Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet


The main accessory in the image of the bride is a magnificent wedding bouquet. Each girl tries to seriously approach the creation of a floral arrangement, because the bouquet not only effectively complements the outfit, but also reflects the character of the hero of the occasion, her tastes, preferences. A hydrangea wedding bouquet is suitable for a tender, modest girl who sincerely loves life, knows how to enjoy every moment. A great attribute will look great on photos and videos.

Japanese guest in a wedding bouquet

Hydrangea is a spherical inflorescence growing on a bush. It was first brought to Europe from Japan, where at the present moment thousands of species of a unique flower grow. Due to its origin, in Russia they began to call it the Japanese rose. The culture of Japan is built on admiring the surrounding world, so the hydrangea, as a surprisingly beautiful plant, the Japanese highly revered and appreciated, it can be found almost throughout the country.

Every year, during the rainy season, the June hydrangea festival takes place, because just at that time it blooms most luxuriously. These delicate, voluminous inflorescences are on the city flower beds, in the courtyards, they adorn home gardens, temples, palaces of Japan.

Japanese flowers during the annual festival

There are even «audzisai-dera», which is translated from Japanese «hydrangea temples». According to an ancient Japanese legend, when the Buddha was born, the heavens showered the earth with flowers of outlandish beauty - these were «audzisay» (hydrangeas). On the birthday of the deity, the statue of which adorns every temple, the Japanese come to the altar to pour tea from a beautiful flower on Buddha's head. By the holiday, the audzisai-dera ministers brew such tea in liters: temple guests buy it to drink at home.

Buddha statue at the audzisai-de temple

According to Japanese legends, it is believed that hydrangea protects the family from evil forces, helps to avoid animal and insect bites, and brings good luck. The traveler Philibert Commerson brought the flower to Europe, who named it in honor of his beloved Hydrangea Barreova, who accompanied him during a dangerous round-the-world voyage. Europeans also appreciated the beauty of the beautiful flower. Now, after several hundred years, few people do not know what hydrangea looks like. It is found almost everywhere.

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Options

Due to its versatility and rich color palette, hydrangea is ideal for creating a wedding bouquet. There are many uses for the plant. You can supplement it with ready-made bouquets, fill in the empty spaces between less lush flowers, or use it as an independent element to create a wedding attribute. Each girl will be able to choose a color to her taste among many types of hydrangeas: blue, pink, purple, yellow, even white-green.

Options for a magnificent bouquet with hydrangeas

A mono-bouquet of white, blue or blue hydrangea

Hydrangea is ideal for a single bouquet. Lush rounded flowers seem to be created to complement the wedding image of the bride. The culprit of the celebration can combine several colors, creating an interesting range of shades, or use one. Consider several monophonic mono-bouquets with hydrangea:

  • White bouquet. White hydrangeas are ideal for a tender bride who wants to pick flowers to match the shade of a snow-white dress. They emphasize the ease, purity of the girl, her innocence. Hydrangeas can be completely snow-white or contain a greenish pigment.

Beautiful white candy bar

  • Blue bouquet. Such tones in the outfit of the future wife speak of her modesty, innocence and dreaminess. A pale blue shade will harmonize perfectly with a white wedding dress, and it will also be the perfect complement to a light blue or light pink outfit. Look at the photo how tender the bouquet made with the help of blue hydrangeas looks gently:

Mono-bouquet with blue inflorescences

  • Blue bouquet. This color is suitable for a bright, but romantic girl who knows perfectly what she wants. Bright blue will emphasize a bold nature, and dark shades of blue will tell about the inner calm of the hero of the occasion. It is good if the bride’s outfit contains blue details that harmoniously combine with the bouquet: for example, sapphire earrings, a blue belt.

Bright blue candy bar

Bridal bouquets hydrangea and roses

The so-called Japanese rose is perfectly combined in a wedding bouquet with a usual rose, florists actively use it. Airy, romantic hydrangeas next to elegant, delicate roses look great. Depending on the wishes of the bride, the features of her wedding attire, a professional will be able to create a truly unique bouquet. Options for combining hydrangeas with roses:

  • Asymmetric bouquet. This beautiful option is gaining popularity due to its naturalness: the accessory looks like flowers were collected carelessly in an armful, and then tied up with a ribbon, but behind the apparent negligence lies the serious work of a florist who carefully thought over the position of each flower.

Unusual flower arrangement

  • Roses in hydrangeas. For lovers of classics, a round bouquet is suitable, where the elements are arranged flower to color. As a rule, against a lush background «flower beds» Japanese beauties are a few delicate roses of a lighter or darker shade.

An interesting combination of two types of plants

  • The beautiful half. An original accessory will be a bouquet with hydrangeas, in which the arrangement of roses and «audzisay» straight line. It is suitable for weddings, where the decor includes elements with clear geometry.

Unusual shape of the bouquet

  • Delicate bloom. For girls who like combinations of several shades, a bright, multi-colored bouquet is perfect for talking about the carefree nature of the hero of the occasion. There you can include other plants, for example, tender calla lilies, bells.

Bright multi-colored accessory for a wedding

DIY hydrangea bouquet

If you do not want to spend extra money, and on a country flower bed, a bush with Japanese roses is just blooming, it's easy to create a wedding bouquet with your own hands. You can use the ready-made master class presented below. But in order to eliminate the risk, the future spouse is still better to seek professional help. A florist who has taken courses in composition and color matching knows how to extend the life of plants during a hard holiday.

Are you sure you want to make a bouquet yourself? Then watch this master class:

How to keep a bouquet of hydrangeas fresh

To make the bouquet look beautiful and fresh for a long time, the bride should take care of the presence of water. A bouquet of hydrangeas will please the eye all day if you periodically put it in a vase or at least keep it in a damp cloth until the moment of a photo shoot or a ceremonial exit. In gratitude, moisture-loving flowers will give others their beauty for a long time. If you can’t put the bouquet in the water, the florist teips the stems of plants for their long preservation.

A hydrangea wedding bouquet is a wonderful accessory that will become a wonderful decoration of the image of the bride on the wedding day. Symbolizing her modesty, purity and tenderness, he perfectly emphasizes the theme of a classic magnificent holiday.