How to make a veil


Want to look stunning at your own wedding? Make a note of originality in the form of a hand-sewn veil. But before you think in detail about how to make a veil with your own hands, you should decide on the style of this wedding accessory. Many brides come up with it for a bachelorette party, and others - for the wedding ceremony itself, not finding a suitable copy in stores. Whatever motive pushes you to make a veil, it’s very easy to realize this desire.

How to make a veil of tulle or mesh

Traditionally, in order to make a veil, translucent light materials such as chiffon, tulle, organza, mesh, lace are chosen. Leading among them is tulle, which is hard and soft. The degree of rigidity of this matter, choose depending on what you want to see as a result. For a multi-tiered flowing veil, it is better to give preference to soft tulle, and for a single-tier, well-kept form - to hard.

Fatin for sewing veils

In most cases, the veil is attached to a hairpin or comb. It looks very beautiful if this item is decorated, for example, with fabric or natural flowers. You can decorate the veil itself at your discretion: put on the bottom a satin ribbon, braid with scallops. Embroidery on tulle with threads, beads, glass beads, looks very airy, delicate and fabulous. This decor may take a lot of time, but the result is worth it..

Necessary materials

To make a veil with your own hands you will need:

Required Materials for Veil

  • threads in fabric color;
  • tulle 135 cm long, 150 cm wide;
  • tape measure;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • scallop;
  • decorative elements for decoration.

Stages of creation

  • To make a veil, cut along the length of the tulle into three cuts of 60, 45 and 30 cm.

  • Sew three layers of tulle together so that the longest is at the bottom and the shortest is at the top.

  • We tack on sewn parts.

  • Tie the ends of the thread, cut off the excess.

  • Scissors trim the edge of the veil on the assembly side.

  • Sew the scallop to the assembly.

  • To mask hairpins on top, decorate the veil with bows, appliques, flowers.

How to sew a long tulle or organza veil

Before you start creating a veil of organza or tulle, think about how it should look, drape: attach a piece of fabric to the head and choose the one you like best. It is advisable to trim the edges of the veil. For this purpose you can use embroidery, a slanting inlay, a fishing line that will create a wavy edge, lace, braid or festoons.

Necessary materials

To make a veil, you need the following materials:

  • organza 1 m long, 2 m wide;
  • threads in fabric color;
  • organza for a flower;
  • pearl beads;
  • scissors;
  • satin slanting trim;
  • sewing machine;
  • needle.

Stages of creation

  • To make a veil we take a rectangle of organza.

DIY organza veil

  • Fold the fabric along the line in half.
  • Crosswise fold it in half again.

  • Cut off, choosing any shape.

  • We process the edge with an oblique trim.
  • We put the veil in two layers so that one is a little shorter than the other.

  • We retreat from the edge of 20 cm, manually assemble on a thread, making assemblies.
  • Fix the edges of the thread with knots.

  • We attach the veil to the hair clip.
  • We need to make a decorative flower, for which we cut out circles of different diameters, the edges of which we burn over a candle.

  • Put the mugs in one another.
  • We fix with stitches, decorate the middle with pearl beads.

  • Sew a flower to a veil or sit on hot glue.

How to decorate a veil with your own hands?

You can complement the veil with a variety of decor at any stage of its creation. The main thing is that jewelry emphasize beauty and harmonize with the image of the bride. When choosing accessories, keep in mind that bead holes should easily pass the needle. Satin ribbon and lace must be attached to the edge so that they do not weigh down the veil - such a decor will perfectly hide the untagged edge of the material.

DIY handmade bridal veil

Lace or satin ribbon

Decor veils lace

An elegant veil decorated with lace looks very gentle. The tradition of covering the bride’s head began with a lace version, so now it’s a classic that will never become obsolete. A veil with lace will decorate any wedding attire. Also, a win-win decor and a dress complement will be an accessory trimmed with satin ribbon along the edge. You can choose it in the veil color or play in contrast, only the color should overlap with the decor of the bride’s outfit. When decorating, it is worth following these rules:

  • the original veil, the edge of which is processed with fishing line, is combined with the dress if its edges are also wavy;
  • if you sheathe an accessory with a thin thread, then the same thread should also be found on the outfit;
  • a veil without a fringing approaches dresses with a magnificent skirt, with richly embroidered corset;
  • if there is lace on the veil, then it should be in harmony with the lace on the dress;
  • beadwork is used on veils, if such decor is present in the bride’s robe.

Wedding Veil with Satin Ribbon

Beads or rhinestones

Decor veils do-it-yourself beads

The veil, decorated with beads or rhinestones, gives the image of solemnity, emphasizes the newlywed's face, adds a bright zest. If you decide to make such an emphasis, then do not overload the image with accessories anymore - add a maximum of decoration. A veil with rhinestones and beads does not look corny, because you can arrange it in a variety of ways. It is recommended not to trim the accessory with completely sparkling pebbles, but to embroider the middle or put the decor around the edge. The bead decoration on the sides looks interesting.

Hand sewn rhinestones on veil

Embroidery or flowers

The veil with embroidery looks simply stunning. She gives the image of tenderness, sensuality. Pearl beads, rhinestones, beads can be added to embroidery. With this decor you can create a wide variety of patterns, even exotic flowers or birds of paradise. Minimalism is gradually coming into fashion, so a veil with graceful white embroidery on delicate guipure, delicate lace, delicate silk will look actual.

Veil with embroidery or flowers

Embroidery can surround the accessory around the perimeter. In this case, the pattern should echo the motifs on the dress. If you choose flowers as a veil decoration, then do not go too far with them: such a decor looks very impressive, so you need to use it in moderation:

  • If these are small buds, then put them on the edge of the veil or on the sides.
  • Large buds can adorn the comb, the invisibility that attaches the accessory, or be randomly scattered throughout the veil.
  • A large bud sewn to the side looks spectacular.

How to make an elegant flower veil

Video master class: how to sew a veil

Wedding veil is an individual accessory, so many brides want to make it on their own. hand-sewn, it will be unique, unique, like the newlywed herself on this day. The video presented describes in detail the process of creating a veil with your own hands. First of all, you should decide on the style, length of the model, choose the material you like. The most magical moment is the decor of the basis of the veil with embroidery, lace, rhinestones, pearls or other objects.