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Lilac color - a symbol of nobility, wealth and power, as the Japanese Feng Shui. This color scheme will be very appropriate during the autumn period, when the fragrance of colors makes you lose in its diversity. If you decide to use the bride’s bouquet in lilac colors at your own wedding, then you are an outstanding person. Many people are particularly attracted to the wedding concept in these colors..

What does lilac color mean??

Lilac color is a beautiful color palette for more freedom-loving people who hypersensitively appreciate the state of inner comfort, balance of soul, quiet environment and peace around them. Girls who choose flowers for their own wedding from lilac colors in life turn out to be modest hens, whose wisdom allows you to smooth out any sharp corner of the conflict. This is a symbol of novelty, which becomes relevant when the relationship between a man and a woman to a higher level during marriage.

A sense of inner harmony with purple flowers

Tips for choosing a bouquet in lilac colors

A bouquet made in lilac tones has the perfect combination with a snow-white wedding dress. However, it is important to understand some of the features that make the wedding look perfect. Next, you can find some good tips for the perfect selection of a beautiful floral arrangement for your own wedding:

  • If you prefer the modesty of colors, do not make a mistake by choosing the monotony of the composition of the wedding flower arrangement. With a violet color scheme it is very easy to go too far and the bride will look pale, dull and monotonous.
  • Be sure to dilute the lilac colors of the wedding composition with white, yellow and red colors.

Lilac composition in combination with other colors

  • When choosing lilies, be careful with their pungent aroma. The bride will keep this bouquet with her all day, so make sure that the variety of selected flowers is not one of those that can bring to a state of a sharp headache.
  • Wedding compositions made of mountain lavender flowers look very stylish. This will be not only a symbol of retro fashion, but also show the level of creative approach of your personality.
  • Lilac flowers of the wedding bouquet will be an excellent option for decorating the bride’s hairstyle, which will add tenderness to the wedding image of the girl, emphasize her femininity and beauty, in harmony with the general theme of the wedding.

Hairstyle bride with purple flowers

Color spectrum

Flowers for the bride in a range of purple tones are a symbol of eternal love and devotion to her future husband. Choosing a wedding flower arrangement, according to the violet theme, it is not easy to dwell on a specific option. Florists who are contacted by the newlyweds should take this issue with full responsibility and choose an unmistakably suitable version of the dark or light colors of the bouquet so that the general concept of the event does not lose its deep meaning.


The choice of flowers for the bride depends entirely on the season. Therefore, the bouquet, thanks to which the groom will take your consent to the wedding ceremony, should be selected in accordance with the current season. However, here it is possible to choose for yourself several original variations:

  • The summer season allows romance to manifest itself in full swing, so a lavender bouquet may be a great option. Its aroma is able to intoxicate with its spicy notes, and slightly reminiscent of a lilac shade will make you feel like the most tender beauty of this celebration.

Wedding flowers bride with lavender

  • Autumn is a period of fragrance of beautiful flowers. Do not limit your imagination to exotic flowers and choose a wedding arrangement with traditional chrysanthemums or delicate lilies with a lilac color.
  • In late winter, snowdrops are very relevant, the choice of which is possible in lilac colors. Wedding bouquet for the bride, made using the composition of snowdrops, will cause special delight for everyone who sees him.
  • Spring is a symbol of love and rebirth, so during this period you can choose an original composition with tulips. It would seem that such a special thing can be depicted by an ordinary spring flower, but a bouquet created with the help of lilac tulips can drive any picky girl crazy.

Lilac tulips for a wedding arrangement

What to choose flowers for the bride's bouquet?

A wedding is a special moment for every girl, so the choice of the classic tone of the wedding arrangement should not be placed on the groom. Pay special attention to creating the perfect bouquet for the wedding ceremony - it should bring a memorable moment of romance with its beauty during your meeting with the groom. Ideas for an impeccable choice of flowers as a wedding bouquet are possible with the following options:

  • Any exotic flowers that can amaze with their beauty and extravagant appearance. Often such a bouquet does not require any frills there, in terms of grandiose decor. It should be a simple bouquet that emphasizes its own peculiarity..
  • Fragrant lilies are an outstanding choice for a girl who has an unusual taste. This flower has a specific pronounced aroma, the fragrance of which has a peculiar opium effect up to a headache. Such a choice will be an option for an amateur, but will play a role in creating a beautiful image of a fragile and charming bride.

Purple arrangement for the bride with lilies

  • Another variation on the theme of lilac flowers is asters. Perhaps they will seem deeply banal to you, but such a flower can turn out to be a great option for decorating the bride’s original bouquet and saturate it with lilac colors.
  • Classic roses are also able to give such a wedding accessory to the bride as a bouquet of tenderness, beauty and originality. Modern floristry provides flowers of lilac color.

Lilac wedding arrangement with roses


An orchid is a flower that attracts everyone's attention, so a composition of orchids will be an ideal find for a wedding of lilac theme. The groom, who will present a bouquet of orchids when meeting his lover on a wedding day, will have a lasting impression on her parents. This will be a symbol of a reverent attitude towards the bride. Having accepted a wedding bouquet of orchids, the girl should once again admire her lover's own impeccable choice to combine fate with him.


Hydrangea is a classic flower, whose preference is given to primordial romantics. Often, a composition made with these flowers becomes the perfect solution for the wedding tradition of delivering a bouquet to the bride. Thanks to hydrangeas, you will achieve a magnificent effect that will look noble in the hands of your lover. Watch the video below how lilac hydrangea gently looks at a wedding:

Lisianthus (eustoma)

If you are a lover of something special, then the floral arrangement made with the help of lisianthus will impress you with its brightness, unconventional approach and exotic beauty not only for you, but for everyone around you. Your bride will become the most attractive girl in the registry office. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of modern floristry, a bouquet of lisianthus will look unique.

Photo of wedding bouquets in white-lilac color

If you are still lost in your final choice of flowers for making a wedding bouquet, browse through a selection of interesting photos with a huge variety of lilac flower arrangements. This will definitely help you get inspired by original ideas, so you can discuss them with a professional florist during pre-wedding preparations..

Bridal bouquet in white and lilac color