Jewelry for the wedding


Imitation of gems was widely used in ancient Egypt. Masters cast molten glass, or other prepared compound, into the necessary handicaps, and polished it. After this, coloring with metal oxides or glaze took place..

German jeweler F. Strass organized a whole business and made a name for himself in production
jewelry made of a special alloy, transparent and possessing a special sheen. Their cost was much less due to low hardness. Already then fashionistas began to wear this wedding jewelry.

These products lacked a two-color phenomenon. But production developed, and later, Daniel Swarovski invented a composition that allows simulated products to “play” like real gems. For several generations, Swarovski continues this business..

Nowadays, it is a universally recognized fact that jewelry is a separate, completely independent direction in the jewelry industry. The cost of these products is an order of magnitude lower than for jewelry made of precious stones, and the beauty and impressiveness make them extremely attractive to buyers..

The famous trendsetter Coco Chanel also contributed to the spread of fashion trends in jewelry. Her products were exaggerated, emphasized artificial, imitating precious metals - gold and silver. The emphasis in these metal jewelry was placed on the original weave, the neighborhood of seemingly incompatible elements. This gave them originality and sophisticated etotage..

Wedding decorations

Be sure to use jewelry in a wedding outfit! They will emphasize any shades of the image you create. You will be an elegant, mysterious, romantic, and perhaps extravagant bride. In the wedding fashion, there are both classic options and modern trends. What to choose? Of course, with this question it is better to turn to professionals. On the pages of our wedding portal you will find contacts of organizations whose specialists will help in choosing jewelry for the wedding, or jewelry.

Rules for fashionistas

The first rule is not to mix styles:

  • Do not wear jewelry made of precious metals with jewelry;
  • do not decorate yourself with different stones at the same time;
  • do not wear products made of different metals, for example, gold and silver.

The second rule is a sense of proportion.

  • Too many jewelry is a bad sign.

The third rule - jewelry should be in harmony with the style of clothing.

For example, sportswear doesn’t “tolerate” jewelry, and an expensive dress - cheap jewelry.

Well, wedding jewelry should be selected with special care.

How to care for jewelry.

They can change the appearance of your jewelry: sea water, vintage perfumes, varnishes. When bathing - remove jewelry or bijouterie, when using perfumes - be careful.

Jewelry can be washed gently in soapy water and then wiped with a soft cloth.

When doing fitness, remove all accessories. They can go bad, and even worse, hurt you.