Stand-in bouquet for the wedding with their hands


During the wedding, all unmarried girlfriends look forward to when the bride traditionally will throw a bouquet. According to legend, the one who will catch him will certainly marry the next year. But another belief contradicts the above: for happiness in marriage, the bride must preserve her flowers. How to be then? For this, there are bouquets of understudies for the wedding, and we will tell you how to make this accessory with your own hands. In this case, it will be original, unique and beautiful..

Why do I need a second bouquet for the bride at the wedding

White bouquet understudy

The tradition of throwing a bouquet originates in America. This accessory is like a baton: the girl who caught him will marry the next. Signs do not always work, but such a fun ceremony is firmly rooted in our weddings. However, girls have recently begun to resort to such tricks as a understudy bouquet. Why is it necessary?

The bride’s original flower arrangement for the wedding is usually very bulky, heavy, so throwing her away is not a good idea. If it hits the guest in the face or head, then the sensations will remain not very pleasant. Therefore, a bouquet understudy easily plays this role, because it is much lighter, more compact and airy than its original, since it is usually made much smaller. For the composition can be used as fresh flowers, as well as artificial, fabric, etc..

During the throwing, the bride’s flowers may crumble, as this composition is very delicate, not intended for this kind of test. In addition, the bride sometimes does not want to give flowers, presented by the groom reminiscent of the happiest day in her life. The solution is simple - to purchase or make a duplicate composition with your own hands at the wedding. However, it should be similar, and also in harmony with this bouquet. There is also a belief that all the image accessories and the bride’s dress should remain with her, because this is a charm for a young family.

The necessary materials for DIY crafts

Corrugated Paper Flowers

Before you start making your own understudy composition, you need to decide how it will look. The set of required materials depends on this. In addition, it is worth considering the color: usually white or pastel colors, which are diluted with bright spots of purple, red, blue, etc., prevail in bouquets. It is not forbidden to make a bouquet of understudies based on the language of flowers. For example, a rose is considered a symbol of passionate and sincere love, white lilies speak of innocence, purity.

In most cases, the preparation of bouquets requires the following materials:

  • Scissors, needle, thread, glue gun, polystyrene.
  • Portbuketnitsa, floristic foam - these materials are purchased in a florist shop or on the market. It is not forbidden to not use them at all, but the flowers will fade earlier. Floral foam is designed to saturate the understudy bouquet with moisture for a long time. The base is also made using hemispherical foam.
  • Ribbons for DIY decoration, dressings.
  • Slices of fabric - organza or other transparent and light fabrics, satin, silk, chiffon. Please note that the edge of the fabric should not fall off too much..
  • When composing a floral composition, you can not do without such material as wire (or use floral glue).
  • DIY decor for a floral arrangement: twigs, beads, butterflies, rhinestones, feathers, green leaves, other decorative elements.
  • The flowers themselves: live - roses, lilies, feces, exotic options. In addition, they can be artificial or made using cloth, corrugated paper or other materials with your own hands..

Workshop on making understudy bouquet

A do-it-yourself understudy bouquet can be made of artificial, natural flowers. The first option is preferable, since such floral arrangements are durable, reliable, cheaper than fresh flowers. Artificial flowers are purchased ready-made or made independently using tape, lace, fabric, corrugated paper and other materials..

Made of artificial flowers

A bouquet of understudy for a wedding made of artificial flowers with your own hands looks original. On sale there are a thousand options for artificial flowers, as magnificent as living, only without aroma. The understudy bouquet will not fade at the end of the holiday, will not crumble. In order to make a flower arrangement with your own hands for a wedding, you will need the following materials:

  • white satin cord;
  • two bouquets of fabric rose buds of white-green and cream color;
  • tapes;
  • green nylon lace;
  • golden and pearl beads for decoration;
  • tulle pink and white;
  • Scotch;
  • thin wire;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step master class:

  • We disassemble purchased floral arrangements by individual flowers. We fasten the three roses with tape for the stems, they will form the center of our composition. String the beads on a thin wire with bows of gold ribbon and satin cord. We wind wire blanks on flowers.
  • In a circle, add the remaining flowers. Add loops from the tape, fasten everything with tape.
  • Using tulle we form a skirt on a understudy bouquet.
  • Under skirts we wrap the bouquet with tulle, attach it to the stems with thread.
  • We wrap the stalks on top of tulle with a beautiful ribbon.

From fresh flowers

Before you start creating a bouquet of understudy with your own hands for a wedding, think it over pretty well. Look at photos in magazines, on the Internet, get acquainted with the work of floristic salons. There are no strict restrictions, but it is better to use the same flowers as in the original in the floral composition of the copy. It is not forbidden to do such a trick to please all friends - a bouquet of understudy, breaking up into several small ones. The secret is simple: you will need to untie one ribbon that holds everything together, and several bouquets will fly into the air.

Bouquet understudy with fresh flowers

To make a bouquet of understudy with your own hands for the wedding you will need such materials:

  • floristic green thread, wire;
  • 7 tulip pastel colors;
  • 5 panic rooms;
  • light cord for a bunch of flowers;
  • scissors;
  • secateurs;
  • 15 white beads in diameter 1 cm;
  • pale pink organza.

Step-by-step master class:

  • Take a 30 cm wide organza strip, fold it in half, cut into two equal parts. So do 4 blanks.
  • Fold the rectangles in half, cut parallel strips, not reaching the fold line, 2-3 cm wide.
  • We collect a decorative bow, fix its base with a wire.
  • We collect tulips on one level, place the stems of a panicum. Inside, on the sides of the understudy bouquet, we insert decorative fabric flowers. We tie the stems with a cord.
  • We shorten the secateurs stems. Cut the foliage from them.
  • Add cut foliage around the circumference of the bouquet, tie them with floristic thread. Tie a decorative cord over.
  • Toward the end of the string we string a pair of beads, make a knot on the tip of the cord so that the beads do not fall off.

Bouquet with fabric flowers

Fabric flowers recently entered the wedding fashion and immediately gained great popularity. They are beautiful, unusual, original. This is a true masterpiece of applied art. Such bouquets of understudies are created with the soul. The composition can be performed in different styles:

  • Retro - floral arrangements abound in decor items, fabric flowers.
  • Classic - romance, minimalism, decor with pearls, silk ribbons.
  • Vintage - retro, in which there are vintage brooches, lace, muted colors.
  • Marine style - white and blue tones, stripes stripes..
  • Bohemian - textile flowers that combine with elements of nature, for example, cones, berries, branches, feathers.
  • Art Deco - stylish items decorated with bright accessories, such as brooches, feathers, pearls. In most cases, asymmetrical, have prominent elements, for example, decorative branches, feathers.
  • Country - the use of red and blue tones, denim, decor with twine, burlap, imitation of wildflowers.

Wedding bouquet understudy with fabric flowers

Below we present step-by-step instructions for creating a bouquet of an understudy with your own hands for a wedding. The following materials will be required:

  • glue gun;
  • foam ball;
  • flower holder;
  • a pen;
  • organza;
  • handle tape;
  • beads for decoration;
  • fabric for tightening the base;
  • lace for skirt.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • For flowers, cut circles on the organza of different diameters, make them cuts, singe the edges above the candle.
  • We fold the mugs one into the other so that the larger workpieces are at the very bottom. Glue the beads in the middle.
  • Fastens the flower holder with a handle.
  • We tighten half the foam ball with a cloth, attach it with a glue gun to the holder.
  • We glue flowers with a gun, fill the gaps between them with beads, rhinestones, brooches. We knit a handle with a beautiful ribbon.

Photo of beautiful do-it-yourself double bouquets of flowers

Stylish elegant bouquet understudy - part of the wedding image of the bride. Perform it yourself or order from a florist - the decision of the couple. Important points are the weight of the composition and its harmonious imitation of the main accessory. In the selection of photos you can see original ideas that will prompt you to think about the same bouquet for your own wedding.

Photo selection of understudy bouquets