Choosing a day for a wedding

After an ordinary couple in love turned into a bride and groom, the first thing to think about is the wedding day. I want it to be not only convenient for young people and their guests, but also carry some sort of symbolic meaning. In addition, the wedding date will have to be coordinated with the host, photographers, the venue of the banquet and various rental services. Only after the exact determination of the wedding day can you begin preparing for this beautiful holiday.

The first thing that comes to mind is to designate a wedding day so that it is important for both the groom and the bride. This option is a guarantee that none of the future spouses will subsequently forget about the memorable date and will necessarily congratulate their soul mate. It can be an anniversary (a month, two, three, six months from the day) of acquaintance, the beginning of a relationship, the first kiss or engagement. If the future spouses have a familiar couple who are happy in marriage, it is easier to decide on the wedding day: take this opportunity and arrange a celebration for the anniversary of the beginning of their family life. Whatever you say, a wedding is the case when you should not neglect happy coincidences.

Fans of astrology and numerology will probably prefer the second option: the wedding day can be determined by a special formula that takes into account the birthdays of both future spouses, the date of their acquaintance and other factors. Adherents of this method of calculating the most favorable wedding day assure that the strict observance of all the rules guarantees a happy marriage.

The third option is just a beautiful date, for example, on the eighth of August of this year (08.08.2008) or the ninth of September of the next (09.09.2009). However, in this case, it is very likely that other couples will decide to start a family relationship on the same date, which means that it may be difficult to rent a cafe or rent a wedding dress, which can ruin such a long-awaited wedding day.

Sidekicks and girlfriends, I think, will be delighted with the idea of ​​marrying on the same day. Choosing this option, it should be noted that the more couples join this initiative, the more difficult it will be to determine the common wedding day. But real friends will always find a compromise, right?

Just in case, be sure to think about a "spare" date, because a carefully planned and approved by all the wedding day may be "busy" in the registry office with the registration of other couples. Do not be upset if this happens. After all, the main thing is that two loving people who are one hundred percent sure of their choice go down the aisle. This is the key to your family happiness and prosperity. So go ahead apply!