Wedding shorts for the bride, selection tips, popular models with photos


A wedding ceremony is a high point for any girl who wants to be a princess in a beautiful dress. It is believed that a large wedding, where a large number of guests are invited, should wear an outfit with a long narrow or wide skirt. Shocking personalities, departing from the classics, prefer an unconventional point of view on this issue. Having chosen a non-standard dress with shorts, the bride and groom will attract the attention of others and make a splash at the banquet.

Who will suit a wedding dress with shorts

This type of wedding product has three elements: the top, made in the form of a corset, mens shorts and a skirt that covers them, which comes unfastened at the right time, turning an ordinary dress into a non-standard wedding outfit. This is very convenient if the bride celebrates a significant event outside the city, in nature or by the sea. Such a robe will not hamper the movement, and the likelihood that someone will step on a skirt in a festive setting is minimized.

Not every bride and groom can afford a wedding outfit with shorts. It suits girls with a beautiful sophisticated figure, emphasizes the harmony of the legs, giving the image a sexy look. In such a dress, the bare foot of the bride and groom, covered with a slit skirt in front of the thigh, will playfully look in the photographs. Girls of small stature look advantageous in it, since the outfit visually adds growth. You can add extra centimeters by wearing high-heeled shoes. It is not necessary to do this for tall people; shoes with low speed are acceptable for them.

Newlywed Wedding Robe With Shorts

Models of wedding dresses with shorts for the bride

Extraordinary models of dresses for brides displace the classic wedding fashion and are suitable for girls who like to surprise or even shock the sincerity of the outfit. Their styles can be varied, as well as length. For example, very short (18-20 cm) and long. In some models, the length reaches 45 cm. If the wedding falls on a hot period, the bride will feel more comfortable in small shorts. Long products are preferred by girls with scars or other imperfections on their legs..

There are models in which fluffy or straight skirts cover shorts, but at the same time are made of transparent materials. This option looks extravagant and suitable for creating a frank image of the bride. Due to the variety of color solutions: peach, gray, red, classic white, the newlywed will not be difficult to look original on the day of the wedding. The color of the dress is selected based on the theme of the wedding and based on the type of girl. Dark tones are ideal peach tones, and light - white.

Transformer dress with a removable skirt

Such models consist of three elements: a corset, shorts and a skirt, and will appeal to brides who want to change several outfits for the festive evening. At the ceremony, the transformer dress will look like a traditional magnificent, and at the festive banquet the girl will be comfortable in shorts. Couples who decide to celebrate a wedding on the islands or the beach should also take a closer look at such models. In hot countries, being in lush dresses is hard for a long time, and such an outfit will help you feel comfortable on a sultry day..

Transformer Wedding Outfit with Shorts

Dress with shorts and a magnificent train

A skirt sewn to the corset and fully opening the legs in front is an outfit for brave and daring girls who are confident in their irresistibility. The train is made of many layers of tulle and is combined with a lace or beaded corset. A skirt of a large number of shuttlecocks looks playful and sexy, in harmony with the smooth fabric of the rest of the garment. High lace boots will help emphasize the slenderness of the newlywed's feet using a dress with a lush train.

Wedding dress with shorts and a puffed train

What is the best fit for wedding shorts?

When creating wedding dresses with couturier shorts, they are combined with various types of corsets for which a smooth or lace fabric is used. Brave brides choose a top with a bare back, a shoulder strap and no sleeves. Often this dress is attached to the shorts of a small strip of fabric trimmed with flounces. More modest girls choose a robe with short, transparent sleeves..

The top of the dress, made in the form of a lace stand, is perfectly complemented by ostrich feathers, matched to the tone. A hat with a veil on which is used as an alternative to the usual veil is perfect for such an image. For lovers of elegance, there are outfits with long sleeves that completely cover the arms. In such a robe, a lace skirt is used, which gives the bride a mystery.

Top Options for Bridesmaid Dress with Shorts

Photo of women's wedding shorts

This option is perfect for girls who do not recognize skirts. Uninhibited brides who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves will truly enjoy this outfit. Extravagant models with short shorts, emphasizing the legs, will make you feel comfortable on the dance floor of the festive evening, get unforgettable photos for memory. Complementing the image with a handbag, veil, diadem, the girl will demonstrate her unusual taste and outrageous style..

A variety of dresses with shorts for the bride