Original wedding scripts


Perhaps every couple of young people wants their wedding to be unforgettable and fun. There are many options for making a wedding memorable. Depending on your wishes, the wedding can be done in the style of a Venice carnival ball or some costume action. It is always possible to realize the plot of your wedding planned by contacting a wedding agency. Where they will gladly listen to you and help you choose or develop original scenarios for a fun wedding.

Original wedding scenarios can be found by wandering through the wilds of the Internet, write yourself or contact a wedding agency.

Let's look at the most popular and common original wedding scripts.

Movie, cartoon, or fairytale wedding

As a wedding evening script, you can use famous movies or fairy tales. Such an unusual celebration will be remembered by your guests for a long time. The main thing is to take care of buying themed costumes and accessories in advance, as well as working out a celebration script, based on which you can take the film / fairy tale itself or a small episode.

Oriental style wedding (Japanese, Indian, Chinese)

If you admire the traditions and customs of oriental cultures, then you can arrange an unconventional wedding in the appropriate style. You will need original wedding script, suitable restaurant, menu of national dishes, appropriate entertainment program.

Try to choose everything carefully so that the scenario of your fun wedding is really professionally composed. After all, there should not be mistakes, and even more so at a wedding. Remember that if some of the guests you invite do not share your tastes, then it is quite possible that the wedding will seem to them rather boring, because not everyone loves sushi and oriental motifs. Therefore, make sure that each guest feels comfortable at your wedding. For example, you can know in advance which country your guests like and arrange a holiday in the style of that country..

The main thing in organizing such a wedding is not to overdo it, it’s reasonable to approach all the issues of preparation, which will become the key to the success of your unconventional, but original wedding.

Extreme Wedding

You can arrange such a wedding anywhere: on top of a mountain with climbing equipment, underwater with scuba gear, in the air, parachuting. If you are not a professional and not even a “teapot”, but you still wanted to conquer the top of the mountain or dive to the bottom of the ocean on your wedding day, several lessons with an experienced trainer will help to realize your dream. Despite the fact that it is possible to conduct a wedding ceremony in all its glory, a few loads on the bride’s dress, so as not to come up, and everything will be held in the best underwater traditions. True, one drawback, the groom is unlikely to be able to kiss the newly-made spouse. Do not forget that it will also cost you a pretty penny.

Wedding on the water

Simple, affordable and unforgettable - a wedding on the boat. Of course, if none of the young ones suffer from seasickness. A light breeze, music, the sound of splashing waves, a refreshing cool breeze, seagulls, the most beautiful bride ... You and your guests will be pleased, and such a wedding will be remembered for a long time.

Open air wedding

There are many options for how to conduct an open-air wedding - it can be the shore of the azure sea, a football stadium, a lawn of a country house, a forest or a park. It all depends on your wishes and capabilities. It is quite easy to arrange such a wedding if the number of guests is small. If there are many guests, then this can bring a lot of trouble. Transport required to deliver guests and products.

Wedding at home

Often our desires do not coincide with our capabilities. But do not despair. If you can’t hold a wedding in a cafe or restaurant, there is always the opportunity to celebrate the wedding at home. After all, a wedding at home also has its advantages. The quality of products and the cooking process will be under your control, guests will serve themselves, moreover, you can always arrange a buffet. If the apartment allows, place a dance floor in one room, in the second room with a buffet table. And a cozy and cheerful celebration is guaranteed to you!