What to wear to the groom's mom for a wedding


The bride focuses on herself at the wedding, but the groom’s mother’s outfit plays an important role in the celebration. The clothes of the parents of the bride and groom emphasize the solemnity of the holiday, often adding solidity to the event. It is very important to responsibly choose the evening toilet for the future mother-in-law, so that she stands out against the general background of the guests, while not diverting attention from the bride.

What to wear to mom of the groom - elegant dress or pantsuit?

When choosing an ensemble, you need to think about what to wear - a dress or a pantsuit. From the proposed assortment, eyes are scattered, therefore it is not strange that many are lost. Let's try to figure out what are the pros and cons of these options.

On the one hand, a pantsuit is more convenient, more practical. It plays an important role in everyday life, combining perfectly with other details of the existing wardrobe. A pantsuit well hides the flaws of the figure, emphasizes the dignity of a woman. If the model is successfully selected, then such clothes will look elegant, stylish. But on the other hand, trousers have become so mundane, everyday that not every groom’s mother will feel a festive mood, wearing such an ensemble.

An evening gown always emphasizes the importance of the event. And what could be more important for mom of the groom than the wedding of his son? On this momentous day, every woman wants to feel elegant and elegant, a luxurious dress can do it. In addition, there is a sign according to which the future mother-in-law should be dressed in a whole outfit, otherwise the couple will be waiting for an early divorce. In order not to spoil the holiday with young people, but to create a festive mood for themselves, many stylists recommend wearing an elegant dress.

Style of evening dresses

Before choosing a style, we advise mom to determine your type of figure by looking at the photo below:

  • Figure «hourglass» has ideal proportions: the volume of the hips and chest are equal, the waist stands out clearly.
  • For type «triangle» overly broad hips with narrow shoulders and a waist are characteristic.
  • «Inverted triangle» guarantees wide shoulders and a narrow pelvis.
  • «Rectangle» characterized by equal volumes of shoulders, waist and hips.
  • «A circle» involves slender legs and hips, but the bend of the waist is completely absent.

A correctly selected style visually balances the proportions of the figure and brings it closer to ideal «hourglass».

Shapes of dresses for mom of the groom: type of figure


Long dresses to face women of different types. «Hourglass» any models are suitable, for the rest, the style should visually stretch the silhouette, make it more slim.

Our tips for mothers with different types of shapes:

  • «Triangles» We recommend wearing A-silhouette outfits. A-line dresses emphasize high chest, thin waist, behind a wide skirt hiding excessively heavy hips.
  • If you are a mom with a figure «inverted triangle», put on a long robe with an asymmetrical top, a fitted bodice, and a full skirt.
  • «Rectangles» it is desirable to highlight the waist with a belt or a contrasting insert of material.
  • Mother-in-law with a figure «a circle» empire high waist robe with flying skirt.

To put on a wedding outfit with a back too open and a deep neckline - bad manners, avoid this. For successful examples of evening ensembles for mothers, see the video:

Middle length

A dress of medium length will suit any woman, except, perhaps, very full. The combination of various fabrics, textures, materials emphasizes the advantages of body shapes.

Look good on women-«triangles» models with a bright accent on the bodice - a bright print, embroidery, lace are perfectly combined with a dark bottom without unnecessary details. At «inverted triangle» vice versa: choose a lighter bottom with a dark top. If your forms allow, then put on a model with a tight top and a lush bottom, for example, a dress with a bottom a la tulip skirt.

If mom of the groom type «an Apple», then a straight cut, V-neck or robe tailored along the oblique will suit her. Avoid wearing tight clothing and cover your full hands with a loose-fitting sleeve. Embroidery, a pattern on the fabric at the bottom of the skirt will balance proportions, visually stretch the silhouette.

According to the etiquette of the wedding, the skirt should be below the knees. A beautiful and practical combination of the ensemble for mom is a dress with a jacket, only choose the length of the sleeve according to the season. When it's cold - put on a jacket, and during wedding dances at a banquet, take off, remaining in a beautiful elegant toilet.

Elegant dresses and jackets for the mother of the groom

In greek style

Greek style is a comfortable option for a summer wedding. Clothing in the Greek style is distinguished by the simplicity of the cut, which emphasizes the femininity of the future mother-in-law, giving elegance to the silhouette. It is important that the clothes fit perfectly, highlighting all the advantages of the figure with flowing draperies.

Do not wear ensembles with a lot of ruffles, stones, sparkles and other too flashy details for the wedding, which are now completely out of fashion. Your goal is to create the image of a stylish, elegant lady who knows how to present herself advantageously.

Greek style dresses for mom of the groom

Which color to choose

Choose rich, but not flashy shades. Remember the rule - no more than three colors in one ensemble. The color scheme is diverse, but still, avoid colorful, catchy fabrics. How to determine which color palette you better wear?

Four color types of appearance are distinguished, based on hair color, skin tone, eye shade:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Spring and summer color types are pastel colors that emphasize the light shades of the skin, hair, eyes. Warm tones are perfect «in spring», cold - «fly».

Moms of autumn and winter types of appearance are recommended to wear more saturated colors that emphasize the bright features of the exterior. Variations of the shades of the dresses of the mother of the groom, suitable for four appearance color types, see the photo below.

Colors of mother-in-law outfits according to appearance color types


Blue harmoniously fits into any ensemble. It suits blondes and brunettes, makes a favorable impression on wedding guests.

Pure blue (see the color scale in the photo below) it is advisable to wear moms of a color type «winter». Select the remaining blue tones depending on the color type category (cold or warm) and its saturation. For example, denim, dark azure for warm «spring», and brighter - ultramarine, sapphire - for «fall».

Do not be afraid to wear blue with other flowers for the wedding. For example, the combination of blue and white makes a woman younger, adds her attractiveness. The combination of blue and red looks extravagant.

Be careful when combining blue with yellow. These colors mutually reinforce each other, so take one as a basis, and use the other in the color scheme of accessories.

Options for Groom Mom Blue Dress


Burgundy will add passion, fire to the image. This is an energetic tone, so keep a balance in the combination of its color shades - dull ones can add age to mom, and bright ones can make her look too vulgar.

A combination of burgundy / black is considered classic. Variations are varied: for example, wear a burgundy dress with a black velvet bolero or an outfit that includes combinations of materials of these two colors.

Beige perfectly dilutes saturated burgundy, gives restraint to the image of mom. Putting such a combination on the wedding, you must remember that there should be several shades of beige, then the burgundy outfit will sparkle with new colors.

Options for bridal mother of the groom dresses


Beige and its variations will be to the face of mothers of all color types of appearance. Warm, for example, green-beige, suitable «in spring», «fall», and cold - «fly», «winter».

Beige is considered classic, along with white, black colors. The beige evening dress is so versatile that it is suitable not only for mom's wedding dress, but also for another special occasion.

Combine light, sandy, pastel colors with bright accessories and details. For example, put on a beige plain dress for the wedding with contrasting decorations, then your image of mom of the groom will be bright, original.

Examples of beige dress for mom of the groom

Other colors

There are many other colors that will look good on moms of different color types. For example, emerald moms «autumn» appearance. Wear a robe of green velvet with golden accents - this will give you a royal look.

Orange is perfectly combined with apricot, charging with energy, cheerfulness. Olive will emphasize green eyes, peach - tenderness of the skin. Put on purple, lavender, eggplant with shades of green - this will give the image of mom an aristocratic sophistication.

The combination of red / gray is suitable for owners of pale skin. Wear a classic combination of red and white / beige to give your look a sexy twist. Carefully use a combination of red and black - this is a well-known style «vamp», and an excess of aggressiveness is inappropriate at a wedding.

In order not to get lost when choosing the right combination of shades, use the color combination reference table in the photo below.

There are three ways to select colors:

  1. Combine nearby shades of nearby sectors, complementing them with a neutral tone.
  2. Use a combination of tones of sectors that are opposite each other.
  3. Choose a combination of colors that are equally spaced in sectors.

Color Matching Table for Groom Mummy Outfit

Is white (black) color appropriate?

It is undesirable to use the groom's mother in the dress as the main white / black, because by tradition these classic colors are used in the clothes of the bride and groom. A plain white dress at the wedding is the prerogative of the bride, and completely black is not suitable for such an important event. It is also not recommended to wear a black and white outfit, this combination looks too aggressive and official.

But if you like white / black and are not ready to abandon them at all, then put on an outfit that combines these colors with other bright colors, as in the photo below, then your ensemble will correspond to the etiquette of the wedding. Choose an additional shade according to your color type of appearance.

Combined outfits for mom of the groom

Having decided on the style and color, choose beautiful accessories that will help you successfully complete the image. Pearls, gold jewelry fit well with a simple cut. If the groom’s mother is a lover of expensive jewelry, then wearing jewelry will perfectly emphasize the taste and wealth of the woman.

In addition to the evening toilet, the groom's mother needs to wear elegant pumps. The heel should be thin in order to visually give the woman's legs extra grace, but not necessarily high. Wear comfortable shoes so that during a long wedding day you don’t feel uncomfortable, you can dance at the festival with all your heart.

Outfits with accessories for mom of the groom

The clothes of the groom's parents should be in the same style, harmoniously combining with each other. The shirt of the father-in-law can be of the same color palette as the mother-in-law ensemble, or details are added to the suit of the father of the groom - for example, a pocket shawl for a jacket that resonates with the clothes of the wife.

If a thematic wedding is held, then the main theme of the event chosen by the bride and groom should be reflected in the outfits. The bride and groom help the parents choose the right variant of themed clothes for the wedding, but if she is busy, then this responsible task is entrusted to the witness or witness.

Where to buy a stylish dress for a complete mother

Specialized shops offer a wide range of products; they have the opportunity to choose any size, style, and even make a reservation for the model of interest.

  • In the cabin «Margot» (Novogireevo) you can pick up an outfit starting at 11,500 rubles.
  • In the salon of the same name at the Academic, the selection of dresses for mothers is impressive, and prices start at 13,000 rubles..
  • Wedding Salon «Helga» in Moscow will offer a lot of options for evening and cocktail dresses for future mother-in-law. Prices here start at around 5,000 rubles. In addition, there is a section «Sell-out», where you can choose an outfit at a budget cost.

If you wish, order the outfit through catalogs on the Internet, and try on it in a free, homely atmosphere. Call a girlfriend, bride, or witness to help you try on. Whatever you decide to wear, the main thing is that your outfit be comfortable, look festive, comply with all the rules of the etiquette of the event. Remember, you are the mother of the groom, which means that you will be in the center of key events at the wedding.

Have you already decided what to wear for the wedding? Share your ideas by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page..

Photo of wedding dresses for the mother of the groom

Examples of evening dresses for mom of the groom