How to dress guests for a wedding


If you were invited to a wedding ceremony, in addition to finding a gift, you need to take care of another important detail - the selection of a suitable outfit. A wedding dress code involves following certain etiquette rules, so each guest needs to know how to dress guests for the wedding. The right clothes will help you look great during the celebration and at wedding pictures, make the image elegant and complete.

The basic principles of choosing a wedding dress

The first thing a guest should think about is what type of event is being held: will it be a classic wedding or a thematic celebration that has become increasingly popular in recent years. If the newlyweds have chosen a particular style of holding a wedding, it is necessary to take into account their wishes and put on the appropriate outfit - it can simply be matching the costume with a certain color palette or retro-style, ancient Russian costumes, etc. It’s easy to complement or create the desired image by choosing the right accessories.

Wedding retro: guests dress code

The degree of officiality of the event also plays an important role. Weddings that start to be celebrated in the morning are usually considered unofficial and the dress code requirements are not too strict - a simple dress, trousers with a shirt, jeans are sometimes acceptable (for men). If the event is semi-official, takes place on the territory of the club or restaurant, the guest can wear a cocktail or classic version of the outfit, as well as an evening one. There is also an official Black Tie party: in this case, guests will have to wear their best costumes, jewelry, accessories.

For men

A classic suit two or three - a great option for a man for a wedding. A win-win combination of elegant classics with a shirt, a contrast tie, and scrubbed shoes. All this will look great during the solemn event. When choosing a suit, it is important to consider several points:

  • First, avoid dark, gloomy colors, give preference to pastel shades. A black outfit is only suitable for an official event, otherwise - there is a chance to become identically dressed with the groom.
  • Secondly, you don’t need to dress too extravagantly or motley, if the dress code does not provide for that - to draw too much attention at a wedding where the main characters should be the bride and groom, it is undesirable.
  • Thirdly, if a man comes with a companion, their outfits should be in harmony with each other - then the couple will look good in the pictures.

Groom and guests: men's wedding dresses

For women

The female image during the wedding should be elegant and feminine, regardless of the style of the event. Even if the guest is used to looking bright and unusual, it is worth forgetting about it for one day so as not to distract the attention of the rest of those present from the bride. A few recommendations about the outfit for the fair sex at the wedding:

  • You can’t wear white, this color is for the bride.
  • Black is exclusively suitable for formal evening events like Black Tie.
  • Many bright shades of outfits will look out of place, it is better to give preference to light tones..
  • The guest must certainly have comfortable shoes for the wedding (preferably low-heeled shoes or without them) - otherwise, how to manage to withstand a lush banquet with competitions, dances?
  • If a girl is invited to a wedding, it is worth taking care of a scarf on her head, closed shoulders and back, a skirt no higher than the knee, a minimum of jewelry.
  • An abundance of rhinestones, sequins, sparkles, too aggressive makeup are not suitable for a wedding.

Elegant female look

Dress Code Rules for Guests

The basic rules for choosing an outfit for a wedding are outlined above, but if you are still in doubt about how to dress friends for the wedding of your guests, remember three important characteristics of the future outfit:

  • simplicity,
  • elegance,
  • harmony.

The image of a wedding guest should be whole. As a last resort, you can turn to the heroes of the occasion for help - to find out what their outfits will be like, how they see the decoration of the guests at the event. All questions will disappear at once, it remains only to find the appropriate details of the image for the wedding in your wardrobe.

What to wear for a wedding, depending on the time of year

Weather conditions are of great importance when choosing a dress for a gala event. Depending on the season, colors, decorations, and the preference of a particular fabric or style may vary. Some people intuitively feel which dresses or suits are more suitable for the summer, winter, autumn or spring periods, but this does not happen to everyone. For those who need the appropriate hint, the sections below are designed.

Dress code for a summer wedding

In cold weather - in winter or autumn

In cold autumn or winter, girls are better off giving up short skirts and lightweight materials that will look strange. The outfit should be warm for reasons of safety for health, as well as combined with shoes. If the wedding takes place in a restaurant, there will probably be an opportunity to change winter boots for shoes, however, the short length of the skirt will still look out of place. Look great in winter «heavy» materials such as lined satin, as well as thick woolen and semi-woolen fabrics.

Men can wear warm suits using warm materials, and a color jumper with a neat shirt without a tie will look festive. Representatives of the stronger sex can warm themselves with a vest under a jacket. If you have to spend a lot of time on the street, a masculine look will be decorated with an elegant coat, precisely tailored in size. And no puffy jackets! Look at the video examples of autumn-winter men's outfits:

In spring

The spring period marks the arrival of warmth, the revival of life - you already want to take off your thick sweaters and put on light clothes. At the wedding, girls can wear suits with a skirt, elegant dresses to the knee, short dresses with boots, ankle boots or boots, where free landing on the shins is provided. For men, a classic outfit with a warm vest, a cardigan with a shirt and trousers is suitable. In the spring, male guests can freely experiment with bright accessories - a tie, socks. Outfits of blue, coral, green colors will look beautiful.

In summer

Summer provides an opportunity for wedding guests to choose from a variety of outfit options - cocktail, evening decorations, as well as nice costumes and dresses made of natural fabrics, are suitable. Men can refuse to wear a jacket by wearing a shirt with short sleeves and a bright tie under the classic trousers, and girls are allowed to limit themselves to a light sundress if the wedding is held informal. It is important that the summer outfit is comfortable, does not constrain movements and does not create a greenhouse effect for the body, otherwise the long-awaited celebration will turn into a torment.

Clothing for a festive occasion

In order to well imagine all the recommendations described above regarding the selection of a festive guest attire for a wedding, a small selection of photos has been made. Look at the fashionable, elegant options for dresses and suits that guests wore at special occasions with or without a dress code. A well-designed image will decorate memorable photos from the wedding - it will be nice to insert them into the family album.