Wedding dress for mom of the groom


A wedding is a long-awaited, solemn event. Both young and their parents are waiting for him with equal impatience. This day is a great occasion to look beautiful. No one disputes the fact that the bride’s outfit will be the most beautiful. But the wedding dress for the groom’s mother should also be chosen with great meticulousness. After all, parents who have raised a worthy young couple deserve to show off their beauty.

Rules for choosing a wedding dress for mothers

It should be remembered that this day will be oversaturated with events - a solemn ceremony in the registry office, a wedding, a meeting of children, a banquet, so you will have to move a lot and quickly. Choose mom clothes convenient, comfortable. It is important that it is not too hot, not restrict movements. Suitable in style, comfortable foot shoes are of great importance..

If your wedding will be done in a specific style, help your mom choose a dress of the same color scheme. For example, for a nautical-style wedding, pick her a blue, turquoise or blue outfit.

According to etiquette, avoid corsets, candid cutouts, open shoulders, and deep necklines. Even if the groom’s mother looks great, frank outfits should not be worn at the wedding of the children, this is considered a sign of bad taste.

Think about what clothes for mom are familiar. If she uses skirts daily, you should not buy a trouser suit so as not to complicate an already troublesome day. Mom will be able to put on the right outfit many more times after the wedding, she will be covered by fabulous memories of this day.


Each woman has her own characteristics of the figure, so the style of clothing is chosen individually. Even for overweight women, it is not recommended to choose hoodie dresses. Tight skinny models with a corsage are also inappropriate at a wedding. It’s better to try the middle one..

Silhouettes of the Empire style will help to hide the flaws of the figure. A fitted bodice, high waist will make the tummy that has appeared over the years almost invisible - the groom's mother will look charmingly feminine.

Empire style outfit for mom of the groom

Also, you make the right decision by choosing a sheath dress. Simple, at first glance, cut, combined with vibrant vibrant colors and skillfully selected accessories, will create a striking effect.

Wedding dress for mom of the groom

A-line dresses, knee-length or below it, also look nice. With severe leg imperfections, a long hem should be chosen. Examples of such dresses you see in the photo.

A-line style for the wedding to the mother of the groom

If the wedding will be celebrated in the warm season, feel free to choose models from chiffon, satin, silk, and other light flowing fabrics. Combined models from several types of fabrics look great - satin with guipure decor, silk with lace trim.

For a cooler season, brocade, taffeta, knitwear are suitable. The wedding outfit should be practical, because you have to stay in it all day and all night - choose a dress from non-wrinkled fabrics.

Suitable accessories perfectly harmonize with the dress: a beautiful scarf, stole, jacket, bolero, jacket, hat with a flower. Match them to the color of the dress, or contrasting colors. Use such multi-layer suits when there is a need to hide figure flaws.

Fashion accessories for the wedding along with the mother of the groom


For the groom's mother, classic mid-length decorations with covered knees or until the middle of the calf are suitable. For lovers of elongated styles - feel free to choose the length of the ankle. Dress «to the floor» or it is not advisable to choose a train, the clothes should be comfortable, comfortable when moving, because on the day of the celebration you will help the young, move a lot. Too long - will get confused underfoot, making it difficult to cope with the whole mass of duties.

The mini-length is also not suitable for a wedding; it will look good on the witness, but not on the mother of the groom. The future mother-in-law is more impressed by a restrained and solid style.


The color of the clothes of the groom's mom can be anything but a few colors. White and black outfits are not worn at the wedding. In a white dress you can be confused with a bride, and black is traditionally considered mournful, guests may think that a wedding for the groom’s mother is an undesirable event, and consider this a bad omen.

We also don’t recommend wearing dresses of bright, conspicuous colors - red, light green, orange, lemon. You will distract attention from the main heroes of the occasion.

And the last limitation: mothers of the bride and groom must wear dresses of different colors.

Plain classic pastel colors are suitable for mom of the groom. Outfits of lilac, beige, cream, azure, all shades of pink, juicy cherry, gray, lavender look great..

Fashionable colors of wedding dresses for mom of the groom

Beautiful evening dresses

At the wedding ceremony, the mother of the groom can wear a light dress in pastel colors, and in the evening, change it to a beautiful evening one. For example, an elegant dress in warm pastel shades - ivory, champagne is suitable for a wedding ceremony, and a cocktail in blue, lilac, turquoise, golden color - for a party. Black, red, and white evening dresses are definitely not suitable..

Clothing should hide the age-related defects of the mother’s figure, emphasize her merits. For example, if she has thick arms, choose a dress with a sleeve, and a small tummy will successfully hide under the style of a dress with a high waist. Buttons are recommended to replace with beautiful brooches.

Tastefully selected outfit is extremely simple, but has its own unique charm. For a wedding, it’s better not to pick up pantsuits, they will not be able to reflect all the femininity and charm of mom.

Evening dresses for mom of the groom

Evening options for a themed wedding

The thematic wedding implies that the outfits of all those present will be designed in the same color scheme and style. Groom's mom must be «on the same wave» with the young, so if the children have planned a theme party - choose an outfit that matches the style and theme of the celebration. Be an active participant in a thematic wedding, a unique theatrical action, create a good mood for yourself and everyone around!

Dress for mom of the groom on the marine theme

Elegant dresses for full mothers

For mothers, distinguished by excessive pomp of the figure, there are styles that emphasize the advantages of their forms. In this case, the silhouette of the trapezoid shape will look great - the longer the dress, the slimmer the figure will look.

The Greek-style model visually stretches the figure, lengthens the legs, hides the rounded shapes of the abdomen and hips. The high waist will give grace, mystery to the figure, the belt under the chest will beautifully emphasize the neckline, and the soft folds of the free skirt will not hamper the movement.

Many women, even in adulthood, retain the ideal parameters of a thin waist - it is necessary to emphasize the dignity of the figure by wearing a fitted dress with a soft belt, and a slightly widened skirt, falling downwards with vertical folds.

Women with a beautiful bust have one big advantage - they don’t need any devices that emphasize the beauty of their breasts, you just need to choose a wedding dress with a modest but elegant neckline.

Styles for chubby mothers of the groom for a wedding

Interesting models for overweight women, see the video:

Where can I buy

You can buy a dress for the groom’s mother both in the wedding salon and in the store specializing in the sale of evening dresses. The salons of Moscow have proven themselves well: Margot, Bohemia, AmoreMio, Aftershock.

If mom is a lover of virtual shopping, then try to choose a dress in the online store. For example, evening dresses for every taste you will find in the popular online stores laModa, Deniris, iLikeDrees, PinkVanilla. When buying an outfit on the Internet, remember about the risk of acquiring a dress size, color or style that does not match the picture.

It sometimes happens that the model of the outfit that you saw on the Internet has been extremely popular with you, but you are hesitant to make virtual purchases because of the risk. Then copy the photo and ask for services in the studio, for example, in the studio of Ekaterina Filiaeva, or the workshop of Harmony, Dreamsuit.

We advise our son to choose a wedding dress for his mother in advance. Before the wedding, she will have a lot of other worries, and you can buy at the last moment something that accidentally comes to hand, and does not really decorate her.

photo of wedding dresses for mom of the groom

Fashionable dresses for mom of the groom for the wedding

If our tips have helped you choose which dress the bridegroom's mom will wear at the wedding, leave your comments in the comments.