Eustoma bride wedding bouquet


Each girl with trepidation refers to the choice of a wedding bouquet. It should ideally fit the image, in harmony with the overall color of the celebration. And in order to make it look original and exclusive, you need to experiment properly and show your taste. A bouquet for the bride from eustoma is a real work of art; it will amaze with its sophistication and variety of colors. This composition does not just look elegant, it personifies warmth, tenderness, sophisticated style and will blend in perfectly with other colors.

Eustoma in a bridal bouquet: tender beauty

This plant is used in wedding floristry recently, but every day attracts more and more attention. It is also called lisianthus; it combines the luxury of a rose and the tenderness of a bell. Their pleasing color scheme is perfect for a neat wedding arrangement. The most common shades:

  • white,
  • cream,
  • Violet,
  • light pink,
  • two-tone species.

The color scheme of lisianthus

Unblown flowers in a wedding bouquet look elegant, cute, they add some charm to the delicate wedding look. Lisianthus is ideally combined with other colors, so you can safely experiment, combine different options. In some countries, this flower is called «love rose», therefore, its use for wedding purposes is symbolic. See details about lisianthus in the video:

The tenderness of a flower is associated with purity, honor and impeccability, it is presented by lovers, they are decorated with festive arches, and also used to create impeccable wedding compositions. In addition to excellent external data, this delicate flower boasts a long lifespan, which is a big pole.

Lisianthus in wedding decoration

Eustoma Wedding Bouquet Options

Light and airy buds look great on their own, as well as in combination with other colors. Terry with a huge number of petals look like a gorgeous rose, look spectacular in boutonnieres, on bracelets. The forms of bouquets with the participation of lisianthus amaze with their variety, originality and beauty, it can be:

  1. Cascading that look like a waterfall. Due to its shape, a flower appears in such compositions as its complement..
  2. Biedermeier, which is considered to be the classic and most popular option. It is found to be small in size and most importantly rounded.
  3. Ball shape. Spherical compositions emphasize the fragile and graceful style of the girl.

Forms of wedding bouquets with eustoma

Mono-bouquet is a wonderful wedding option, which is suitable for classic-style ceremonies, as well as more modern themed celebrations. Lisianthus is perfectly used in the company of other flowers, such as freesia, roses, orchids, callas, chrysanthemums, alstroemeria. The main thing is to convey all the trepidation, tenderness, lightness, purity of this flower.

Mono-bouquet from plain eustomas

Solid buds are an embodiment of elegance, love, restraint, combined with warmth and tenderness. Such a mono-bouquet can be decorated with a beautiful satin ribbon or tied with a thick brown thread, this will give some simplicity, restrained charm. To slightly diversify the image, along with the eustoma, its unopened buds can be used, but decoration material should not be abused: beads, paper butterflies, etc..

Monocomposition for plain eustomas

Bouquet of eustoma and spray roses

The combination of this flower and spray roses will create a stunning effect. It is not at all necessary to use flowers of the same hue for this dress, the contrast in this case will emphasize the originality and exclusivity of the image of the future wife. Bright red neat rose buds will gently intertwine with pastel colors of lisianthus. To create a more restrained classic look, you should use one shade of colors, for example, soft pink, white or cream.

A vivid combination of spray roses with lisianthus

Delicate bouquet of eustoma and freesia

The light, delicate image of the bride will be perfectly complemented by a bouquet in which there are interspersed with freesia. Such a floral mix will surely attract attention and will look great on holiday photos. Freesia flowers can also adorn the girl's hairstyle. The composition should be varied with elegant sparkling beads or a beautiful ribbon. The bouquet can be decorated in the form of a cascade, this will convey lightness.

The combination of freesia with lisianthus in a wedding bouquet

The combination of eustoma and alstromeria

Tropical alstroemeria flowers blend perfectly, creating an incredible composition with eustoma. Sophisticated lines, an elegant form of alstroemera fascinate with its unprecedented beauty. And in the company of eustoma, they create a duet of charm, originality and successfully emphasize the charming image of the bride.

Wedding composition with eustoma and alstroemeria is a modern trend in creating exclusive floral arrangements. They blend perfectly in different colors, from the brightest to softer, pastel shades.

Eustoma flower arrangement with alstroemeria

Beautiful bouquets of the bride from eustoma

Beautiful bouquets of the bride from eustoma