What to dress for a wedding guest man


The most sensitive issue is clothing for a wedding. After receiving a wedding invitation, not only representatives of the stronger sex, but also their wives and girlfriends ask themselves: what should a man wear for a wedding? If everything is relatively clear with a female outfit, then the male appearance causes a lot of controversy. Is it possible to confine oneself to jeans with a shirt on the run, or is it more appropriate for a guest to wear a strict three-piece suit?

Considering fashion trends and the basic rules of wedding etiquette, there are many options for clothing for men. Consider the main.

Evening suits for guests of men for a wedding

Should I wear an official costume for a guest invited to a wedding? This is definitely one of the most winning options, especially in winter. But the suit may not be necessarily strict, based on taste preferences, a man can choose for himself both the classic version and the extravagant.

Classic strict

Such an appearance will be appropriate if a large number of guests are invited, and the event itself takes place officially: the setting is the hall of an elite restaurant, a buffet table or a reception. However, instead of black, it is preferable to choose dark blue, chameleon, dark gray or gray. The texture of the fabric can be varied - plain, glossy or striped.

Strict dark tailcoat for a man for a wedding

Bright linen

Sets of beige and gray colors are perfect for the warm season, adequately emphasizing the festive atmosphere of the wedding. Linen is a fairly lightweight, natural fabric, so this costume will not allow you to sweat even after participating in incendiary wedding competitions. See photos with examples of such costumes:

Summer wedding suit for men


Costume styles «on a figure» men who have a lean constitution or a great physique can afford to dress. For obese men, it is better to choose a looser style, but it should sit on the figure. The fitted styles beautifully emphasize the style and taste of the man who preferred such a wedding dress.

Creative wedding guest kit

A tailcoat or tuxedo must be worn with a tie. The basic rule: it should be similar in tone to the fabric of the jacket, but look contrasted with the shirt.

Shoes must be selected high-quality, solid. Socks - to match the shoes. The belt is chosen slightly darker or lighter than the trousers, but of the same shade..

As a decoration for the chest pocket of a jacket, a snow-white handkerchief is suitable.

The original trio of chocolate color for the wedding

Useful advice: in addition to conservative white shirts, there are many colored ones that look perfect with an evening toilet - blue, beige, pink, purple, olive. Shirts matching eye color look especially compelling.

You can learn more about men's wedding fashion by watching the video:

Festive male images

For tall

By itself, a tall man in a suit looks very impressive, but with especially outstanding growth, it is recommended to avoid light fabrics. The upper part made of dark material looks more harmonious - a jacket, shirt, vest in combination with a light bottom. Very tall men should avoid vertical stripes, and instead of a tie that visually lengthens the body, it is better to choose an elegant bow tie.

Butterfly option for a tall man at a wedding

For full

For men of large sizes and guests of a respectable age, strict sets of dark color from non-shiny fabric are suitable. Visually slender coloring with vertical stripes, as well as a contrasting color tie.

Want to keep up with fashion, learn about the main wedding trends this season by watching the video:

What to wear a guy for a wedding in the summer

A summer wedding usually takes place in an informal, fun atmosphere, which is why a more democratic dress code is appropriate here. Such an outfit will allow guests to feel more freely during dances and competitions. It is better to choose clothes from light fabrics for a summer wedding - linen, cotton, cashmere, they will not be hot.

Youth wedding outfit for a guy


Any fabric, light or dark, right up to trendy brand jeans, will do. The style of the trousers can be varied: with a shortened length above the ankle, with twists, narrowed, classically flared. A short sleeve shirt is good for trousers..

Shirt and tie

This option is perfect for trousers and a vest. For a hot time, it is more convenient to choose a shirt of light, pastel colors from thin fabric with a short sleeve. If your suit and shirt are pastel shades, wear a tie of orange, red, blue, other bright colors - this combination will be very successful.

Stylish summer suit

You can create a beautiful, stylish look with a combination of bright trousers, a dark jacket and a neutral polo. Emphasis can be placed on shoes by choosing trendy loafers or vibrant loafers. But shoes and outfit should be in harmony with each other.

Stylish summer wedding guest costume

Shoes in the summer exclude any kind of sneakers, sports moccasins and slippers. All this applies to everyday life and does not correspond to the solemn moment. Lightweight stylish shoes and socks of the same tone - the only appropriate option.

An exception is a jacket in cool spring weather. If there is no jacket, then you can wear a light, but strict in style jacket over the shirt. But under no circumstances can you raise the collar - it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

What you can not wear for a wedding

  • An unspoken rule prohibits just two colors - black and white. The first is considered too formal, and the second competes with the innocent whiteness of the bride's dress.
  • You can’t be like a groom - in order to avoid embarrassing situations, you should know in advance what color the costume will put on the hero of the occasion. And choose some other option for yourself.
  • Refuse bright, screaming, extravagant outfits, otherwise the guest runs the risk of causing the smiles of the other guests and the discontent of the newlyweds.
  • When choosing clothes, a man, both a guest and a witness, should be guided not only by his taste, but also by making sure that he organically looks next to his companion. It is advisable for a pair of guests to wear outfits that fit together.
  • Glossy fabrics should be used with caution - in photos and videos, they give glare under artificial lighting..

However, any rule has exceptions:

If the wedding is held in a festive formal setting, then all guests should wear tuxedos or tailcoats. If the groom put on a white suit, everyone else chooses the opposite color - black. Or vice versa.

Themed weddings can be played out in various styles. Usually young people warn all guests in advance about the dress code for the upcoming event. It can be a rock wedding, a holiday in the style of the 80s, and sometimes even a beach wedding.

If desired, in any wardrobe it is easy to find suitable things for a celebration. With the help of a new stylish shirt, relevant accessories (cufflinks, scarf, tie or bow tie), it is easy to revive a jacket and trousers that are kept for such occasions, but are somewhat out of fashion..

And how do you decide what to wear to a man invited to a wedding? Share your tips in the comments!

Stylish clothes for men for a celebration photo

Bright wedding set for a slim man