The most terrible wedding dresses in different styles and materials with photos


Wedding event is a solemn and responsible event. Preparation for it takes a lot of time. For the bride, the longest process is the choice of an original, identical outfit. In an effort to stand out from the total mass of the couple, girls often pick up too bright or pathos clothes. Horrible wedding dresses are often worn by famous and wealthy people. Their blunders are especially noticeable thanks to the ubiquitous media representatives. You should learn from the mistakes of such outfits.

Examples of terrible wedding dresses

Choosing an outfit for a wedding ceremony, the main thing is not to overdo it. Any excess accessory or improper cut can destroy the overall ensemble of the dress. A veil, gloves, train should not stand out too much against the background of the overall picture. In order not to make irreparable mistakes when choosing or sewing an outfit, ask the advice of loved ones. Even when ordering clothing from a well-known fashion designer, the opinions of parents or girlfriends should not be neglected. They can see the wedding attire from the side and sincerely suggest all the pros and cons.

In order not to fall into the rating of the most terrible tasteless wedding dresses of the year, a formal outfit should be tailored to the shape of the bride. Its length is consistent with the nature of the event. The apparel can be long or short, to tighten or open the shoulders and waist. But this is not a guarantee. A wedding dress can become awful due to the implementation of the design or the features of the material.

Body Art Wedding Dress

Body art - translates as body art. The bride adorns herself with various drawings in pastel colors. White or gold color is used. Any bare area of ​​the body is decorated with a beautiful, original pattern. Wedding body painting is a special art form. He can either give the bride a unique charm, or oversaturate the image with details. Drawings on the face or hands must be treated with particular care. They will be paid attention to. Body art complements, not the foundation of, creative makeup..

Body art for the bride

We must not forget that body art is not a replacement for a wedding dress, but only emphasizing the beauty of the drawings on the body. Matching colors, applying patterns, you need to remember the big picture. An excess of accessories always leads to bad taste. With a bright, beautiful outfit, you should not decorate yourself with color drawings or rhinestones. It is better to use pastel colors and cover with patterns not all open parts of the body, but only some. Body art, completely replacing the bride’s dress, can look terrible in the eyes of unprepared people.

Dress made of toilet paper

To stand out at the wedding ceremony, brides pick up creative dresses. The most unexpected materials are used for their production. For example, there is a competition in which prizes are awarded for original dresses made with toilet paper. Since 2005, the United States has been awarded a certificate for $ 500-1,000 to the most beautiful and practical outfit. It is believed that the wedding ceremony will be so cheapened. Indeed, for the manufacture of dresses, according to the rules of the competition, they use only toilet paper, threads, glue, adhesive tape.

Toilet paper wedding dress

It is clear that such outfits are made only for competitions. They cannot «been through» long ceremony. Yes, and explain to guests the creativity of the idea will not be easy. In the form of a joke for a wedding, they make an endless loop using several rolls of toilet paper, or hold other similar competitions. The image of the bride should be not only original, but beautiful, and the use of such unexpected materials will show the bride not in the best light.

From balloons

If young people have a desire to make special, unforgettable photos, then even balloons are used to make a wedding dress. It will be very difficult to create such an outfit yourself. More and more designers and fashion designers are starting to work with this material. Using balloons, beautiful translucent wedding dresses of all colors of the rainbow are made. From this solemn event only becomes brighter.

Balloon Bridesmaid Dress

The festive ceremony itself pushes the creation of an original wedding outfit with the help of small balloons by designers. The bride should be light and airy. This outfit looks unique, but some consider it terrible. An air dress is often used for photo installations, because it is impossible to carry out the entire solemn event in it. Any sharp object or careless movement will ruin the look forever..

Gothic dress

So that the bride's outfit does not stand out against the background of the general concept of the holiday, it is necessary to combine it with the idea of ​​holding a celebration. For example, a bright accent of a thematic wedding ceremony can be a dress in the Gothic style, which does not have to be dark and gloomy. In its manufacture, take into account the features of the bride’s figure, what kind of lingerie she prefers, the depth of the bodice and other factors.

Gothic style in the dress of the bride

From plastic spoons

Wedding dresses are created not only using traditional materials, but unexpected things are also used. For example, disposable cups or plastic spoons. Such a dress will be the most unforgettable way at the ceremony, the main thing is to coordinate it with loved ones. Some fashion designers decorate their works with plastic crafts. For example, flowers from disposable tableware.

Original decoration of a wedding dress

Horrible wedding images of show business stars

Failure to choose a wedding outfit can be either an ordinary bride or a celebrity with a worldwide reputation. The fact that famous fashion designers select an image for stars does not protect against bad taste. This embarrassment happened to many actresses and singers. For example, Celine Dion got into the list of the most terrible wedding dresses. Her outfit was ruined by a huge awkward crown and a wide, six-meter train.

For Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson, destructive was minimalism. At their weddings, they were in bikinis, micro dresses. Nicole Richie changed dresses several times during the evening, but she also took not the last place in the rating of bad taste. Nicole, like Mariah Kerry, reporters nicknamed «marshmallows». And the famous singer Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) made another mistake - her dress was so tight and tight that she could not sit in it.

Horrible wedding crown Celine Dion

Photos of the most terrible bridesmaid dresses in the world

So that the wedding dress does not fall into «terrible» top, you should adhere to the rules. The outfit should be fine «sit» on the figure of the mistress. Do not take risks and order a wedding robe without trying on. Careful measurements are the key to a successful choice. No need to decorate a wedding dress with a huge number of accessories. The best decoration of the image will be the hairstyle and beauty of the bride. Look at the photo below, which outfits for the wedding ceremony are considered the most terrible..

Horrible wedding dresses