Long veil


A classic wedding look is a beautiful bride dress with a long headdress that remains fashionable and relevant at all times. It is considered good form if the girl getting married is wearing a long veil - a symbol of her purity, innocence. Future wives, preparing for the wedding, often find it difficult to choose a dress. Now there are so many styles, images, styles. If you have already decided on the dress, but don’t know which wedding veil to choose, this review will help you.

The main types of long veils

A long veil is the main accessory in the image of a bride. A variety of styles and lengths of headgear presents some difficulty in choosing it, so it all depends on your personal preferences and style of the wedding dress. Long is the veil that reaches the girl’s knees and below. This bride's headdress is classified by type, each of which corresponds to a specific wedding style..


This style of wedding headdress emphasizes the charming femininity and elegance of the bride. So that a married girl could easily waltz at her own wedding, the length should reach one and a half meters and reach the lower leg. Such a wedding style was in great demand in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. and successfully survived to the present day.

Headpiece of the bride called Waltz


Long veil «Chapel» suitable for a more formal wedding celebration with a huge number of guests, with a ceremony of the sacrament of weddings according to all traditions. The model has a long beautiful train that falls from the bride’s hairstyle to the bottom, lying beautifully on the floor at the girl’s feet. Wedding Veil Length «Chapel» often reaches three meters and requires a gorgeous, grandiose image of the bride.

Floor veil called Chapel


«Cathedral» the veil is even longer, it is often sewn from a continuous canvas of tulle three and a half meters long. This is the perfect option for a cathedral wedding ceremony. The combination of a long train and a wedding dress creates a semblance of a delicate image of the divine Virgin Mary. In this outfit, you can take many unforgettable pictures in the church, while receiving the heavenly blessing for marriage.

Long veil Cathedral

«Cathedral» or «Italian lace»

The next type of veil is «Cathedral». It often reaches four meters in length and matches the train of a wedding dress. This exquisite version of the veil on the floor creates the most solemn, chic image of the bride. However, many consider it impractical, because the bride and groom have to follow literally every step they take. From the severity of the headwear quickly gets tired, and I want to remove it as soon as possible. It will be ideal if immediately after the wedding ceremony you replace this accessory with a shorter one.

Often a veil of this length is made in the Italian style - with beautiful handmade lace around the edge. The dress is mounted on the crown of the bride, creating the illusion that it was about to fall. Veil «Italian lace» creates the most chaste, gentle image, giving femininity and religiosity to its owner. A long dress in the Italian style goes well with a lace wedding dress in a figure. It will look especially good if the train of the dress is a little shorter.

Italian style headdress of the bride

How to choose a veil for a wedding dress?

When choosing a headdress, the bride should pay special attention to the style and style of the wedding dress. The main thing here is to take into account every moment, from the length of the train and the color of the dress, to the small decorative elements, do not forget about the features of the figure. Here are some important tips to help you successfully create the perfect wedding look:

  • If you are the owner of a plus size, then it is best to refuse a lush veil, and choose a more modest option in length, for example, «Waltz». You should refine your silhouette as much as possible, for this, do not straighten the veil over your shoulders, but simply pin it at the very bottom of the hair so that it falls down in a thin line, revealing itself in a beautiful wide semicircle down to the bottom.
  • Strictly observe the same color scheme of a wedding dress with a veil. They should not differ in color by a single tone. If the dress contains details of a different shade, you need to beat it and in the veil, for example, make the same tone.
  • Pay attention to the decorations that decorate the dress: try to maintain the harmony of the holistic image when choosing a headdress. For example, if the dress is richly embroidered with stones, then the veil should be concise, in a simple style and without decorations. If she has any kind of decoration, this should resonate with the decor of the wedding attire. Use the same pattern of embroidery, lace to decorate a dress with a veil - everything should be in the same style.

One style bride veil and dresses

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas with Long Veil and Lace

It is important to selectively choose a wedding hairstyle. You must consider the style of veils and wedding dresses, so that the whole image looks harmonious, without causing dissonance. A long veil is considered a classic option, therefore, choosing a traditional hairstyle style, you will never lose. This is an ideal smooth styling, where the hair is bundled at the crown or neck. Wedding hairstyles with a long veil look great if it is thin, single-layer, decorated with lace.

Wedding styling a lot. Among them, you can find a suitable option for your image. For example, select:

  1. Short hairstyle wedding hairstyle with lace veil. Create a voluminous styling option by making curls in the form of light waves. At the top of the crown, fasten the hat. The perfect romantic look will come out. Decorate your hairstyle with a sparkling diadem.
  2. A veil with lace, combined with a sophisticated bridal hairstyle. Use different weaving braids, twisted into a single bundle of curls, fasten a veil (preferably two-layer) in the lower part of the back of the head. So you can effectively cover your face during the ceremony.
  3. Create a romantic image and dissolve chic curls, after wrapping them on large curlers. Let the strands settle in a chaotic manner, creating a slight negligence. Fasten the veil with a hairpin or comb.

Hairstyles with Lace Veil

How to fix a long veil with your own hands?

When creating sophisticated wedding hairstyles, you need to consider attaching a veil. To make the bride’s look complete, the hairstyle should not fall apart under the weight of a long headgear. First, select the level of attachment in a certain area of ​​the head so that the veil looks beautiful. Use various hairpins, invisibles, hairpins or scallops to securely attach the headpiece to the hairstyle.

The veil is very heavy. Choose the correct attachment zone so that the hairstyle does not «fell apart». If you liked the styling with chic loose curls, consider the subtleties, without which it is impossible to fix the veil correctly. See the video below for more on this:

Photo of the longest veil in the world

Among the many options for veils on the floor, you will find the only one that may win your heart - this is a royal veil. She can stretch for the bride for several meters. To cope with such a length and move freely, a girl will need a couple of pages. However, if you close your eyes to all these inconveniences, such a veil model gives an extremely majestic, luxurious look to the bride and the wedding celebration in general.

This image of the wedding attire gives the invited guests pleasant emotions, and also indicates the chic and scope of the holiday, the main face of which is the aristocratic newlyweds. Want to see the bride’s headdress, which has become the longest in the world? Look at the photo of the wedding veil below. Who knows, maybe your wedding outfit will look no less magnificent than this.

The longest veil in the world