Dress for the mother in law for the wedding of the son


At the wedding celebration, the eyes of the guests are riveted not only to the newlyweds, but also to their parents. In the pre-holiday preparation for mothers of children who decide to join their hearts in a marriage, it is necessary to allocate time in search of a suitable outfit for themselves. To look good on wedding photos and videos, you should choose a beautiful dress or suit in which it will be comfortable and convenient.

Choosing a mother in law outfit for a wedding

The subtleties of choosing a dress for the mother-in-law for a wedding

In the pre-wedding bustle, the groom’s mother devotes most of her time to choosing her outfit for her son, organizing a gala event and all its components. But to be beautiful at a wedding should not only the bride, but also young mothers. The future mother-in-law is recommended to begin the search for dresses for the wedding of her son in advance (at least 3-4 months before the solemn day). If you do not have time to find your favorite outfit, you will have time to contact the tailor and sew a dress to order.

The best options for wedding dresses for mother in law

Finding a beautiful dress or costume for an adult woman is not easy. When choosing clothes, it is necessary to be guided by how the mother-in-law feels in her favorite attire: she should be comfortable and convenient. On the wedding day, she will have to spend a lot of time on her feet, so the chosen clothes should not hinder movements, cause a feeling of discomfort or insecurity. It is necessary that the dress not only looked stylish and attractive, but also was selected according to the status and age of the lady.

Style and length of dress

If possible, contact an experienced tailor. Only then can you be completely sure that a custom-made dress will fit perfectly on you, not going to fold or sag. When ordering or buying ready-made clothes for the wedding, try on in the underwear that you are going to wear for the celebration. Women with body problems are recommended to use corrective underwear, which will hide the flaws and make your body slimmer.

When choosing a dress, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the mother-in-law's physique and give preference to the style of clothing that suits the type of figure.

  • Ladies with a figure «inverted triangle» dresses with a modest modest trim on top and a bright skirt of a complex cut fit.
  • For women with a physique «rectangle» the dress is sewn with dense fabrics that hold well in shape. Do not wear narrow belts in the waist area, and when choosing the style of the skirt, give preference to the cut according to the type «tulip» or «the sun».
  • Mother in law with a figure «pear» you need to find a dress that will balance the narrow top and relatively wide hips. Clothing models with a bright decorated top (for example, with lush frills or a complex cut collar) and a darkened bottom are suitable.
  • Figure «hourglass» considered ideal, which allows you to choose clothes of any style and decor.
  • Mother-in-law with a physique «an Apple» It is recommended to visually lengthen the silhouette. A V-neckline of the top of the dress will complement this with a mid-length skirt..

Style wedding dresses by the type of figure

As for the length of the wedding dress, short skirts will be completely inappropriate. Nobody advises you to put on a strict trouser suit, in a beautiful dress you will look much more spectacular and fashionable. Styles up to the knee or slightly lower are recommended. If you opted for a floor-length evening gown, it should be of a simple cut, soft color, so as not to overshadow the main character - the bride.

The color scheme of the outfit

There are two main taboos in color for dressing a mother-in-law for a wedding:

  • white;
  • the black.

The use of these colors and their tones is undesirable for the attire of all wedding guests. In a white dress, only the bride should be present. And if the mother-in-law appears at the ceremony of marriage of her son in a dress of black mourning color, then this will cause bewilderment and surprised looks from those present at the festival, no matter how chic and stylish the dress.

The color scheme of the mother-in-law attire for the wedding

You should also avoid buying a scarlet dress, in which you will stand out among the guests as a bright spot. Want to be in a red robe? Give preference to muted, calm shades. The mother-in-law will look beautiful in a dress of soft color, for example, peach, lilac, refined gray. All shades of green, deep blue - these are ideal colors for a mother in law dress. Please note that with the help of clothes of the right color, you can visually make the figure a little slimmer. To do this, select:

  • Outfits of smoky pale shades of noble colors.
  • A suit that is diagonally divided by color.
  • Fashionable vertical print clothing.

Color mother in law dresses at a wedding celebration

Sometimes the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law choose similar outfits or the same color for themselves in order to harmonize with each other and stand out from the rest of the guests. It is better to discuss this issue in advance and make sure that the newlyweds will like this idea. If the bride chose a lot of girlfriends for her wedding, including mother and mother-in-law, then adult women should not put on the same outfits as young girls. The mother-in-law dress, which simultaneously plays the role of the bridesmaid, is recommended to choose the same color as the dresses of the other girls, but several tones darker.

Jewelry & Accessories

The image of the groom’s mother at the wedding will be perfect only when sophisticated accessories and jewelry complement him. Earlier wearing jewelry with evening dresses was considered a sign of bad taste. Modern jewelry from famous designers is in no way inferior in beauty to expensive jewelry. Discard those accessories that are decorated with sequins or sparkles - this is yesterday. If possible, along with the mother-in-law, it is recommended to choose beads, bracelets, rings from natural pearls that look harmonious in combination with clothes of any color.

Selection of jewelry for the image of the mother in law

If you decide to opt for jewelry, then choose calm models without large stones or shiny rhinestones. Decoration from a bright brooch, the color of which can overlap with the shades of flowers in the bride’s bouquet, is well suited to a restrained monophonic along. Handbag is an important accessory in a wedding look. It should be small in size, match the color of the shoes or be different, making a bright accent in the image.

Do not forget about the beautiful hairstyle - the final chord when drawing up the image of the mother-in-law. The best wedding styles for the groom's mom are a low bun, large curls on long hair, a French shell. From straight loose hair or smoothly combed back with a strict bun, it is better to refuse. It is recommended to decorate an elegant beautiful hairstyle with an exquisite hairpin, a hairpin with a natural stone, pearls.

Jewelry for a mother-in-law dress for a wedding

Dress code nuances depending on the celebration format

When buying a wedding dress, a woman needs to consider the format of the celebration. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in a large city church, you must choose a conservative, restrained outfit. And for a summer wedding, a light cocktail dress in turquoise or pastel shades is best suited. A gala event will be held in a park, garden or lawn, then a casual dress with small heels will be appropriate.

Wedding dress code: choose a mother in law dress

The bride and groom decided to celebrate their wedding in the morning under the bright rays of the sun, then it would be advisable for mother-in-law to abandon elaborate evening dresses in favor of light, shortened shades of light shades. Elegant outfits of dark tones are more appropriate at wedding parties. Also, conservative jewelry is chosen for the day ceremony, while bright stylish accessories with precious stones are suitable for the evening celebration.

In the case of a thematic wedding, in the invitation cards for guests, the bride and groom indicate wishes regarding not only gifts, but also a dress code. The mother-in-law dress should also be combined with the theme of the celebration. Do not choose unnecessarily complex carnival outfits. One element of the wardrobe that supports the theme of the wedding is enough, for example, a hat, gloves, a neckerchief or a brooch.

Wedding signs for choosing clothes for the mother-in-law

There are no special superstitions regarding mother-in-law clothes at the son’s wedding. You can wear any dress you like. Only a few wedding signs can be associated with the attire of the groom's mother. So, for example, popular beliefs recommend mother-in-law to come to the celebration in a whole outfit, and not consisting of a skirt or trousers and a blouse or shirt, so that the marriage of the son and daughter-in-law was strong. Also a bad sign is the appearance of the mother-in-law at the holiday in a dress of black or white.

Photo of beautiful dresses for the mother-in-law for the celebration

The best dresses for the mother in law for a wedding celebration