Choosing a month for the wedding

Signs, traditions, superstitions, horoscopes ... oh how difficult it is to take everything into account when it comes to your own wedding day! What is the best month to register a marriage??

January - to early widowhood. We don’t know what the ancestors were guided by, affirming such a sign ... Today, people are sure that the January family is the key to a strong and calm family. Are you afraid of the monotony of such a perspective? You can, of course, play the Italian family with screaming and beating dishes - most importantly, do not overdo it. And better learn to decorate your life, and bring a new belief to the people - in January creative families are born.

Mister - February the consent to families brings peace, unity of souls. Although now for some reason our contemporaries do not expect anything good from him. Quarrels, difficult “grinding” especially in the first few years can become a real test of the fortress of the bonds of Hymen. But then, after passing through misunderstanding and squabbles, the couple will find a peaceful and calm domestic happiness. Comfort and tranquility. So after the wedding day, patience here will not hurt both.

The union concluded in March promised to live away from the parental home. Yes, and in the Great post did not crown (and does not crown) the church of the newlyweds. The current fashion is to explain the variability of the weather in the house (sometimes quietly, then violently) - a change in March weather (then rain, then snow, then the sun, then a cloudy day). So they advise expressive natures to go to the registry office this month.

April drops - does not bode stable happiness, ancestors were sure. Contemporaries claim that true genuine love will serve as a bulwark for a young family. And you should not pay attention to drops and change of weather.

May - from the word “toil” grooms and brides were convinced several generations ago. And this marriage is for treason. Today, the belief from the nineteenth century has been replaced by something else. For example, the belief that this is the best month for a wedding - and for a strong and happy family life.

But everyone recognized the best month for the wedding - June. Life will be sweet, they said in the old days. The main thing is a measure in everything! What else can I add? Understanding and respect is what any marriage is built on. And, of course, the harmony of family relationships is guaranteed to you.

A fret and a world with a touch of sadness is about July. Contemporaries are less romantic in this regard. This is where the middle ground is important, about which everyone talks so much, and which all families strive for. But all you have to understand is that the Family (with a capital letter) is above all. The rest, as they say, will follow.

August - it is better to choose for those who want to be an ideal husband or wife, not only a lover (lover), but also a true friend. According to the modern interpretation - this month - an examination for fidelity and sincerity of feelings. Do you believe in signs or not, but it’s worth listening to the advice: do not assign marriage during fasting.

The best month for the wedding is September. From time immemorial weddings in Russia. Reliable family, peace and harmony in the family - what else is needed for happiness? ! Fidelity and peace. Idyll in one word.

But October was not very good with the ancestors. A difficult family life is promised. Although for those who are confident in themselves, in their feelings, who are ready to endure all the hardships and go to a bright family happiness, we can recommend setting a date for the celebration on one of the October days.

Nevertheless, it is better to opt for November. The best month for the wedding and you will not find. Wealth and family happiness - what else can you dream of in a quiet haven called: "marriage with a loved one"? ! It may not be possible without passions, but any of the stories will always have a good, good ending. Just like in a fairy tale.

Actually, the church didn’t marry.

In December and early January, one of them is the Christmas post. Although the trends of the modern world are quite loyal to themselves - the cold, they say, is not terrible for future family life.

When setting the date of the celebration, still do not forget that you yourself can make any month - the best month for the wedding. And contrary to all beliefs and signs, to create a strong and happy family, which will not be afraid of any storms and small squabbles. And in the sky there will always be good weather. In any season!