Wedding shawl - selection tips, popular models, knitting patterns with photos


Is your wedding ceremony planned for the cool season? Then an important component of the wardrobe should be a wedding shawl. A beautiful product, gracefully thrown over the shoulders, can not only maintain an elegant image, but also reliably protect on a frosty wedding day. This detail of the wedding dress will give the bride and groom a touch of mystery, elegance and mystery..

What to look for when choosing a shawl

Wedding wrap is chosen taking into account the style and style of the outfit of the bride and groom. However, it is necessary to approach the choice of shawls with responsibility. The main task of this wedding attribute is to provide comfort, practicality and beauty of the image. Shawl for the bride for the wedding is selected taking into account the following criteria:

Quality. As a shawl fabric, natural fibers should be used. Make sure that the fur, the fibers of the product do not fall out and do not remain on the clothes.
The size. This parameter should be given special attention. The main function of the shawl is to warm the bride, so the product must be large enough to completely cover the shoulders, but not look like a dimensionless bag.
Price. The cost of a shawl depends on the place of its purchase, the complexity and size of the pattern, the quality of the material. In wedding salons such an accessory will be expensive, and in ordinary shops selling shawls, the bride will be able to choose a cheaper option.
Style. Models of shawls are diverse: they can be shortened or long, consist of organza, guipure, tulle or cashmere.
Colour. For a classic white outfit, a wedding shawl of the same color is selected. If the dress contains beige tones, choose an accessory in milk colors.
Decor Rhinestones, beads, and beads are used to decorate the wedding shawls. The more decor on the cape, the higher its price. However, a modestly decorated shawl may look better, as it does not distract the attention of guests from the main attribute of the celebration - a wedding dress.

Wedding shawl patterns

The choice of the style of the product for the wedding depends on the time of the year when the solemn event will take place, the wedding dress model, the overall style of the wedding, the personal preferences of the bride and groom. In order not to freeze during the winter season, fur or down shawls are ideal, an organza product is suitable for weddings in the summertime, in cool autumn days a lace knitted wedding shawl will be a good option.

Organza or Tulle

The bride in a chic wedding dress with bare shoulders and an open neckline looks incredibly gentle, touching, defenseless. But during the wedding you need to cover your shoulders. An airy tulle shawl is useful for this. If there is no veil, a wide shawl decorating the girl’s head and covering the bare zone of the neckline will be appropriate at the wedding. To achieve an airy image of the bride, they use tulle decorated with lace. A chic option is a translucent shawl decorated with hand-painted or original embroidery.

Wedding shawl for the bride

Fur or Swan Down

A fur shawl for a wedding is a luxurious winter accessory that will not only warm you, but also give your look grandeur and elegance. Before buying a fur product for marriage, the bride must try on it with a wedding dress. Shawls for the winter period are made using different materials. Popular are:

Rabbit fur. In severe frosts, a soft, warm rabbit shawl will be a wonderful decoration for the bride. This product is not only in white, there are other shades: ivory, beige, sand.
Mink fur. The possession of a mink shawl emphasizes the high status of the girl, and her luxurious appearance turns the newlywed into a fabulous snow queen. Fluffy, soft mink will become an incomparable detail of the image of the bride.
The fur of the fox. A fox shawl is considered to be a truly royal product; it looks very presentable and spectacular.
Fox fur. Brides who love to be in the spotlight will appreciate the fox fur shawl. They differ in chic appearance, thick, shiny, long hair and a wide variety of shades, from pale to bright red.
Swansdown. To create a romantic autumn wedding image of the bride with visible fur in clothes, swan fluff is used. Its villi resemble delicate wool, and it seems that the girl is dressed in a cloud.
Artificial fur. Having ethnic beliefs about using natural animal hair or in order to save money, brides choose artificial material. In appearance, such a product is almost no different from real accessories.

When choosing a shawl with faux fur, pay attention to:

Quality. The inscription in the store on the product «Do not touch» it should be alarming, because a good fur shawl will withstand many touches.
Softness of the material. The harder and stiffer the fur, the colder the shawl will be..
Weight. The heavier the shawl, the warmer it will be, but there should be a measure. The maximum weight of the product should not exceed 1500 grams.
Color. Swipe the shawl’s fur with a piece of cloth, if it becomes colored, then the accessory material is of poor quality.

Fur Shawl for Wedding

Openwork or lace

Knitted shawls are back in fashion, they will be an excellent addition to any autumn and winter look of the bride. The most beautiful products are performed using the technique of lace crocheting or knitting. To get a large ornament in knitting, use knitting needles, for filigree drawings use a hook. The knitting pattern can be varied, figures in the form of squares, rhombs, flowers, Slavic ornaments are especially popular. Small decorative elements help to decorate a shawl with a pattern and highlight it: knitted beads, beads, droplets, rhinestones.

Knitted shawl for honeymoon

How to wear a wedding shawl

With such a product as a shawl, any wedding outfit will look great. She is especially suitable for long, luxuriant dresses: in the Greek or vintage style. A combination of a short wedding dress and an elongated shawl will be a winner. For dresses with fluffy skirts, products are selected that slightly cover the shoulders. The main thing here is to highlight the waist so that the figure does not turn out blurry.

How to knit a shawl

In cool weather, to keep warm, the bride and groom can put a knitted ornament on her shoulders. If you know how to handle knitting needles, it will not be difficult for you to make a shawl on your own. Get yarn. For a quality product, the masters recommend not using synthetic threads, otherwise the knitted shawl will not hold its shape well. The percentage of synthetic fiber in the yarn should not exceed 40.

Openwork knitted shawl for the bride

Necessary materials

To make a model measuring 60 cm by 140 cm you will need:

200 g of snow-white yarn (it is desirable to use 100% alpaca yarn, the required density of the thread is 50 g / 167 m);
circular knitting needles No. 3 (80 cm);
hook number 2.

Scheme and description of the process

To get started, check out the shawl knitting patterns, symbols. Figure products are 4 diagrams:

Pattern knitting shawls for the bride

Legends for reading a shawl knitting pattern

We collect 11 loops and knit in the following sequence: 5 loops, double-knitted, 1 crochet, 1 front, 1 crochet, 5 loops, double-crocheted.

In the back rows we knit the crochets on the wrong side and add 4 loops.
We continue knitting, in each front row making crochets of 5 garter stitches and 1 front stitch, until 171 stitches are knitted on the knitting needles.
When the height of the product reaches 2 cm, continue to knit using scheme 3.
With a shawl height of 36 cm, we begin to knit without adding extra loops.
Then, after every 18 loops, we knit the rapport specified in Scheme 1 (the numbers indicate the number of increments performed on a particular loop).
Having connected 9 rows according to the scheme No. 1, we continue knitting according to the scheme No. 2.
Then we do rapport according to scheme 3 and we knit a section 1 cm wide with front stitch.
Starting from the next row, we knit 5 loops from each edge with a double-crocheted knit stitch, making 1 double crochet.
Make one central loop front.
Next, we knit, making 1 front loop and 1 crochet on each side of the row.
Having knitted 12 rows in this part of the product, we continue knitting according to scheme 3.
Having done this with a width of 9 cm, repeat the actions of paragraph 6,7,8.
Having connected the rapports, we crochet the edges of the shawl in the following order: we reduce 2 loops, knit 3 loops together, then we knit a chain of 8 air loops, again we reduce 2 loops, knit the next 3 loops together, we continue in the same order to the end of the row.

Photos of wedding shawls for the bride

This comfortable part of the wardrobe is suitable for the bride in different periods of the year: for hot summers, thin and light products, for frosty winters, warm fur and feather ones. An important advantage of shawls is excellent compatibility with absolutely any outfit; the product is suitable for girls with any type of figure. The shawl looks especially beautiful on wedding photos taken during the wedding, on a walk.