Outdoor and winter weddings: rental of tents and tents


The wedding celebration has long been an event not accidental and is planned ahead of time. In the usual view, a wedding is the registration of the newlyweds in the registry office with the subsequent celebration of the event in a cafe or restaurant. However, modern youth increasingly abandons traditional action, and newlyweds use the avant-garde services of a modern service. Renting tents and renting tents is becoming an increasingly popular service in organizing various celebrations, including wedding.

Awning for a wedding celebration

Awning rent

Renting awnings at wedding events is popular in the spring and summer, when the weather is hot and warm, shelter is only required from the rain, and an organized platform open from all sides helps to ventilate and supply fresh air, which is so necessary for large crowds. In the cold period of time, rental of awnings is used for short-term trips of newlyweds and wedding guests to the countryside for organizing a small picnic, video and photography.

Tent Rental

Renting tents in summer is also popular for weddings, but it is still most in demand in the autumn-winter period, when it is necessary to protect the site organized for the celebration, not only from atmospheric precipitation, but also from wind and cold..

Wedding celebration tent

Some companies, along with the sale of tent and tent structures, provide rental services for these structures, and also offer, no less important, additional support for basic services, namely:

  • Floors and floorings in the form of collapsible scenes, podiums and interior curtain flooring.
  • Carpet of various colors, styling the interior and emphasizing the solemnity of the event.
  • Renting tents together with renting furniture will facilitate the arrangement of banquet participants.
  • Special lighting to accompany the holiday, creating an atmosphere corresponding to the celebration.
  • The heating provided for the cold period is carried out using heaters optimally selected for this purpose..
  • Summer air conditioning is used in the tent structures to create a comfortable indoor microclimate.
  • Service of tents and tents of other companies, which includes installation and dismantling, transportation, storage.
  • Printing on awnings, at the request of the customer, will give the holiday an additional emphasis.
  • The decor of the interior provides for a special setting.

Outdoor Wedding Celebration

In winter, it is possible to rent heated tents for a wedding celebration. You can call a fairly large list of the benefits of celebrating a wedding on the street:

  • Possibility of choosing the proposed location of the event, regardless of the availability of capital facilities.
  • The opportunity to hold an event in the courtyard of your own house with the placement of a large company.
  • Significant cost savings compared to renting a cafe, bar or restaurant.
  • The exclusivity of the holiday due to the special atmosphere.
  • Guaranteed creation and maintenance of the desired air temperature inside the tent using special air heaters.
  • Performing interesting video and photography due to a well-chosen panorama.

Organization of a wedding in nature

Renting tents and tents for various celebrations, including weddings, is an innovation and is attracting more and more attention to ours. This type of service, which came to Russia from abroad, is firmly rooted in us and is developing dynamically, like any other business, the product of which is successful among the population. Rent, in comparison with the acquisition of tent structures in the property, is the most popular among Russians because of the need for these structures for temporary use.