Solemn registration of marriage in the registry office


Over the weekend and on Friday, the registry offices are crowded: some couples of the newlyweds are replaced by others, the cries do not stop at the exit “Bitterly” and congratulations. Solemn registration of marriage is a very magnificent event. To the sounds of the wedding march performed by a brass band, a young couple approaches the staff of the institution. Then they have to hear and say an exciting, long-awaited word “Yes”, exchange rings, seal the relationship with a kiss and signatures. These minutes give you unforgettable, joyful emotions.

Marriage ceremony

Solemn ceremony of marriage

Registration of a marriage union is a solemn ceremony where a young couple receives the official status of husband and wife. It happens a month after the application process, where some formalities are resolved, for example, the issue of changing the name. The certificate issued makes the union valid: this legal document is able to confirm it if necessary, and also allows you to get married in the church. Arrive at the registry office before the appointed time by 20 minutes. This period is necessary for the preparation and settlement of certain formalities:

  • payment for registry office services, which includes the cost of the rite itself, music, «crusts» and other additional services that you wish;
  • stamping passports;
  • issuance of rings to registry office employees.

Later, young people are invited to a separate office, where they put their paintings. If you need additional services for a marriage registration ceremony, for example, a registry office photographer, wedding dance music, order them at this time. Then the newlyweds will need to wait a bit with relatives and friends. The number of guests allowed at the ceremony depends on the size of the hall. This issue must be discussed with an employee of the institution..

Accommodation for guests in the registry office

Guests at the marriage ceremony

Before the registration of marriage begins, the employee of the acts registration department will briefly explain to you, the guests present, when you need to enter the hall, where to go, where to stay. The hall for the ceremony is a spacious room with a luxurious interior of the Baroque or Classicism style, with a small orchestra, rows of chairs for guests, a reception desk. The registry office employee will build everyone in a column: the groom and the bride will be the first, after - the witnesses, followed by the parents and guests.

The exit of the young under the march of Mendelssohn

Solemn start of the wedding ceremony in the registry office

To the sounds of the wedding march, newlyweds and witnesses enter the registration hall. It is better to rehearse this moment a few days before the appointed date of the wedding ceremony. Remember that the bride goes on the left side of the groom, and the groom, in turn, leads the young arm. The witness walks next to the groom, and the witness walks with the bride. Future spouses stop about two meters from the place where the manager’s table stands. Then you have to listen carefully, answer questions and not get lost.

Signature of marriage

Newlyweds sign marriage

The registrar makes a long, beautiful, very touching speech for a young couple, timed to the creation of a new unit of society, family. He then asks the bride and groom whether they agree to marry each other. When a young couple confirms their intentions, the registrar declares them husband and wife. After there is an exchange of rings that the witness submits. The registrar gives permission to kiss his wife's husband, invited guests applaud loudly. It is also required to put murals in acts of civil registration in duplicate.

The first dance of the newlyweds

The first dance of the spouses in the registry office

When the state registration of marriage is over, the first dance of the young couple is announced. It must be rehearsed in advance, sometimes the dance is taught with a special trainer. It can be a waltz or a regular slow composition. Further, the manager announces that all those present can express their congratulations to the newlyweds. Arrange with witnesses in advance that they accept all the flowers, it will be uncomfortable for the spouses to leave the institution with a full armful of flowers.


Reception for guests

After the voiced congratulations, a small buffet is arranged: chocolates, champagne, tartlets, snack sandwiches. You don’t need to bring a table with you, hand out plastic cups to all the guests, and put the snack on trays or on the hood of the car. Do not forget about the kids, get a special baby champagne for them. On this the solemn registration of marriage is over, and the young can go for a drive around the city, take pictures.

How much is the solemn registration of marriage in the registry office?

The state duty for marriage registration in the registry office is 350 rubles. In addition, you need to pay for the solemn ceremony, a local photographer, orchestra services, crusts for a certificate of marriage. In most cases, this amount does not go beyond 4000 rubles. The final cost in different cities may vary slightly. State duty is paid at the terminals of Sberbank of Russia.

Video: example of a solemn registration of marriage

How beautiful the magnificent ceremony looks when the young gracefully walk under the waltz of Mendelssohn, listen to the speech dedicated to this occasion, speak to each other “Yes”. Next, the couple exchanges rings and drinks an effervescent drink. Then the young people in an already more relaxed state give smiles and kisses, accept sincere congratulations and go on a photo walk in a new role. Isn't that the dream of every girl who found her prince? You can clearly see all the charm, the touchingness of the moment of marriage registration in the registry office in the video below.