How to choose a veil for a wedding


The veil should be combined with the bride’s dress not only in style, but in decoration and color. To achieve such harmony, it is important to purchase these two things at the same time, or first choose a dress and only after that start searching for a veil. So you can understand what type of accessory looks more impressive, complementing the festive outfit. How to choose a veil? The stricter the dress model, the more voluminous and airy the accessory should be. And on the contrary, the more magnificent and elaborate the outfit, the more modest veil you need to choose. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting lost in a lot of lace, rhinestones, tulle, ribbons and beads.

Which veil for a wedding dress is better to choose?

The veil should be combined with a dress - this is the main requirement when choosing an accessory. It is not necessary to choose white, but do not create a strong resonance between the shades of the outfit and accessories. Mirroring and image in photographs can vary greatly. For example, choosing a product of a similar tone - ivory to a white dress, you will see that in the photographs these tones conflict.

Before buying, you should decide on the bride's hairstyle in order to choose a method of fastening. If the outfit is decorated with stones, beads or rhinestones, then the accessory should also have such decorations, but in a smaller amount. Alternatively, the veil may not have any decorative elements at all. For example, a lace headdress that is fashionable this season will be a great addition to a dress of a usual cut, no frills.

Before choosing, the bride and groom should carefully assess which part of the dress should attract attention, in which areas to emphasize. You might want to adorn the bodice with an attractive finish and accentuate your chest area or draw attention to your back by choosing a dress model with an open neckline at the back. Depending on the emphasis placed, it is necessary to choose the width and length of the product so that it does not cover important details of the outfit. Do not overload the image of the bride, so remember about the main aspects of the choice:

  • For a classic wedding apparel, the best solution would be a rich decoration with lots of details.
  • A long transparent veil will be a great addition to a bride who wants to maintain the appearance of accents on the dress.
  • You should not buy a short, modest model for a designer dress.
  • A long hat with a short wedding attire looks good.

Fata "Cathedral"

This model looks like a train and is great for a wedding ceremony. Brides who chose a dress that goes to the floor, «the cathedral» fits perfectly. The standard length of the accessory does not exceed 3.5 meters, but by an individual order a girl can get a product of any length. So, one wedding agency in Siberia became famous for making an accessory 2 kilometers long for a newlywed.

Bridal Veil Cathedral

Veil Chapel

This option is shorter than «the cathedral», but at least 15-20 centimeters longer than the bride’s skirt. So, the total length of the product is about 2.5 meters from the top of the head to the floor. It flows along the train of the dress and lies on the floor. Model «chapel» ideal for weddings in a classic, formal style, or as a complement to the bride’s wedding dress train.

Veil called chapel

Veil Waltz

Model «waltz» designed for the exact growth of the bride and ends on a par with the hem of her skirt. This veil is suitable for wedding dresses that do not have a train. Product «Waltz» multi-ball, perfect for a straight-cut dress. It will complement the romantic image of the bride and groom, adding a touch of tenderness and girlish fragility to it. A girl wearing such a veil will be visually taller and slimmer.

Bridal Waltz Headpiece


If you do not know how to choose a veil so that the image looks original and unusual, then you should pay attention to «pirate». This type of accessory will be a great addition to an extravagant dress.. «Pirate» It was fashionable back in the 16th century, then in the 20th, and from now on it again becomes popular. Europeans call this interesting product «Juliet's Beanie». It looks great with short haircuts and loose curled curls..

Veil pirate for extravagant girls


This dress perfectly complements any image of the bride, however, it looks best in the image of a retro style, with an outfit without unnecessary pomp and corset. If your dress has a rich finish and is generously decorated with embroidery, then you should choose a veil without an ornament. But a veil inlaid with stones, rhinestones, beads or sheathed with beads is suitable for strict classics.

Wedding veil


So in America they call a shortened single-layer veil, which covers the upper part of the face. Often, brides who choose this accessory cover their face with her at the ceremony, and then throw them back on their hair or remove them altogether. In Western countries, the removable model is very popular. If you also prefer «blush», make sure that the hairstyle made for the wedding looks beautiful both with and without a veil.

Single layer veil - veil blush


The Spanish veil has an original way of fastening. She, like a scarf, covers the bride's head and goes down the shoulder line. Fastens «Spaniard» invisible, so visually it seems that the scarf is not fixed by anything. Often it is decorated with embroidery or lace, without overloading with numerous decorative elements. The image of the bride will be clean, restrained and mysterious. Do not make complex, elaborate hairstyles under the mantle; this garment is best worn with plain smooth styling.

Bridal Mantilla Headpiece

Veil "Poof"

This is a kind of veil that has an unusual way of attaching. The fabric gathers on the bride’s head in one place and circles the young one in circles. When the groom pushes the edge back, two almost identical layers form. The bride in this product will look very gentle. Having chosen such a veil, the bride will not have cause for concern, because it goes well with almost any style of a wedding dress.

Veil pouf with an unusual way of fastening

The nuances of choosing a wedding veil for the bride

Many brides are worried about the question of how to choose a veil? To do this, take into account the features of the figure, hair style and type of face. To make the right choice, check out the following tips:

  • The square face of the bride requires a voluminous version of the wedding hairstyle and veil to the shoulders made of soft, light cascading or round style material. This will smooth the sharp lines of the cheekbones..
  • Chubby girls should opt for a veil made of thick material covering her face along the line of her cheeks. Visually it will look already. However, refrain from the curvaceous styles of the product..
  • The elongated face will visually expand the wide, magnificent veil, which will be located around the bride's face. Oblong girls should not opt ​​for high hairstyles.
  • Different types of accessories are suitable for brides with an oval face. To choose the most successful, you need to experiment with a hairstyle.

The correct veil will correct not only the face, but also the figure of the bride and groom:

  • Plump girls should not choose too short or multi-layered headgear options. To hide extra pounds, the bride and groom can pay attention to the long flowing patterns.
  • For visual narrowing of the thigh line, choose the length of the product to the elbows or one that ends at the level of the fingers.
  • Miniature girls are best suited for short or medium length single-layer garments.
  • Tall ladies should choose a long one, decorated with lace or a satin ribbon - this will help visually reduce growth.
  • For thin people, an accessory with embroidery or other decorations at the level of the hips and curvy models is suitable.

When choosing a product, in addition to compatibility with the dress, other important requirements are presented to the accessory. Of the possible options, it is worth stopping at a model that does not wrinkle, is comfortable, does not hinder movements and does not cling to a dress. Come to the choice creatively, listen to the tips, and then your image will turn out gentle, feminine and harmonious.

What to look for when choosing a veil

Veil Length

To determine how long it is necessary to choose a veil, it is worth trying on different options along with it. The requirements for the length of the wedding headdress are:

  • A short model is suitable if you need to focus on jewelry in the neck area (necklace, pendant).
  • A long style (cathedral) should be chosen for a classic wedding dress with a train.
  • The length to the elbow can be combined with any outfit, but the combination with the magnificent style of the dress will be the most successful.
  • If you are afraid to make a mistake with the choice, you should buy a veil to your fingertips - this is a universal option.
  • Shoulder style will suit short low-necked or tight-fitting long dresses.
  • Product, floor length, choose the same length as the bride and groom’s robe.

From which fabric to choose a veil

Often, fashion designers use tulle for sewing veils - a special thin mesh. The larger its cell, the stiffer it is, which means it is able to better maintain its shape. The bride and groom should choose a hard dress if she wants to create a solemn image for the wedding. Soft tulle gently flows, use it to create a multilayer veil. Wedding headpiece can be made of lace. Choose this option if you prefer a silk dress. The texture of the accessory may differ from the fabric of the dress, but should be combined with it, creating a single style.

What material to choose a veil

Color and finish

It is not necessary to choose a product in the tone of wedding clothes. It can be white, pink, golden, beige. The main thing is that the accessory is in harmony with the robe. For example, for a white outfit, it is not recommended to choose an ivory shade accessory, but pale blue, golden and pink colors will look good. Often, girls choose a hat that contains the same pattern, similar trim, pattern or decor elements as the outfit.