The most beautiful registry offices

The ceremonial registration of marriage in the most beautiful wedding palace is the dream of the newlyweds. The majestic ceremony will remain in the memory of the newlyweds and guests forever. Old mansions with a royal interior, centuries-old history - what is not the ideal place to conclude a union of lovers' hearts? If you like Art Nouveau style - a modern interior, high quality service at your service. We bring to your attention the top rating of the most beautiful and iconic registry offices in Moscow.

The best registry offices and wedding palaces in Moscow

The most beautiful wedding palaces in Moscow

What do the words mean to you? «The most beautiful Wedding Palace»? Sophistication of an ancient building, centuries-old history, big names, beautiful interior? The most solemn day of the life of the newlyweds should be held as the heart and soul commands. What aspects are important when choosing a registry office:

  • External attributes.
  1. Nice view of the building. An old mansion, a magnificent palace from the reign of Catherine - a city with a long history offers couples a wide choice. Most registry offices in the capital are located in modern buildings built in the late 20th century. But there are those who remember the sounds of the steps of the greats of this world - from the most famous poets, artists to persons «blue» blood.
  2. Interior. Modern repair, stylish design - the most beautiful Palaces of the Wedding can boast not only that.
  • Adjoining territory.
  1. Convenient parking. White limousine, numerous car guests of the ceremony - where to park, how to drive up - an eternal problem for a large city.
  2. The presence of a park or alley for photos, videos. Dreaming of family photos after painting? Pay attention to the beautiful registry offices located nearby parks, famous architectural ensembles.
  • Capacity of the Wedding Palace. The presence of convenient waiting areas in the lobby of the room, a room for the newlyweds to put in order, clean, tidy bathrooms are important points when choosing the most «correct and beautiful» places for painting newlyweds.
  • Capacity of the hall for a celebration. Separate registry offices - with a beautiful, elegant interior - have a small capacity. If the number of guests is significant, you will have to look for the Wedding Palace with a large, spacious hall or reduce the number of guests for the festive painting.
  • Service, staff qualifications. Legal education, competent speech, professionalism are indispensable requirements for the staff of the most beautiful Palaces of Weddings. The smile, naturalness of behavior, taking into account the large flow of couples who want to connect their hearts, highlights the majority of registry offices in Moscow.
  • The cost of additional services. Musicians will help you plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the holiday, the photographer will capture the most exciting moments of painting. The main criterion will be the unobtrusiveness of the offer of the above services, their availability.
  • Availability for a small banquet after the ceremonial registration.

Griboedov Palace of Wedding No. 1

Painting at the registry office №1 of Moscow

An old mansion built by order of the Moscow merchant A.V. Roerich in the first decade of the last century by the architect S. Voskresensky, the leader of the most beautiful places for the solemn registration of marriage. The popularity of this registry office is so great that the line of applicants stretches for several months in advance. Convenient location, beauty, majesty of the interior decoration - all this has to hold the ceremony at the highest level.

The interior of the premises was designed by the owner of the mansion before the start of construction. More than 100 years have passed, and the design - grandiose and solemn, chamber and comfortable at the same time - does not change. The magnificent staircase, high ceilings, crystal chandeliers will bring the newlyweds a century ago. The ceremonial hall is made in brown and beige tones, perfectly combined with furniture for the celebration..

Tsaritsyn registry office

Marriage in Tsaritsyno

In the southern part of the city is one of the most beautiful registry offices of Moscow - Tsaritsinsky. This Wedding Palace - like a casket - the most unexpected, beautiful and exciting is inside. Light pastel colors of the hall, warm colors immerse into the world of warmth, sincerity of feelings. Sofas allow you to pass the time in anticipation of the ceremony. The sunny tones of the wedding hall harmonize beautifully with the lobby.

The refined design of windows, mirrors give a fabulous atmosphere. When choosing one of the most beautiful Wedding Palaces, pay special attention to the number of guests: for the registry office, a preliminary approval of the number of guests is mandatory - no more than 15 people. Want a big ceremony? Order exit registration at the incredibly beautiful Opera House of the Tsaritsyno architectural ensemble. Interiors from the time of Catherine, royal decoration, magnificent parks at your service.

Medvedkovsky registry office

Medvedkovsky Wedding Palace

Modern style, sophisticated design, large capacity of invitees are the distinctive characteristics of the registry office of Medvedkovo. He rightfully belongs to one of the most beautiful, popular places of solemn registration of newlyweds. Convenient accommodation in the hall will brighten up pleasant and exciting minutes of waiting. The ceremonial hall is spacious - easily accommodates from 50 guests - and is solemn. Colored stained-glass windows give a joyful atmosphere, shimmering in the light with rainbow colors.

Tagansky registry office

Tagansky registry office

Among the most beautiful palaces of the Wedding of Moscow is the Tagansky Civil Registry Office. Separate entrances for celebrations and business matters, an elegantly decorated hall, ceremonial premises, courtesy and friendliness of staff, location in one of the old and famous areas of the city - advantages for newlyweds.

High windows with elegant drapery curtains, columns of the foyer give the interior spectacular, serve as an excellent setting for a wedding photo shoot. Pastel blue, beige-golden and white tones are fancifully combined in the festive decoration of the hall, immersing those present in the magical world of high feelings. The exciting sounds of the violin and cello accompany the newlyweds, guests throughout the ceremony.

Chertanovsky registry office

Registration of marriage in the Chertanovsky registry office

Chertanovsky registry office - at the top of the popularity rating among the bride and groom. A spacious foyer with comfortable sofas will accommodate everyone who wishes to congratulate the newlyweds. Lounge rooms for the bride and groom will enable «powder a nose» young beauty, add the finishing touches to the image of an elegant newlywed. A wide marble staircase, high ceilings, bright windows create a festive atmosphere.

Oval shape of the solemn hall; live music pouring from the balcony; delightful chandeliers and pastel colors of wall decoration - have become the hallmark of Chertanovsky Wedding Palace. A delightful winter garden with a wrought iron bench for lovers under a flower arch - the highlight of the registry office and the magnificent interior for a wedding photo shoot.

Khamovnichesky registry office

Interior of the Khamovnichesky registry office

One of the oldest registry offices in Moscow is Khamovnichesky. Located in the center of the capital, not far from the embankment of the Moscow River, this Palace keeps memories of S. Yesenin and B. Pasternak, I. Stalin, Yu. Vizbor and other iconic figures of the last century. Discreet in appearance, it will enchant you with decoration and beauty. Several solemn halls make it possible to avoid «mixing brides, grooms and guests».

Cozy rooms, elegant halls and a foyer made in simplicity are restrained, concise. Do not like excessive pomposity? The interior decor, bright, festive atmosphere will impress you, and the pouring sounds of live music will circulate in a fabulous waltz. Large mirrors, a snow-white podium for the solemn painting of the newlyweds emphasize the style of the wedding ceremony. A distinctive feature is the lack of chairs for witnesses and guests..

Wedding Palace No. 4 «Savelovsky»

Savelovsky registry office

The two-story building of the Savelovsky Wedding Palace was built at the end of the last century. Marble finish, a wide majestic staircase, wall painting - impress visitors with its scope. The beige, golden tones of the hall interior are pleasing to the eye. The registry office lobby occupies a significant area of ​​the second floor, which makes it comfortable to place and coexist several couples of newlyweds and invited guests.

This is the only registry office of the city, which has the right to register marriages of Russian citizens with foreign citizens - residents of far abroad countries. On the ground floor there is a small banquet room where newlyweds can sip their first glass of champagne, marking the beginning of family life, accept congratulations and hear screams «Bitterly!» from family and friends.