is very much appreciated. If you want to impress the guests of the wedding with an original set of beads, for a start it will not hurt you to master the decoupage technique. Then you can make a necklace with beads with your own hands to complement your wedding image of a bride. A wide selection of beads, beads and other materials necessary for creating original products is on sale. First, master a simple weaving technique, and then proceed to the implementation of a complex decor.

Charming Beaded Wedding Necklace

Weaving pattern and job description

To make a beautiful necklace for a wedding with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • beads (6 mm in diameter);
  • beads No. 15;
  • beads No. 11 (Czech No. 10);
  • transparent fishing line.

The weaving of the necklace occurs as follows:

  • We take a fishing line, we collect beads No. 11 on it (16 pcs.), Then we close the ring.
  • We collect 1 bead No. 11 and 1 bead, then return the line to the bead, draw the line through 2 beads of the ring. We work according to this scheme to the end.
  • We take beads No. 15, weave beads (8 beads for beads with a diameter of 6 mm each).
  • At the end of the work, we make a beautiful finishing row, using beads No. 15 for this.
  • We collect ready-made flowers in a necklace.
  • It is not always possible to wear expensive jewelry, and without accessories, the image may look unfinished. Particularly noteworthy is the selection of wedding decorations for the bride, because they must be attractive, practical, to last all evening.

    Photo of beautiful wedding decorations on the neck of beads

    Accessories made using beads simply perfectly complement the image of the bride. Such wedding items look airy, tender, cute, elegant, modern: beads woven into a wide pattern, a necklace-collar, a necklace in several tiers with translucent beads. A necklace around the neck looks very unusual, based on which beads are attached to the frame and complemented by a large number of snow-white pearls or stones.

    Bead Wedding Decorations