Unusual Veil


If someone begins to claim that a veil is a relic of the past, do not believe it. So say people who do not know how to improvise. A veil of unusual shape or color attracts the eye, but for that the bride tries to be in the spotlight. A beautiful and gentle image of a newlywed, this toilet detail has never been spoiled. Brides all over the world are carefully considering their style, because on the wedding day, each of them wants to be irresistible.

Fancy wedding veil patterns

What just do not come up with girls to make their outfit different from others! The uniqueness of each model of a wedding dress in modern conditions is real and doable. You can sew an expensive designer dress, surprise everyone, but sometimes it’s better and financially more economical to buy a veil that will be unusual. Bold creative girls choose this path, because it is up to you to decide whether the headgear will be a fashion trend or an outdated model. Arm yourself with your imagination, forget about borders. Without giving up the veil, you can become a fashionable and modern bride with her own style.

Side veil wedding veil

The bride, whose veil is attached to the side, is associated with the retro style that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th century. Such a veil model will suit both a short haircut and long curls. The dress, combined with a veil bandage, should be concise, in the same style. The splendor of the skirt will be inappropriate, but it will be amazing to harmonize with the bandage style Empire. The soft folds of a long veil, located on the side of the head, are fixed at the top with a bow or decorated ribbon with a flower. Accessory length depends on the chosen dress model.

Side Veil Wedding Veil

Veil "Juliet's hat"

Widespread use of the name of a veil «Juliet's Beanie» coming from Europe. It was very popular from the 16th to the 20th century. Sometimes called her «pirate» for some external resemblance to the scarf of a sea robber who also tied his head. Over the centuries «Juliet's Beanie» transformed from a bonnet into the lightest headgear, often with embroidery and jewelry. In recent years, this kind of wedding attribute has become popular again..

«Pirate» from the most delicate lace fastens on each side on hairpins which are masked by a decor in the form of flowers or bows. The length is determined by the bride herself, depending on the chosen style and style of the dress. Vintage fit and matching accessories complete the look of the retro bride. Very suitable for dreamy and romantic people who do not like complex hairstyles, and those who wear a short haircut.

Fancy Wedding Headpiece Juliet's Beanie

Veil hood

An interesting alternative to the usual veil was proposed by designers - a cape-hood, which would be an ideal option for the bride, who will undergo the wedding ceremony. The hood can turn into a bolero with a long sleeve, which corresponds to church canons. The hairstyle under the light, weightless hood will not be damaged. The transparent fabric at the edges has a lace trim identical to the one used to decorate the dress. Different fabrics used in texture create a general airy image. The combination of details of the wedding dress gives the bride a unique charm and style..

Veil-hood with a cape or bolero

Veil Train

The train in the wedding decoration of the bride raises her in the eyes of others on one level with the reigning persons. The solemnity of the event affects the appearance of the newlywed. Equal proud posture and a long train - this is what you need if you want to look like a real queen on your holiday. For such a veil, the dress should be appropriate, with a train. What should be its length, you need to decide in advance:

  • If you have a long day walk or the evening promises to be mobile, it is better to stay on the average length of the train.
  • If the wedding promises to be solemn and sedate, you can choose a long train.
  • If the celebration will be held in two stages, then the veil is selected composite, so that it is possible to unfasten the pancake part in time and stay short. In this case, it is necessary to carefully select the material for her so that the form lasts all evening.

Bridal Veil Train

Unusual wedding veil

If we talk about the unusual headgear for the wedding, one can not help but recall the rainbow colors. Mischievous fashionistas, becoming brides, continue to amaze others. Increasingly, you can meet a bride in a luxurious white dress and a contrasting veil. If you approach the issue of appearance carefully and with taste, then success with the image of a creative bride is ensured. Want a blue or green detail? No problem! Just do not forget to purchase an accessory of the same color or add a small bright accent to the dress.

Unusual bright color wedding veil

Photo of an unusual wedding veil

There are two basic rules in wedding fashion:

  1. The longer the dress, the longer the veil should be
  2. Modest veil - for a luxurious dress.

Adhering to them, plunged into a large swirl of light lace, tulle, organza, the bride will surely find her personal version of the wedding attire. Modern newlyweds have in their arsenal many technologies, information, and decor for the manufacture of unusual veils. Using all these opportunities, you will become the most beautiful, unusual and stylish bride. The headpiece of a newlywed is both an external image and a tribute to traditions, symbols.

Stylish wedding veil for a modern bride