Black veil


There is a huge variety of original wedding dresses and accessories for them. Among American stars, the Gothic style at weddings, where brides wear a black veil, became popular. Do you think this is a grim and tasteless choice - a black veil? However, this is not so, but even vice versa: designers believe that it is sophisticated. A bride who knows how to combine controversial things correctly will look at her own wedding not just chic - she will outshine with her beauty anyone who will be near her.

Black Wedding Veil Decor Ideas

Many girls are afraid to pick up a veil of this color for a wedding dress. However, if you pay attention to the color palette, then you will see that contrasting colors, for example, black and white, are perfectly combined, complementing each other. And if you yourself will be creative using the decor for a veil, then the image of the bride will sparkle with other colors.

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Openwork lace veil

Use the Spanish style of wedding, choosing for yourself the image of a passionate flamenco dancer. To do this, a black veil of lace lace is suitable for you. It can even be a laconic veil or an openwork eye mask, which will add special mystery to your look. The image will turn out to be unusually feminine, sensual, attracting universal attention. This option should be worn with a dress of any color, if only the same style and elements of black color can be traced in it..

Openwork lace in a gothic wedding style.

Coarse mesh

Many people associate a large net with a veil, a beautiful hat, so you can also successfully use this idea by applying it to your wedding dress. When you finish the process of creating a wedding hairstyle, attach a piece of material with a pin to the main veil, creating a veil. Similarly, you can attach, but already on the back of the head, a dark large mesh. It will look like an addition to your hairstyle, slightly reminiscent of a lady's hat.

Black Mesh Veil

Embroidered with stones and rhinestones

So that the veil does not look like an ordinary dark mesh on your head, embroider it with different stones and rhinestones, just do not overdo it with their number and colors. It is best if you choose black with a mother-of-pearl shade. Use beads, small stones with a bright sparkle of silver, decorate the accessory with a very small amount of rhinestones. To personally decorate the headdress of the hero of the occasion in this way, watch the auxiliary video:

Which dress will fit the black veil?

In the image of the bride everything should be harmonious. The traditional color of the veil is white, but when choosing a hat that is the opposite in color, you should approach your task with a double responsibility. Use your creative approach to the maximum: be sure to try on several options for the color scheme of the wedding dress, take a look at which one suits you perfectly. Think over every detail, consider all possible options. Next, check out a few ideas on how your wedding look might look like using a gothic veil..

To the Gothic along with red

If you are a bright and outstanding personality, then the gothic image of the newlywed in a red dress will not leave you indifferent. Some may say that witches dress like this, however, to be fair, all women are naturally worn. A pair of white-red or white-black colors has long become a classic, so why not use this combination to create an interesting stylish image of a newlywed?

An interesting neighborhood in one outfit of red and black has its brightest merits in the wedding theme, and if you undertake to interpret the meaning of these shades, you will understand that they are appropriate at the wedding. Red is a symbol of passion, mutual love, wealth and health, and black means elegance, sensuality. The clothes of the bride and veil, selected in contrast - it is original, catchy, unforgettable.

Gothic outfit of the bride in a red dress

To a white dress with black accents

Just imagine how extravagant the beautiful wedding decoration of the bride will look - a traditional white dress - using inserts made of black material. The outfit will perfectly complement the veil in the Gothic style that has already managed to attract you. Additionally, wear accessories and jewelry of the same black color - for example, gloves, a small handbag, earrings and a diadem with dark stones, pick up a bride's bouquet in this style, etc..

Black and White Wedding Outfit

To a magnificent dress in style «Princess»

Continuing the theme of the chic Gothic style, which can be taken as a basis when choosing a wedding dress, you can not ignore the classic version of a magnificent dress. It can be any shade - white, red, pink, looks good and white with defiantly bright red. In any case, its combination with a black veil will be great. Check out the good ideas for combining a lush wedding dress and a dark headdress in the photo below to see how great the look is..

Gorgeous bride dress with a gothic veil