Lace veil


For the future bride, preparing for the wedding takes a lot of free time, all thoughts and desires. Her dreams of becoming a princess for a while are ready to come true. Choosing a veil is one of the serious tasks facing the bride and groom after buying a dress. Creating a single image in which everything will be in harmony from hairstyle to shoes is the girl’s main task. A graceful openwork veil is the basis of classic wedding fashion for those who want to keep traditions and at the same time look beautiful and modern.

Options for Wedding Lace Veils

Fata will emphasize the tenderness and innocence of the romantic image of the bride and groom. Lace will suit any bride. A peculiar charm and greatness will help to make a real queen of the ball out of an ordinary girl. The main thing is not to overdo it - an insert with a lot of lace can make you «lush» young lady. Based on the style of the dress, it is worth trying on several types of wedding veil and choosing a more suitable option. Lace framing the bride’s face will always look feminine and sophisticated.

Fata Mantilla

The Spanish veil style in the form of a large round-shaped headscarf covering the bride’s head appealed to many girls. A drop-down lace cover, which leaves the forehead open, is attached to the occipital part with hairpins, not visible to the prying eye or on the crest. Most of all, a smooth hairstyle will suit the mantilla, which will not distract from the beauty of the lace patterns on the veil. The privilege for the Spanish model of veils is that the edges are always decorated with exquisite lace. Sometimes the whole mantilla is sewn from chic lace material.

«Spaniard» It will be a wonderful choice for brides who have wedding plans in the church. For this, it is worth considering the option of a veil, the length of which reaches the floor at the level of the dress or more. Mantilla will be able to cover the head, shoulders of the bride, as required by the tradition of the rite. Some variations of wearing a mantilla suggest throwing it on your head in the form of a bedspread, while covering your face like a veil. For a less formal wedding, you can choose a shorter version of the veil, which will reach the middle of the thigh or to the elbow.

Spanish style veil mantilla

Lace Pirate Veil

The style of lace and vintage bridal veil dates back to the 16th century. Then she looked like a light cap, decorated with simple decorations around the perimeter or lush flowers on the sides. Times pass, style and fashion make their own adjustments. Modern «Juliet's Beanie», as it is also called, it looks tender and glamorous at the same time. Covering the head from above, it is fastened in the temple area with hairpins draped under flowers or bows. If the bride chose a stylish lace dress, then an openwork bridal veil will make the image of the bride complete.

Wedding Veil Pirate

Fully Lace Veil

The sophistication and exclusivity of a veil, consisting entirely of lace, obliges the future bride to carefully choose her wedding garment. To avoid busting, the two most beautiful lace attributes - a dress and a veil - did not seem to be lost against each other's background, one thing needs to be done a little more modestly. But the bride is unlikely to be able to abandon the elegant lace cloth that adorns her head. Therefore, it is worth considering the option of a dress with a simpler cut and smooth material. The length of the openwork veil is better to choose the average, since a long train of lace will look heavy and ridiculous.

Openwork lace for the bride’s headdress

What hairstyle suits lace veil?

Having familiarized yourself with the varieties of openwork veils, you need to know about its compatibility with different hairstyles. Spanish veil-mantilla is considered universal, suitable for any length of hair. A short haircut and loose long curls will equally well combine with a veil-veil framed by wonderful lace. An exception may be a high beam and ponytail tied to the crown. Both of these hairstyles will distort the beauty and originality of the veil in the Spanish style. Hair gathered in a bun just below the crown, on the contrary, is ideal for a veil-mantilla.

For short hair, with which it is more difficult to come up with an original holiday hairstyle, a veil pirate, in the form of a hat in the Art Nouveau style, is perfect. Pearls are often chosen for decoration. All attention will be focused on the headgear. You should consult with a stylist in advance, show a photo of the purchased veil or bring it yourself. The best rehearsal option on the eve of the wedding is a trial hairstyle along with a fixed veil. Share with the master the images that you feel with your heart and together you will find the best-looking beauty option.

A popular openwork veil finds a good combination with soft natural curls of hair. For a round face shape, a lace attribute is best fixed on the back on a comb. To give a narrow face and hairstyle volume, the veil should be stabbed higher. Ideally, if the head will be decorated with a diadem or hairpins, on the basis of which pearls are fixed. A hairstyle with such accessories will not cause doubt in its ideality.

Photo of a wedding veil with lace

Openwork veil creates a raid of mystery. It can be both two-layer, and with one tier. Having decided to get married, the bride is better to opt for a veil in several layers, the upper of which can play the role of a veil covering her face. In this case, the lace pattern should be located on the edge, and the fabric should be light and weightless so as not to create the severity of the image. It’s very touching when the small lace train, which is similar to angels, helps to carry a long lace train. A variety of lace patterns presented will help the bride to choose the veil.

Modern veil with lace