How to apply to the registry office


If the couple firmly decided to enter into an alliance, an important step in the preparation is going to the registry office and submitting an official application. The executive authority is engaged not only in fixing the facts of marriage, but also in adoption, divorce, death, change of name. Some couples are little acquainted with the procedure for how to properly apply, but you should definitely find out about this in advance - untimely paperwork can ruin your wedding plans. About when to go to the registry office, how to apply online or speed up the process, described in detail below.

How to file an electronic application online

The Internet has tightly entered the life of modern man; its use has affected almost all areas of activity. Not without a worldwide network when filing requests for registration of marriage. Now, to make a reservation for the desired date, you only need to have an Internet connection. This method is suitable for those who are planning a wedding in advance, this way the day is booked no earlier than sixty days before the long-awaited event. It is necessary to indicate the desired date, time of the celebration, if it is free, fill in the columns with information about the marriage.

Applying online

When choosing a Moscow registry office in which registration will take place, it is worth considering the following: if the future spouse is a citizen of another country, then the only option for them is to marry in the fourth Wedding Palace. It remains to be decided which type of ceremony will be held - solemn or not solemn. When all the necessary fields are completed, and the wedding date is determined, the last thing remains: to indicate the day when future spouses will be able to come to the registry office in order to write a real application for registration of marital relations.

Young people need to take seriously the choice of the date of appearance in the registry office, because it is not allowed to transfer. If the groom and the bride cannot reach the indicated time, then the date reservation will be canceled, and the online procedure will have to be repeated again. When young people indicate all the necessary details, it remains only to write an email address and apply for a reservation date. After processing the request, the future spouses will receive a special coupon at this address, which is a confirmation of their registration in the portal - take the coupon with you on the day you submit the real application.

Choosing a date for a future wedding

In addition to the coupon, the couple will need to bring passports, a certificate of divorce or the death of the previous spouse, if that was the case, a receipt of payment of state duty. The cost of registration of marital relations is 200 rubles. Pay it until the day when you need to submit an application. It is not necessary to take the details of the registry office, bank savings banks have the necessary information about where to send the money. When all the preliminary activities are completed, all that remains is to submit an application at the indicated time and wait until it can be certified.

Application to the registry office for marriage registration

For those young people who want to register a marriage earlier than 3-5 months before the expected date, or do not trust the Internet portals, there remains an alternative option - to submit an application to the registry office on their own, without choosing the wedding date and the time for filling out the application in advance. First, select the wedding palace where the wedding will take place: as a rule, it is a registry office in the district where one of the future spouses lives. To register a marriage with a foreign citizen (Baltic and non-CIS countries), you will have to stand in line at the 4th Wedding Palace.

Beautiful Wedding Palace

Queues are a common thing if you are going to apply to the registry office not online. Sometimes even long queues are formed on lists on the Internet, and although they are not considered official, this method may work. Some couples even spend the night under the executive authority to file an application earlier and get a better date. It is especially difficult in warm weather, because most people want to celebrate such a solemn day when the summer sun is shining, and cold rain is not dripping, or even worse - there is frost on the street.

The newlyweds will have to think about the date in advance, because it is not necessary that the number that impresses them the most is free. Most registry offices work only on certain days of the week - for example, on Friday-Saturday, Tuesday-Thursday or Saturday-Monday, and also hold ceremonies at different times of the day - in the morning or in the evening. Future spouses will have to study the information about the registry office where they want to apply. Make a preliminary list of dates, time of the registration act, if it happens that the desired number will be taken.

Signature in the registration book

Before you go write an application, collect the necessary documents. Firstly, these are the passports of the groom and the bride. Secondly, you will definitely need a receipt for the payment of a fee in the amount of 200 rubles. If one of the spouses was in an official relationship before, you will have to grab a certificate of divorce from a previous marriage or the death of a spouse. For persons under the age of eighteen, the written permission of the parents is required. There are also restrictions on marriage:

  • registration of relations between close relatives;
  • filing applications by persons if one is already married or married;
  • execution of an application from the adoptive parent and the adopted;
  • people cannot marry if one of them suffers from a mental disorder and as a result is declared legally incompetent.

When applying, the girl will need to decide whether she will leave her last name or change her to her husband's last name. There is also the option of combining two surnames. This is a matter of personal choice, not a commitment that depends on many personal factors. The future spouse, if she decides to take her husband's surname or double, she will have to take care of the timely replacement of the following documents:

  • passport;
  • international passport;
  • certificate of registration with the PF;
  • certificate of assignment TIN;
  • insurance policy;
  • employment history;
  • certificate of registration of a car;
  • driver's license;
  • documents on the acquisition or rental of real estate.

Documents for the wedding application

When submitting an application, the heroes of the occasion will need to decide which version of the ceremony they need - solemn or not. Lack of registration is simply stamping passports and obtaining a marriage certificate. The first option involves presenting rings, painting witnesses, a solemn speech by the registrar, beautiful wedding music, congratulations, champagne, dresses. As for music, only a few Palaces can deliver their melody, but the bride and groom can choose one of the classic compositions.

If you originally planned to check out, find the registry offices that provide this service in advance. Most executive bodies are strictly forbidden to take important documents outside the building, but some Moscow Wedding Palaces may conduct an official marriage conclusion. In extreme cases, the bride and groom will be able to «to stage» ceremony, and sign the law earlier.

Is it possible to apply to the registry office alone?

If the bride or groom cannot come to the registry office to select the date and its registration, there is a service, submit the necessary documents individually. To do this, you need a statement from a person who will not be here for a good reason. In order for the executive authority to make an application for registration, a document stating that one of the spouses will not be able to attend is certified by a notary.

How much before the wedding is allowed to apply

Many are worried about the question of how long the wedding will take place after filing an application in the registry office. According to the law, the celebration should take place at least thirty days from the submission of the application and a maximum of two. Then the day is appointed when the future spouses will have to go to the registry office to give passports for stamping. Now the wedding date can be confirmed by phone. In some Palaces, applications are accepted from couples on dates throughout the year, this is suitable for those who plan an event in advance.

Self-submission of application

Applications may not be accepted during sanitary days - this is usually Monday and Sunday, although you should learn in detail from the bridegroom of interest to the registry office bride. There are also special circumstances and good reasons that allow the heroes of the occasion to sign before the time specified by law. When is the early registration of marital relations:

  • immediate threat to the life of one of the spouses;
  • pregnancy or childbirth;
  • conscription;
  • long business trip;
  • other special circumstances (e.g. pregnancy).

How to apply during pregnancy

If an interesting situation is found, many girls want to get married with their young man as soon as possible so that their tummy is not visible at the wedding or for ethical reasons. The registry office provides for the accelerated registration of a couple’s relationship, if you submit the application correctly. To do this, you need to collect all the prescribed documents + medical records with a doctor’s opinion on the confirmation of pregnancy. Given the complexity of the situation, the department of the executive authority decides when the marriage will be concluded between the bride and groom - this is a period from 2 to 21 days.

Special circumstances for applying

Application to the registry office for divorce

Not always submitting an application to the registry office is fraught with pleasant events - there documents are accepted for divorce. A registry office can breed people under the following circumstances:

  • the absence of minor children, the general consent of the spouses - is submitted jointly;
  • the presence of minor children, if the spouse is legally incompetent, imprisoned for more than 3 years, is considered missing - is submitted by one person;
  • if the divorce is a court decision, filed by one spouse.

What information does a divorce statement contain:

  • Personal data of divorcing people indicating the place of residence, identity card details.
  • Details of marriage registration certificate.
  • Statement text.
  • Signatures of spouses, date.

In order to get an application, you need to have the following set of documents: a marriage certificate, passports of the Russian Federation or citizens of another country, or other identification cards, receipts of payment of the state duty (800 rubles - four hundred rubles for each spouse). If the divorce is approved by the court, a conclusion is needed. Basically, the procedure for divorce occurs a month after the application - within 30 days the document is allowed to be withdrawn from the registry office.

How to apply through public services?

Public services is an Internet portal that provides young people with the service of creating a reservation for the date of a future wedding, as well as choosing the day when the culprits will be able to come and write a statement. An online inquiry helps prospective spouses to find their free time in advance, the date of the celebration. See how to draw up a similar application using the example of the Samara region:

In order not to upset the wedding plans, consider all the details and find out how to properly apply to the registry office. This seemingly easy procedure can take a lot of time, and also has some important nuances. Having figured out the correct procedure for submitting an application, the culprits will be able to easily go through this pre-wedding bureaucratic test..