Wedding bridal bouquet of red roses - photo


Preparing for the solemn wedding day, each bride tries to come up with a unique image, which includes a magnificent wedding dress, accessories, hairstyle, makeup and an indispensable attribute of the bride - a floral bouquet. Most girls prefer a gentle combination of light shades, creating a composition of plants, but for those heroes of the occasion who want to stand out, a more extravagant version of the accessory with red roses is suitable. This attribute of the image of the future wife looks bright, interesting, attracts increased attention from the guests.

The meaning and symbolism of red roses in a bride's bouquet

Roses have been known for a long time and have been extremely loved at all times, many legends and legends are associated with them, poets dedicated poems to them, priests used them in religious church sacraments. Each color, as well as the shape of this magnificent plant, acquired its own meaning - a special language of flowers began to be used, which helps to tell with the help of a flower about true feelings.

In ancient times, it was not so easy for people to express their feelings in relation to each other, and a bouquet helped to do it exquisitely. The following meaning was attributed to the red rose: the flower was considered a symbol of passion and ardent love. As a gift, buds or open flowers of this shade can mean at the same time gratitude for something, respectful attitude, admiration and love.

Due to its bright color, elegant shape, the red beauty received the well-deserved title of queen among all the colors in general and her «girlfriends» in particular. If the bride chose red buds as the basis for her wedding bouquet, it will mean love between partners, constant admiration for each other, passionate love and willingness to maintain fire for many years.

Options for a pink wedding bouquet

Often the red color of the buds makes sense of the impossibility of their own existence without their second half - this will be relevant for the bride, who does not have a soul in her future husband. If the nature of the relationship between future spouses is multifaceted, the hero of the occasion can easily combine others with these plants that will add additional meaning to the bouquet composition. Many flowers are perfectly combined with red roses:

  • representatives of this family in a different shade,
  • chrysanthemums,
  • orchids,
  • peonies,
  • calla lilies,
  • eustomas,
  • lilies,
  • daisies.

Options for wedding bouquets with red roses

To create a beautiful wedding bouquet based on red roses, the girl will have to consider many options for possible compositions. It is important to understand that the festive attribute should be in perfect harmony with everything else: to approach the dress, it is beneficial to set off the skin color of the bride. It’s good if she picks up some red elements along with her:

  • apply nails with appropriate varnish,
  • in makeup will make a scarlet accent on the lips,
  • put on a dress decorated with a red ribbon at the waist or embroidery,
  • will choose a suitable accessory for hair.

Additional decorations for scarlet buds

Combining the details of red, the main thing is not to overdo it. Too many bright accents will make the image tasteless and vulgar. It’s enough for the bride to choose one, a maximum of two elements, which will be a great addition to the bouquet, and sometimes only a mono-composition looks great without additional decorations. If desired, the bride can make the bouquet more festive by duplicating in it the jewelry present in the image - beads from pearls, rhinestones, antique brooches, delicate lace, beads.

Depending on the style of the chosen image, the bride can create a unique combination of red roses with other plants. Additional flowers can make elegant buds even more solemn, emphasize their strict form and graceful appearance. And sometimes it’s the other way around - they dilute «dry» composition, giving the wedding bouquet a more delicate, airy touch. Several original options for combining red plants with other flowers:

  • Roses and peonies. Lush, festive peonies look solemn and gentle, together with roses they will create an original composition. Flowers can be red, like the main plants of the bouquet, or another shade - white, pink, yellow, orange.

The combination of noble flowers with delicate peonies

  • Roses and daisies. Daisies are cute plants that will create an interesting contrast with elegant pink flowers. Simplicity and rigor look great together. In the case of this composition, the entire wedding bouquet can be composed mainly of daisies, and the florist will place bright accents with roses, but the option made on the contrary also looks great.

Daisies - part of a wedding accessory

  • Roses and lilies. Lilies look stylish and elegant at the same time. A wedding bouquet made using these two flowers will amaze those present with elegance. A flower arranger can dilute it with additional green leaves, herbs, small flowers, alstromeries, chrysanthemums.

Lilies and queen of all colors

  • Roses with eustomas. Touching delicate eustomas will be perfectly combined with red roses, it is not for nothing that florists making up bouquets for weddings call this decorative plant «french rose». Two elements of a festive bouquet will create an airy, elegant decoration for the bride.

The combination of delicate eustomas with roses

  • Roses and mountain ash. Mountain ash - an original decoration for various types of bouquets. This berry looks great in winter wedding attributes, gives the composition warmth, coziness, tenderness. Mountain ash will fit well in the accessory of the bride with red varieties of roses.

Mountain ash - decoration for a bouquet of roses

  • Multi-colored bouquet. A composition involving a combination of three or more shades, looks festive. Such a component of the bride will be pleasing to the eye, will delight guests with many bright colors and a large number of elements.

Color options for a wedding arrangement

  • Red and other shades of roses. The bride can safely combine the same type of flower using different colors to create a unique original wedding look.

Stylish roses of different colors

Composition with White Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums - flowers symbolizing sincerity, decisiveness of action, fidelity. Choosing a wedding bouquet in which chrysanthemums and roses are adjacent, the bride wants to show that her future marriage is implicated in passionate love, and besides, it will be long, strong, joyful. Oriental people believe that this plant can prolong life, and white chrysanthemums speak about the veracity of intentions..

Beautiful combination of roses with white chrysanthemums

With gypsophila

Gypsophila are miniature flowers, usually white, which are often found in wedding bouquets. They became popular due to their ability to make a strict flower arrangement for the bride with a festive, delicate bouquet, and at the same time give it playfulness. Different versions of red compositions with gypsophila look beautiful: a dense cluster of rosebuds surrounded by small plants, or a standard round bouquet, which is diluted throughout the whole area with light colors. Both options look interesting, it remains only to choose the appropriate.

Gypsophila - decoration of any wedding bouquet

Bouquet of red roses, white orchids and callas

Orchids are plants that are a symbol of a deep disposition to a partner (only given to loved ones). They talk about the sophistication, beauty, exaltation of the girl who chooses this flower as an element for a wedding bouquet. The white color of the orchid symbolizes pure love, the unity of souls. Callas, in turn, emphasize eternal youth, love, rebirth, talk about the fidelity of a future marriage. Together with red roses, these plants can become part of the bouquet, both together and separately - the result will be great anyway.

Wedding bouquets with orchids and callas

Mono-bouquet of large red roses

Huge buds of scarlet flowers look exquisite. A sophisticated mono-bouquet will help guests better understand the extraordinary nature of the bride, in addition, it contrasts beautifully with a snow-white dress. There are several options for creating this beautiful accessory - in the form of a round spherical bouquet with strictly outlined round lines or slightly «disheveled» wedding attribute options. Looks like a wedding bouquet with large rosebuds, see the video:

A cascading wedding bouquet has also become popular. It is a plant that falls beautifully, creating a solemn impression. Such an attribute with red roses is suitable for girls who want to look sublime, refined. Large buds in the form of a cascade will look good in the hands of tall slim brides.

Cascading Wedding Flower Arrangements

Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets of red roses

If the hero of the occasion was determined to buy a wedding bouquet of beautiful red roses, it is worth exploring several design options to find the one that suits most. A selection of photos with different types of compositions that will decorate your wedding event with your presence will help determine the final look of the festive decoration:

Classic red bouquet with roses