What to dress mom for her daughter's wedding - tips for choosing the style, model and color of the outfit


While preparing for the wedding, a lot of time, the search for images for the newlyweds takes a lot of effort, the choice of clothing for parents fades into the background. But the future mother-in-law should look attractive at the wedding of her daughter. How to dress for the wedding of the daughter of the future mother-in-law? There are rules and regulations that you should adhere to..

What to wear for the mother of the bride - elegant dress or pantsuit?

A wedding is a great occasion to update your wardrobe. Choosing what to wear for a mother at a wedding with her daughter, it is worth considering several options that are most in demand. These are, first of all, dresses and classic trouser suits. What is better to dress?

It all depends on the preferences, physique of a woman. Ladies with a slim figure will look perfect in pantsuits. An elegant, properly selected pantsuit is able to emphasize the graceful figure of the mother and next to her daughter she will look simply amazing. The advantage of a trouser suit is considered to be convenience, because all day the mother will be in motion, worries. Comfort is an important fact to consider..

What to wear to the mother of the bride: models of pantsuits

The dress is a universal outfit that will suit women of any age, physique, the main thing is to successfully choose a style, color. For slender mothers, a tight-fitting outfit is quite suitable, for women with curvaceous dresses, models of dresses of the Greek style or with a smell are suitable.

Elegant evening dress for mother of the bride

Only mom herself can answer the question of what is best to wear - a pantsuit or dress. It is important how long she feels and whether she likes her own reflection in the mirror in one way or another..

What dress to choose for the daughter's wedding (style and models)

You can choose any style, model, tailoring dresses for the mother for your daughter’s wedding. Try on several different styles, see how they sit, you feel comfortable, do not look funny or ridiculous in such an outfit to determine what is the best way to dress..

Long evening

An elegant evening gown on the floor will look its best. To him, you need to pick up high-heeled shoes. But do not forget about comfort, convenience. Choosing a style, mom should independently evaluate the merits of her figure, determine which model will sit optimally, is it possible to expose some parts of the body.

Mom's long evening dress for her daughter's wedding

Stylish «case»

A sheath dress will look good, which will emphasize all the advantages of the figure. Shoes with at least a small heel are simply necessary for him, because thanks to such shoes you will visually become fit, slim. See the example in the photo..

Sheath dress for mom at the wedding of her daughter

Greek summer

If the festive celebration is celebrated in the summer, you can wear a sundress in the Greek style. Due to the lightness of the materials from which the sundresses of this style are sewn, your image will seem delicate, airy, elegant.

Sundresses in the Greek style for the mother of the bride

Evening dress for the full mom of the bride

Even if you can’t boast of a slim, fit figure, now there is a huge selection of images for ladies with curvaceous shapes. When choosing clothes for the full, it is recommended to follow a few simple tips:

  • It is better to choose clothes with strict lines, to avoid dresses with frills, frills, folds that will make you visually even bigger.
  • Fabrics are recommended to choose light, freely falling down. They will hide all the flaws, you will feel comfortable.
  • It is better to wear clothes that emphasize your advantages (beautiful magnificent breasts, slender legs), hide the imperfections.
  • By colors - it is worth choosing outfits from plain materials.

Daughter's Wedding: What to Wear for Full Mothers

A perfect outfit for full moms to the wedding will be a high-waist skirt and a light blouse with a neckline. A jacket or jacket of the same color scheme as the skirt will help to complement the image. Give preference to dresses in the Greek style or casual.

Where can I buy

You can buy clothes for mom at your daughter’s wedding in wedding salons, for example, in Ideal, Romance, Prestige. If you are not afraid to buy clothes without trying on, order it online. Popular stores in Moscow are Ricamare, 1001dress, Dress Vip.

So that the mother’s wedding dress for her daughter’s wedding is perfect, you can sew it to order. Salons of Julia Dmitrieva and Bella Rossa are considered to be well-established workshops..

If in this situation you do not have the opportunity to purchase a new chic outfit, rent it. This service is provided by Fashion House, Eclia, Cavaliere, Elite stores..

Which color to prefer

Choosing how to dress mom for a daughter's holiday event, one should not forget about the color of clothes. Mom should avoid white, beige, gray tones, black. White is the color of the bride (daughter) and you will merge if you are of the same color. Black color - mourning, but in combination with accessories, the evening dress will look solemn.

Dresses in pastel colors are ideal, the lighter - the better, it refreshes, makes you younger. It is not recommended to choose clothes of too bright shades or with sparkles - firstly, it is not by age, and secondly, it looks ridiculous.

Fashion shoes and accessories

Choosing clothes for the wedding, you need to think about shoes, jewelry, additional accessories, hairstyle, makeup.

  • It is better to choose comfortable shoes, because you have to spend most of the day on your feet, first collecting the bride, then in the registry office, dancing in the evening. Shoes should have a small steady heel. Pre-distribute the shoes, so that on the day of marriage, she does not rub calluses and spoil the mood, holiday.
  • Jewelry. A pearl necklace and frosted beads will look perfect. But if the daughter will have a necklace of pearls, then mother is not recommended to wear a similar one. Do not buy too bright, shiny jewelry.
  • Accessories Take care of your handbag: it’s best to choose a clutch bag in which you always have a hand mirror, a handkerchief and other necessary things.
  • The hairstyle should be chosen based on the length of the hair, face shape and personal wishes.
  • Makeup. The usual daytime or natural evening make-up is quite suitable. Defiant and bright is better not to do.

Parents and newlyweds always have more attention, you will be in full view of the guests all day. Therefore, when choosing accessories and jewelry, it is worth considering that everything should look harmonious.

What to wear for the mother of the bride for the wedding: accessories

Some tips for choosing a wedding dress for your daughter

To answer the question of what to wear for your daughter’s wedding, you should listen to the following tips:

  • Choose your outfit and shoes to feel light and at ease all day. The image should like you.
  • To hide flaws, use a trick - put on a set of corrective underwear or just high-quality, form-fitting, a bra and pantyhose.
  • Do not wear white clothing or bright colors (such as defiant red).
  • Jewelry and accessories should look harmonious, complementing your look. Do not wear the entire collection of jewelry available at home..
  • Makeup should be restrained without bright colors. Before the event, it is worth tidying the skin and nails.
  • Buy clothes that size you wear, do not choose more or less.
  • If the wedding is scheduled in spring or autumn, get a bolero that you can put on top when it gets cool.
  • Women over 40 are advised to wear medium or long skirts. Optimum length - knee-deep or slightly lower.
  • To make your toilet look harmonious together with the bride’s dad, a man needs to wear an accessory of the same color (for example, a flower, scarf, tie).

See more outfits for mom of the bride in this video:

Photo of wedding dresses for mom of the bride

Evening decorations for mother at her daughter's wedding

If you still haven't decided what to wear for your daughter’s wedding, ask her or a friend for help.

Did this information help you find the outfit? Share your opinion in the comments. There you can tell about your experience if you have already had to choose clothes for attending your daughter’s wedding.