The oath of the bride and groom


In recent decades, our newlyweds have adopted many traditions from the West - these are exit marriage registration, the thematic style of events. One of the traditional parts of the western marriage ceremony is the oath of the newlyweds to each other. This is always a touching and beautiful event, because, as a rule, speech is a declaration of love, a promise of loyalty, devotion. Culprits of the celebration can agree to come up with a text for the oath, and after pronouncing it during the ceremony, this event will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to write the text of the words for the oath?

The wedding vow is usually held in public among guests, right before the moment of official registration. Both spouses should understand that her utterance is a solemn moment that will not happen again, therefore, the choice of words for speech should be taken seriously. In order for the oath to sound truly beautiful during the ceremony, writing is necessary long before the wedding. In addition, that the written version will protect against unexpected forgetfulness, if the words fly out of my head, the spouses will be able to keep touching pieces of paper with a speech for a long time.

When deciding how to swear an oath, you need to avoid unnecessary self-confidence. Some young people may consider themselves excellent speakers and think that they can find words in any situation, therefore they choose improvisation while making an oath. But even if it is, it will not hurt to insure yourself, because who guarantees that at such an exciting moment in your life you will not be speechless? An insecure muttering can spoil the solemn moment of pronouncing the wedding vow a little, especially if the partner has prepared much better.

Wedding Oath Texts

When choosing words for oaths, the bride and groom need to remember that the speech should not be too lengthy - to say the most important thing, you need only a few words. A short but succinct text expressing sincere feelings can forever be remembered by those present. When making an oath, it is worth looking into the eyes of the bridegroom / bride, because these beautiful words are addressed to him / her. A few small recommendations to help you write beautiful speeches of the bride and groom:

  • For the bride

During the preparation of the wedding vow, you need to spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere so that nothing distracts from your own thoughts. When thinking up a text, you need to remember: how did you meet, was this love at first sight or a gradual realization that without this person you could not imagine further life? Remember the moments that made you happy - first dates, a feeling of love, kisses.

Think about what changed in your life when the groom appeared. Focusing on these thoughts, give them an outlet on a piece of paper. The first version of the words of the wedding vow will probably be too long, there may be many repetitions and emotional digressions, but do not worry. Over time, careful editing will help you choose the words that will become the most important - this will be the oath.

  • For the groom

Many men are not as emotional as women, but if you agreed to a wedding vow, you need to try. When thinking up speech, you should definitely avoid awkward comparisons, for example: «You're the best woman I've ever known» or «You care about me like mom». Even if theoretically this is good news, the bride may not be happy with such words..

You need to focus on what makes the culprit of the triumph of your beloved, say a sincere oath from the heart. Even if the wedding vow is not too poetic, it will certainly touch the hero of the occasion, because the best words are words spoken from the heart. Believe me, after many years she will remember the sincere recognition coming from the heart.

Pronunciation of a wedding vow by husband and wife

Examples of wedding vows for the bride and groom

Given that the tradition of speaking vows while entering into legal marriage has not yet taken root in Russia and the CIS countries, the bride and groom may not have a good idea of ​​what it looks like. To give an understanding of what wedding oath speeches are, what is usually delivered during them, a selection of examples of various texts is made. You can see the classic, traditional oaths of the bride and groom, religious options and funny speeches, known to many by their appearances on television.

Traditional oath

I take you (the name of the bride or groom) to be legitimate husbands / wives. I swear that I will remain faithful to you, love, respect, until our death. I promise to put maximum effort in order to constantly inspire you to show your best qualities that the Lord has gifted you with, to tirelessly maintain during your illness and in health.

Before all those present here and before God, I (Name) solemnly swear that I will try to protect you from all the hardships and deprivations that will fall on our lot, to support in joy, to help in new endeavors. I promise to become a faithful, loving husband (wife) and be him until death do us part.

Newlyweds during the oath


  • Groom

My beloved, I know that we were predetermined by the Lord to each other, our love is the highest goodness. Let the difficulties sometimes come in our way, but the future is unknown, I believe that God will protect our marriage from all adversities. In turn, I swear to be a faithful, loving husband, to protect and protect you, as the Lord protects the entire Christian church. We are all one, sisters and brothers, therefore I swear to love you, following the fifth commandment, all my life.

  • Bride:

Dear husband, I love you with all my heart. For many years I was looking for you, hoping for the help of the Lord, asking him for someone who could become my faithful companion, and now I see that you became him. Despite the difficulties that we encounter along the way, the unknown of the future, I swear to be a caring, faithful wife, to listen to you throughout my life, to raise a child with you. As we obey God, I will obey you as a wife. I completely surrender to you and wish us eternal love!

Touching in verse

  • Bride:

My husband, I dedicate an oath to you

and sincerely with all of you here I promise:

always be faithful, kind, affectionate

and help if trouble comes.

And if this path is difficult,

heavy that you can not rest,

I'm glad I will go with you,

with my love - clean and big.

I give you care and warmth

and sincerely thank you for everything.

I swear I'll try this life

worthy for you to live with you.

  • Groom

My dear, sweet wife,

I found a companion and a friend in you.

Thank you for becoming my happiness

and warm in fierce bad weather.

I swear to protect you from pain

my huge sincere love,

and I promise to be your support:

together with you we will roll all the mountains!

I swear to be faithful, kind, patient,

keep your peace extremely careful.

Swimming in our pure happiness sea,

I love you in joy and sorrow.

Funny of the movies

TV Series Wedding Vow «Friends»:

From Phoebe's Bride:

- I had to grow up without adequate parents and a real family, so I was always haunted by the feeling that there was nothing important in my life. But, standing here, I understand - that’s all I need. You are my family.

From Mike's Groom:

- Phoebe, you are gorgeous! You have a wide soul, you are generous, you are strange in a good way. You turn into an adventure my every day with you. I do not believe that such happiness has befell me. I am ready to live with you all my life!

Heroes of the series Friends pronounce oaths

Funny and comic

  • Bride:

I solemnly swear to the faces of the noisy company present here that:

  1. Catching up with needlework, never knit «hedgehog mittens»!
  2. I will educate my spouse on a great principle «where you put it - there you take it».
  3. I will get myself a hundred books about delicious healthy food, because the path to the man’s heart lies through his digestive tract.
  4. Let my husband go to all workouts so that during cleaning he doesn’t interfere.

My wedding vow never be forgotten! I swear!

  • Groom

I solemnly swear to the faces of the noisy company present here that:

  1. Give love to your desired wife (but not brotherly).
  2. Keep it like an apple to the apple (and from someone else's eye!).
  3. To cultivate in your beloved devotion, love (but only away from your neighbor).
  4. Praise all the culinary experiments of the spouse, if it can be eaten!

My wedding vow never be forgotten! I swear!

The oath of the culprits

Video: the oath of the bride and groom at the exit registration

The best wedding vows of the bride and groom are those that describe the real relationship between the spouses, reveal the individuality of the couple. Official and traditional options are also good, but speeches that include cute details of the life of the newlyweds become much more pleasant and memorable. Just such wedding vows were prepared by the couple for the next video: the heroes of the occasion decided to create a video with the moments of the wedding, on which the text of unique oath speeches was imposed. Watch a beautiful post with touching words: