Hits from the pros offer wedding dress stores


Demanding clients - future brides will have no days off, not even a single evening to browse catalogs, choosing the one and only dress in which the future wife will look just amazing. Wedding dress stores put on sale hits of the season - open models for summer and spring, closed - for cold seasons. However, everyone can have their own look, unconventional on the range of wedding dresses for brides.

Ah, this classic! ..

Classic wedding dresses - with a crinoline or train - to pick up a silhouette is not difficult. Already at the stage of the first fitting, you will determine what suits you. The classic is suitable for almost any type of figure. Let's say the bride can choose an open dress if she is not going to church or church. A closed wedding dress is ideal for a wedding. A dress with a train is the very embodiment of elegance and grace. However, this toilet part can constrain your movement. Therefore, in the course of dress-transformers - the train can be unfastened, and open shoulders for the wedding ceremony to hide under a thick veil. Such wedding dresses are compromises.

Interesting position - creative solution

Wedding dresses for women in interesting positions are also offered by specialized wedding dress stores. A universal version of a wedding dress for a pregnant woman is the Empire style. Falling folds in the antique style will hide the tummy in the early stages, and will not hamper the movement of the future mother. It’s not enough just to mention this style, if not to say that wedding fashion today boasts a special line called the “wedding dress for the future mother”.

Author's view

The widest assortment and exclusivity. Exactly. Wedding dress stores combine seemingly incompatible things. Chic outfits in almost a single copy or in a limited collection are offered rather by boutiques and wedding dress stores that have long been working on the market. Exclusivity is not only in perfect cut and non-standard styles. Similar dresses are a handmade masterpiece. The abundance of embroidered motifs, rhinestones and other jewelry, and just the author’s look at the wedding dress - all this, of course, affects the price of a masterpiece of wedding fashion.

Muslim wedding

Another area is wedding dresses for Muslim brides. Anyone who has ever seen an Islamic wedding will understand that they have their own traditions and requirements that are worth observing, especially if the Nikah ceremony is held in a mosque. Long skirts and sleeves, shoulders and neck, certainly covered, a light headdress - in many cases also traditional, although there are options with a classic European veil.

Non-standard move

Wedding dress stores will undoubtedly offer you the hits of the season, and a non-standard, original approach to choosing a wedding dress. Say, a creative look at a modern bride is a trouser outfit. Or a short wedding dress - like a cocktail. Extremely non-standard move!

Be brave, original and happy!