Guests must not be left without a gift!


You have a wedding soon, and you forgot to choose gifts for guests. Or did not find a suitable option. The most important thing is not to despair, the portal advises. After all, bonbonnieres can be made quite original, if you approach this issue responsibly. However, we will move away from this and consider other options for gifts..

Each gift!

If your wedding is designed for a small number of guests, say 30, then you can not be too lazy and make each one a small gift wrapped in a cute box. Of course, this will also require time, patience and costs, but original gifts win against the background of banal, identical bonbonnieres, in which there is no highlight.


Figurine for each guest

To get started, you need to know the preferences of your guests. This will not make you work hard, since you know them, you saw how they dress and perhaps you know their tastes. Very often the newlyweds give their guests small figures, they are put in the guest's place at the table and they attach a card with the name and surname of the guest to them. Figures will play not only the role of a gift, but will also be a spectacular decoration of the wedding hall. The choice of figures is huge, so you can give everyone different. Examples of such figures are: animals, angels, birds, as well as figures of the young.

Figurine of young

Thanks you!

Despite the number of guests, you can come up with a lot of ideas. For example, guests are presented with envelopes in which letters with small postcards are enclosed, in which the newlyweds wrote a personal thank you to the guests (each different!). It can be ordinary cards with the image of the bride and groom, wedding rings or cards in the form of hearts.


For the long memory

Young people can also give a disk, which contains videos or photos in one film. Like any gift - a movie disc is prepared in advance.

We go fishing? !

Another original gift for guests is an aquarium with gifts. Especially if you are organizing a nautical-themed wedding! Prepare the aquarium this way. All gifts are packed in plastic bags and lowered to the bottom of the aquarium. Of course, there should not be any living creatures in it. And then, when everyone has gathered, you can declare fishing. Each guest should get his treasured box.

Have a laugh?

You might like the cartoon version. The cartoonist is invited to a wedding, and during the banquet he draws each of the guests. Then all these drawings are distributed to invited guests.

Cartoon from the wedding

Balloon surprise

You can also take gifts and put them in balloons, fill the balls with gel and tie them to the guest's chair. Next, you need to put an envelope with a needle, and at the end of the celebration, each guest should burst the ball and only then he will know what the newlyweds decided to give.

Lots of ideas

In fact, there are still a lot of ideas that you can bring to life. Give the guests two glasses each, which will depict the bride and groom. An interesting gift will be a candle, inside of which there is, for example, a pen with the image of young people. At the beginning of the celebration, you can put a candle next to each guest, light them up and let them guess until the end of the event that they were given a gift by the bride and groom. You can choose as a gift and cutlery, such as forks. Also, if we talk about small figures, they can be frozen and then served in glasses with a drink. Even a small cube of wood can be imagined as original - give your guests a personalized cube.

A wedding is not an easy event. The bride and groom need to think through the smallest details in preparation for the wedding. Starting with the choice of attire and ending with the ceremony: where it will be held, what style will be, what to present to guests. You can read a lot of useful information on the website