Registration of marriage during pregnancy


The decision to marry is almost the most important decision in the life of almost every person. But some people do not think about registering relationships - more and more often you can see young couples living in a civil union. Often they begin to think about how to legitimize the relationship, only after a decision arises on a joint child. How is marriage registered during pregnancy??

What the Family Code says?

The Family Code of the Russian Federation states that if there are good reasons, whether it is pregnancy or the birth of a child, marriage can be registered on the day of application. According to this regulatory document, spouses expecting a baby must apply to the registry office at the place of registration of one of the newlyweds. The decision on the dates is made by the head of the registry office in each case. If the newlyweds are denied a reduction in time, then such a decision will be appealed in court..

In practice, officials tend to meet future parents and reduce the waiting time for registration. But this requires the presentation of relevant documents, which indicate the reason, on the basis of which it is necessary to shorten the registration period. During pregnancy, the newlyweds must present officials with a certificate from a medical institution. And to the question whether a pregnant woman is allowed to get married in the church, father Arkady will answer in detail in the video:

Features of marriage registration during pregnancy

Marriage concluded because of the pregnancy of a girl has long been no one condemns. On the contrary, many modern couples begin to live together only after they decide to have a baby. Being in an interesting position, women allow themselves to finally get distracted from work and plunge into pre-wedding chores. Let us consider in more detail how registration occurs during pregnancy and how the marriage of future parents differs from other similar procedures:

  • At the request of the bride and groom, the couple submit a joint application to the registry office in person a month before the desired wedding date.
  • The date, as we already know, is allowed to be brought closer, and the ceremony, at the request of the couple, can be both solemn and modest.
  • If the bride is at the hospital at the time of the wedding, the registry office provides the service of the exit ceremony directly.
  • With such registration, the solemn part is not provided. Young only exchange rings and take a few photos as a keepsake.

Touching wedding in the hospital

Required documents

When submitting documents, the newlyweds must have with them civil passports. If earlier one of the future spouses had previous marriages, then they must present certificates of divorce to officials and pay the state fee. On the territory of the Russian Federation, marriage is permitted from the age of 18. But the process of official marriage during the pregnancy of a girl occurs from 16, and even from 14 years old. In all other respects, registration during pregnancy is no different from regular registration.

So, from an adult couple, when submitting documents for marriage registration, the following documents are required:

  • passports
  • statements;
  • paid state duty receipt;
  • help - the basis for an expedited procedure (if necessary).

Dates of marriage registration during pregnancy


As already mentioned, if young people want to legally speed up registration, then pregnancy must be confirmed. It happens that young people are refused because of the early stages of pregnancy, but even in this case there are some reasons, for example, the bride is put to preservation. Upon receipt of a medical certificate, be sure to ensure that the following items are indicated:

  1. Gestational age.
  2. Delivery term.

Terms of registration of documents for marriage

The maturity lines will depend on how long the pregnancy is indicated in the certificate and when the birth is expected. Usually, registry office employees register their future parents within one week or 3 days after presenting a medical document. However, by decision of the head of the state authority registering marriages, the procedure can be held the next day if the institution is not too busy.

Finally, I want to give young parents advice: regardless of whether the pregnancy is planned or not, do not postpone the registration of marriage. The closer the deadline, the less opportunities will celebrate such an important event at full capacity. After the birth of a child, you will have to save money to provide a new family member, and for yourself there will be less and less time and money. So that memories of a wonderful wedding are remembered for a lifetime, it is better to spend it on time.