Short veil


The veil is a symbol of girlish purity and youth. According to old folk customs, she is considered a talisman for the bride, who keeps her future family life in harmony, happiness, mutual love and prosperity, and also protects from the evil eye. The modern girl is no longer so deep into the old beliefs and chooses a hat for the wedding according to her image. A short veil has won a special place in choosing a wedding dress for the future wife. In this regard, there is a huge selection among the proposed options that should be considered carefully.

The main types of short veils - photo

According to the latest fashion trends, the bride’s headdress can be both very short in length, being limited by a laconic veil, and a veil, the length of which reaches the girl's elbow. It all depends on the style of the wedding dress, the preferences of the future wife. Varieties of short veils are so diverse that even the most finicky bride will choose the right option for a wedding attribute.

Different lengths of cropped veils for brides

Given the huge selection of wedding accessories, you can choose both a single-layer translucent and multi-layered fluffy veil. There is also a lot of interesting hairstyles, thanks to which you have a great opportunity to beautifully beat even the most unusual veil. However, there are rules to consider:

  • The bride’s short hat is not suitable for all girls. If you are not the owner of a miniature figure with fragile shapes, then it is better to refuse such a veil option.
  • Choose a dress with an open top that beautifully emphasizes your shoulders so that the look as a whole looks harmonious.
  • For a short veil, an ideal outfit is considered a wedding dress in the style of the 60-70s, which has a full skirt to the knees.

Retro look with a short bride's hat

  • Avoid combining a short headdress with a flowing silhouette wedding dress. It looks awkward.

Single layer

A veil sewn in one layer of high-quality thick chiffon or exquisite French lace looks incredibly beautiful on the bride's head. She fully reveals the gentle image of the girl, complementing him with barely noticeable notes of mystery. This wedding veil is attached to the hair gathered in a bun, in the center of the hairstyle, or clings to the bottom of the head with hairpins. The image of a girl marrying in such a veil is simplicity and elegance, so this attribute will go well with a classic wedding dress of a modest, lush silhouette.

Single-layer cropped bride veil

Double layer

If you choose a hairstyle for your own wedding in the form of loose wound curls, then a two-layer veil is suitable for you. She will add extra volume to her magnificent shape. This option is considered a universal classic that fits any style of dress. You don’t even have to worry much about the pomp of the wedding attire. Just fix on top of your hair a two-tier, embroidered lace tulle with a large mesh - and you will be the most charming bride on your own holiday.

Two-layer cropped veil

Laminated puff veil

Now at the peak of its popularity, a magnificent multilayer veil. This is a universal model, which consists of several layers of the finest fabric (tulle, nylon). The first layer, as a rule, falls on the bride’s face and has a short length to the chin, and the other two reach the girl’s shoulder blades or elbow. In this option, it is important not to overload the gentle image of the bride, so choose the most concise model, without different decorations, rhinestones, stuffed lace. In the hairstyle, also adhere to aristocratic simplicity and collect hair in a smooth bun or classic sink.

Lush bride wedding attribute


The veil is one of the mysterious and sexual details of the female image. If the theme of your wedding is retro style, then a veil with a small hat is best suited for the bride's wedding dress. For a classic wedding, such a veil option is also appropriate, depending on the style of the dress. Also follow certain rules in the hairstyle. Since the veil is as close to the head as possible, the styling should be in a strict classical version (babette, in the Tiffany style, French sink, etc.). And to decide on a beautiful hairstyle under a veil, watch the video:

How to choose a short veil for a dress style?

A veil, as a rule, is selected at the same time as fitting a dress, or after buying a wedding dress, but not vice versa. This is due to the fact that this accessory of a wedding image should only complement and emphasize accents, and not attract all attention to yourself. In this regard, there are many important nuances that must be taken into account, for example:

  1. Choosing the right accent for a wedding veil. If the dress has a rich embroidery of lace, rhinestone, then the veil should be more transparent and concise. And vice versa, if the dress has strict lines, without special decorations, then the headpiece can have small bright details (rhinestones, flowers, lace, etc.)
  2. In the choice of veils, match the color scheme of the dress. Everything should be in tone, that is, match one color.
    Short wedding veil matching the color of the dress
  3. Fabric veils. The bride’s headdress can be made of different density of tulle, thin lace, nylon, etc. The main condition is to correspond to the general image: a rigid dense mesh creates a magnificent and pompous image, it fits the same magnificent dress. Another option for the bride’s headdress is a delicate flowing tulle, which should be worn under a lace dress on the floor according to the figure.

Options for Short Veil Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyle is an important attribute of the impeccable image of the bride. Modern possibilities of stylists give a huge variety of wedding styles for every taste. Choose it not only according to your own preferences, but also follow the chosen option of a headdress. Seek help from a stylist who will advise you on the perfect hairstyle in accordance with the image of your wedding attire. Check out some of the tips below that are sure to come in handy for you in this matter:

Short Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyles

  1. A short wedding dress on the head can be strengthened at any level of the hairstyle so that it will not additionally weigh down the hair, slowly sliding down.
  2. You can afford a high hairstyle on the crown, for example, in the Tiffany style, decorating it with a small bow in the center. And at the back, with a hairpin or hairpin, fasten the veil into a large mesh.
  3. If you have a short haircut, do a fluffy styling and attach a multi-layer veil of small length.

How to fix a short veil with your own hands?

Fixing a wedding headdress is the final stage in creating a hairstyle and image of the bride as a whole. In advance, stock up with a large number of hairpins, hairpins, scallops, so that this process proceeds as efficiently as possible and leaves a reliable result. As a rule, this does not take much time, therefore it is left at the last moment, as a finishing touch. Check out the photo below for a simple veil attachment process..

Fastening the veil to the hairstyle

Some hats of the bride are equipped with a special comb, thanks to which it is much easier to fix them on any hairstyle. However, this detail is not found in all models, so you can always add it by sewing with your own hands. You will be convinced that this is not difficult at all by looking at the photo below with a visual description of creating a veil with a comb.

How to fit a veil with your own hands

The ideal image of the bride is one in which she feels one hundred percent. And it doesn’t matter, a short veil on it or a simple evening hairstyle. This day deserves to look perfect. Therefore, pre-select chic outfits, try on various images for yourself, then in the end it will turn out to choose that one and only. Listen to all the tips that will help you decide on the right choice of wedding dress, matching veil and beautiful hairstyle..