Wedding in winter? Why not!

To begin with, we recall that nature does not have bad weather, and each season has its own charms. Let's talk about the coldest time of the year - winter. They say that when it rains on the wedding day, it means a long, happy family life. And if the wedding is in winter and the snow falls? Why not take the omen with the rain? So, the first argument - fluffy snow on the wedding day - fortunately. And imagine him during the evening twilight ... than not a fairy tale! ?

And then, remember the wise ancestors - they just walked the weddings right on the Golden Hill - from January 6 until Shrovetide! The most golden and wonderful time. Yes, and unusual!

Well, back to the more earthly and pragmatic arguments. And calculate the financial costs. And it turns out that in the winter, some celebration organizers reduce prices, so a winter wedding can also be a very economical enterprise, because in our country this time of year is not so popular for registering marriages. So winter wedding dresses will also be cheaper. Yes, and wedding salons will become more accessible, because there will not be lines with their eternal haste, vanity and hassle.

Few arguments for organizing a winter wedding? Another significant one is the bride’s original wedding outfit. The combination of warmth and elegance will cause admiration and delight literally for all guests. The main thing is not to forget the warm cloak or sheepskin coat, and instead of open shoes (you can dress them for a banquet), provide elegant white boots.

Arguments against" ? Alas, not without them. But you can and should find a positive side in everything. In the end, there are no hopeless situations. So, we are looking for pluses in everything. First things first - forethought.

A wedding in winter is a grandiose and magnificent event, but this is not a reason to fall off the next day with ARI, SARS or influenza, accompanied by high fever. So it's better not to risk taking pictures without a cape.

During a photo shoot in nature, you can simply "get lost" in the snow? And who said that your outfit should be snow-white? White has a ton of shades, so why not make it original? We will slightly change the traditions and pay attention to a brighter tone - it doesn’t matter, pastel, pink, greenish or with blue.

Wonderful bouquet of the bride can not stand the wedding in winter? If you have such thoughts, then you are not familiar with modern technology. The question of withering is irrelevant today: there are special solutions with which the flowers are specially sprayed so that they last as long as possible.

Expensive vegetables and fruits in winter? Yes, prices are rising this time of year. But wholesale purchases will help if you invite a large number of guests to a wedding in the winter. And if you are not going to show off, all the more, this is not a problem - a small company does not need to set a chic table.

The only thing that needs to be foreseen in advance is the issue of transport support and the supply of time. After all, problems may arise in the event of snowfall, which will greatly slow down the promotion of cars for a wedding.

And one more warning. It is extremely unprofitable to play weddings in the winter on the eve of the New Year holidays, somewhere from December 10: prices for products and accessories increase at times. But usually during this period there is a pre-Christmas fasting among Christians, and the church does not recommend marriage.

As you can see, the arguments in favor of organizing a wedding in the winter are no less than in any other period. So feel free to set a date, and don't look back at the time of year!