Green veil


Over time, many brides are moving farther away from the traditional image of a princess in a snow-white wedding dress, preferring to reveal their personality through a wedding dress. Famous designers and fashion houses support future spouses in their endeavor: on the catwalks, you can increasingly meet unusual styles of furniture and original accessories for them. Wearing a colored veil has become a new trend of the season: girls from all over the world are experimenting, complementing the wedding look with this headpiece. Next, we will talk about the veil of green, as a rare accessory.

When girls put on a green veil?

As a rule, cheerful, active girls choose green. This shade has a deep symbolic meaning, so the hero of the occasion will not be mistaken if he prefers such a veil to a wedding dress. Since ancient times, the green gamut was considered a symbol of spring, vegetation, the birth of a new life, meant immortality and fertility. The emerald, light green color in Catholic art is youth and hope, and therefore angels are often portrayed in clothing of the corresponding shade in the paintings of anointing.

As a mixture of yellow and blue, in the cosmogonic sense, green symbolizes the connection between the earthly and the supernatural, between man and God. In folklore, this interesting shade refers to elves - magical creatures living in the forest: the bride can arrange a thematic wedding, playing out the mystical symbolism of green. Different peoples developed their attitude to the emerald gamut, but in most cultures it has a positive meaning.

Original green bride headdress

The green range has many interesting shades, so the bride and groom will pick up a hat that is suitable for any of her wedding looks. Peppermint veil will be in perfect harmony with the romantic, delicate dress of the bride, the swamp color will create a mysterious sensation from the outfit, and bright green will tell about the cheerful disposition of the future wife. The bride is recommended to use other, no less beautiful tones of this palette: olive, hunting green, myrtle, Muslim, green tea, gray-green, Persian.

For the wedding

When choosing a veil for a wedding, the future spouse should take into account the style of the wedding dress, the features of her figure, and the presence of jewelry on the headdress. Unusual accessory of emerald shade looks bright, so often does not require additional decor in the form of hairpins, tiaras or flowers. The veil itself can be decorated with lace, rhinestones, embroidered beads, pearls and other decorative elements. As for the hairstyle, it is better to collect the hair up or make beautiful loose curls, so that the emphasis remains on the accessory.

A large role in choosing a green veil is played by the model of the dress: for a tight or straight silhouette, it is better to find an option for a long, thick bridal veil, an outfit in the style «Princess» accepts a short voluminous accessory, an attribute of medium length to the elbow and a long veil in several layers. With short dresses, veils and shortened styles of headgear look good. As material for the green detail of the image, tulle, silk, lace and even satin are used: the latter fabric looks good when creating images in Indian ethnic dresses.

Interesting options for emerald veils

A wedding dress can repeat the shade of the original veil: then it is important to make sure that the elements of the dress fall in tone to tone, otherwise they will not look harmonious. If the hero of the occasion prefers a light dress, there are several ways to create a good combination of decoration with a veil: use accessories that are suitable in color or choose a green dress decor. A snow-white outfit surrounded by an emerald ribbon will look great, a robe model with green embroidery or lace, with shining rhinestones of a suitable shade.

Choosing a headdress of an emerald hue, a girl should understand that to get married in such a dress is unacceptable and disrespectful to church canons. If the bride has a white dress, and only the accessories emphasize the greenish veil, the hero of the occasion can remove the attribute during the wedding and temporarily put a large white scarf over her head. In this case, the hairstyle should be strong so as not to fray after such transformations.

At the bachelorette party

During the bachelorette party, it was a tradition to demonstrate the theme of the holiday to others - for this, girls use different accessories: specially printed prints on t-shirts, medals or veils. The headdress, as a rule, is worn by the bride herself or with her girlfriends put on the accessory - in the latter case, the decoration of the future wife is different in color. A girl can wear a green bridal veil herself or instruct other girls to put on this attribute. Another interesting option: everyone to wear multi-colored options for the accessory, someone will definitely get green.

Emerald veil at a bachelorette party

What should a green veil be combined with??

The emerald headdress should successfully harmonize with all the details of the outfit - dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories. You should not use too many colors when creating an image, only two are enough: light and green, although with the help of an experienced stylist the future spouse can choose another bright shade. With emerald and white goes well, for example, yellow, red, coral.

With a bouquet of brides

To emphasize the combination of floral arrangement with a veil of green tones and the image as a whole, the bride and groom can choose white-green flowers. Some varieties of roses, orchids, alstroemeria, freesia look like this. A completely snow-white bouquet, tied with an emerald satin ribbon in tone of a veil, will look good. The bride can choose more interesting, vibrant combinations, if the image contains details of the corresponding shade.

Bridal veil bouquets of green color

With shoes or accessories

Shoes are an important part of the decoration of the bride, which can perfectly emphasize the original emerald veil. The main thing is that these two accessories blend well, and be, as an addition to each other in tone, otherwise there is a chance to make the outfit disharmonious. Other attributes that will help make the image complete: bracelet, ring, floral jewelry of the bride, pendant, handbag or clutch.

Emerald Veil Accessories

With the color of the wedding dress

The color of the wedding dress plays a decisive role when choosing a colored emerald veil. If the bride’s robe is green, then the headpiece must exactly match its color, otherwise the outfit will look strange. An emerald-tone accessory will look good together with a classic snow-white dress, or ivory-colored furniture. The decorative finish of a wedding dress can emphasize a beautiful headpiece: an exquisite ribbon on a belt, embroidery with threads, beads, decoration with rhinestones, lace, bows.

Wedding outfit with green decor

With the shirt or tie of the groom

It is important that the outfits of the perpetrators of the wedding celebration are ideally suited to each other - this is how the newlyweds will create the impression of a harmonious couple, will look beautiful and interesting. If the future spouse chose a green veil, complementing her image with relevant details, the groom must do the same. A bride and groom can wear an emerald shirt, a stylish tie of a suitable shade, cufflinks with semiprecious green stones or tone-on-tone veil socks - this will look cute and unusual.

Green groom outfit decor elements