How to replace a veil


Do you want your wedding to be perfect? And you do everything possible for this: choose the best wedding dress, do cosmetology procedures and select the best institution. In addition to dresses and shoes, the veil is often decorated with a veil. What do you prefer: a classic hat or a custom solution? If your choice fell on the second answer, think about how to replace the veil, so that it is beautiful and bright. Let's figure it out.

Is there an alternative to wedding veils?

The unequivocal answer to this question is yes. There are many products that can be selected instead of the standard bride headdress. Previously, a wedding veil was used, first of all, as a decoration and a talisman, but also to cover the exposed parts of the body. In the modern wedding image of the bride and groom, the standard veil can be easily replaced with a beautiful decoration, hat, wreath, lace, bandage.

The main recommendations for choosing an accessory for the head and hair for the bride:

The style of jewelry should be suitable for the dress, shoes, wedding bouquet and boutonniere. A wreath of fresh flowers on the head looks very bad in combination with a bouquet of artificial butterflies. There should be a balance in everything: in this case it is better to decorate the hair, for example, with a hair clip with a bow tie.
The color of wedding jewelry should not be alone. If you decide to use red ribbons in your hair, let them be repeated in shoes, a bouquet or on the waist of a dress. This combination will be organic.
Do not forget to coordinate your appearance with the image of the groom. If you decide not to take the standard options, replace the veil - invite the future spouse to choose a bow tie instead of a tie or even go on a holiday without it.
If family traditions forbid you to choose a wedding outfit without a veil, you can change the image after an official ceremony. Let you be covered with a head at the wedding and painting, and then the hairdresser will take it off and beautifully attach a wreath or other light accessory.
When drawing up a wedding image, always consider not only the appearance, but also the comfort of things. On the best day, nothing should bother you.
If at the time of preparation for the wedding or at the celebration itself something doesn’t go as it would like (a hairdo breaks down, some accessory is lost), don’t worry, every bride is beautiful that day, despite the little things. The main thing is that the soul should be calm and peaceful.

Options that can replace a veil at a wedding

If you consider yourself a creative person, come up with a wedding image for yourself. Pick up a sheet and a pencil and figuratively convey what you want to see in your outfit. Perhaps the studio will be able to fulfill your request and sew a hat of dreams or a veil, which you dreamed about the day before. Do not be afraid to experiment if you decide not to use the standard solution in the form of a veil. Let a work of art be on your head on a significant day.


A couple of decades ago, royal or families close to them could not even think that besides the wedding veil, something else would be allowed to be used. True, then this accessory was used with a veil. And now this combination looks quite organic. The main thing when using both wedding decorations is not to overdo it and not look like a Christmas tree. The veil may well complement the standard or unusual image.

A combination of such a piece of clothing and a short wedding dress looks very nice. But you can combine a veil with long outfits. She is often worn to one side, but to cover part of the eyes. The veil serves as a veil, may have a small skirt on the back. The accessory should be made of material that is taken for the main dress (but this is not necessary). It is important that the color of the veil is combined with the outfit.

Among the types of wedding veils are round, square or asymmetric. The first and second can be in the form of a small hat with a long net covering eyes. Asymmetric veils are a flight of design imagination, they can be of any kind. In such products tulle, lace, satin, feathers, rhinestones, stones can be combined. There are no restrictions on the choice of a veil, rely on your pre-wedding flair.

Veil instead of veil

Wedding hat

Such an elegant accessory for the head is gaining popularity more and more. Previously, women who went down the aisle for the first time did not like to wear a hat. Now this rule has lost its power, and even young girls can use a hat. The basic rule of a wedding hat is to select it according to the volume of the dress. If the main outfit is bulky, with a train, a lot of jewelry, then the hat should be small. A large one is better to combine with a modest dress.

Wedding hat is different from ordinary dress. She sometimes does not fully put on her head. It can be fastened with pins or pins as a non-functional accessory. Although such a hat can save some ladies from the sultry heat. In summer, the demand for wedding hats is increasing. And in winter, due to the presence of wind, they are used very rarely..

Wedding hat instead of veil

Tiara or diadem

Such a classic wedding decoration is popular among brides, as it is used both with and without a veil. A tiara is a hair ornament in the shape of a strip, and the diadem has the shape of a semicircle or oval. If a veil will be used, then such an accessory should be gentle, almost imperceptible. If there is no long cover for the head and hair, you should choose a massive wedding diadem.

A tiara or crown is made of rhinestones, Swarovski stones or precious jewelry. It depends on the budget. Very rarely, such accessories combine bows or fabric elements. Since the wedding diadem symbolizes wealth, it is made from expensive materials. It should be picked up under a necklace, earrings, bracelet. Here you also need to be careful not to become like a Christmas tree.

Tiara or diadem instead of veils

Ribbon or lace

To properly use this type of accessory, take a look at your wedding dress. What kind of fabric is used there, is there lace or satin? By answering these questions, it will be easier to choose the type of accessory. It is important to combine lace in the hair and on the dress. That's why such an accessory is selected directly in the wedding studio - there you will immediately understand what is wrong in the image.

Lace became the top among hair accessories in the 20th century. It really looks very elegant both with a veil and independently. Lace ribbons were used in antiquity. Often a multi-colored set was chosen so that the married life was fun. Now it’s better to choose satin stripes to match the dress. If it has colored belts or bows on it, this format should be selected and a hairband.

Ribbon or lace as a decoration for the bride’s head

Wreath or flowers in the hair

The main rule for choosing flowers for a wedding celebration is the type of plants in the bride’s bouquet should be repeated in the boutonniere, on hair accessories. Among the flowers that can be used in such decorations, small and large roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, and irises are distinguished. They attach easily, look fresh for a long time. A special new trend is wildflowers, they like to combine them with very modest dresses and, conversely, with very expensive.

What wreath to use if the bride’s bouquet is not made from fresh flowers? Nowadays, wedding decorations with rhinestones, stones, crumpled paper, butterflies are popular, so you can make the same emphasis on your head. The main task here is to take something from the outfit and intersperse it in the hair. It does not matter whether the bouquet will be live or artificial. The main thing is that the decoration in the hair and the bouquet overlap in at least one element.

A wreath of flowers instead of a veil

Barrette or headband with rhinestones

When the bride’s dress contains a lot of wedding jewelry, a small addition should be highlighted on the head. In this case, the veil is really not appropriate, it is better to take a simple hair clip. She can repeat the patterns of the outfit or combine the colors of accessories. The main thing is that there is unobtrusiveness in the image. You can make such a wedding decoration on order or buy in a store. But you should pay attention to the method of attachment: can you beautifully attach such a hairpin to the selected hairstyle.

Often, brides make themselves incredible masterpieces of hair. It can be high comb or hairstyles that visually lengthen the growth. In this case, the use of a wedding rim with rhinestones to emphasize the hairstyle is quite appropriate. The whole image of the newlywed will be harmonious. You can make such a rim yourself by attaching stones and rhinestones to a satin ribbon. Their creations are always more expensive and more pleasant to wear.

Barrette with rhinestones or headband for a wedding

Handkerchief, bandana or bandage

This option is only suitable for very risky brides or those who are restricted in religion. For many peoples, women are forbidden to walk bare-headed, and weddings are no exception. In this case, the veil can easily be replaced with a scarf that will perform the same functions. Color can be not only white. In the East there are blue, green, red wedding dresses. The scarf can be in tone with the main dress along with or more pastel.

These hats must be fastened with pins or hairpins. But often they are combined with beautiful wedding rims of rhinestones and stones. This goes well with the whole outfit, the appearance of the groom, a bouquet. To make the right choice, try again in the store at the same time try on a scarf with a rim. There are models of dressings with ready-made fastening, which can also be the perfect complement to the image..

Wedding scarf or bandana instead of veil

Photo of beautiful wedding hair jewelry

When buying a head accessory that will replace a standard cloak, consider the color of your hair, its density and future hairstyle. This will allow you not to think about trifles on the most long-awaited day. White, as you know, goes to any woman. But if the accessory will combine several tones, be careful with its selection. You can quickly and easily decide on a wedding hair ornament, if you look at a photo a selection of the most original, beautiful ideas for a headdress without a veil.

The best wedding accessories for head decoration