Choosing a wedding date is the key to a happy start to family life

Numerology - The doctrine of numbers and their impact on your life is the magic of numbers, as they call it. This science and numerological cards of fate compiled on its basis will help you understand why everything turned out this way and not otherwise, to warn against wrong steps, to find a path to a happy life. Having its roots in antiquity, numerology is still not fully understood. Use the knowledge accumulated by generations, calculate your lucky number. Calculating by the date of your birth will help you make the right choice of the wedding date, which will give a good start to your new life together. Listen to the signs of the people, For the people are wise!

Some figures are of particular importance according to the folk, religious traditions of our people, and of other peoples of the world. For example, the mysterious, covered with legends, noted in folk art, number 7. "Guardian of the universe", guarding seven planets, "Symbol of good luck" - which epithets alone did not deserve this number for the long history of its existence. The number seven is often mentioned in the Bible: the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues, the seven days of the creation of the world, and the seven troubles of Egypt - you can long list the references to this mysterious number. It is the general belief in this lucky number that sometimes determines the choice of a wedding date for most newlyweds.

The magic number of July 7th is even more popular. Lovers, who are characterized by superstition, try to get married on this day. Wedding organizers unanimously claim that on one of the days there are not so many people who want to marry as 07. 07. Orders for this day are accepted in advance. A truly magical combination of numbers that can open the door to a new happy life for you. Choose your wedding date for July 7th if you are serious about numerology. And most importantly, believe in this lucky number, because the thought is material.

07.07 not the only lucky number of the year. If you want to reinforce your union with a successful wedding date, contact people who are involved in such a science as numerology professionally. You can find their coordinates on our wedding portal

You should not rely solely on a happy date calculated with the help of astrologers or chosen independently. Remember, whether or not your family life will be up to you.

Ideal number cannot guarantee one hundred percent family happiness. You will build it yourself on mutual trust, understanding, respect for each other. Patience and love, carried through the years - this is the key to your happy marriage. If you are confident in your feelings, then any day on which this major event in your life will happen will be a happy choice of wedding date for you!