Who buys a bridal bouquet


Wedding planning is a complex process, consisting of innumerable details. Such an element of the ceremony is the bride’s bouquet. A lot of customs are connected with it. Who buys the bride’s bouquet by tradition? The groom must acquire and solemnly present such a gift to the bride after the ransom. This detail should ideally harmonize with the bride, decorate her, complement the image as a whole. In modern times, the bouquet is a real work of art floristry.

Wedding bouquet - signs and superstitions

Beautiful color arrangement for the bride

A wedding bouquet is the main attribute of the image of the bride. The flowers in it must be alive, perfectly complement the outfit. According to traditions, this element should not be bright, it is preferable to choose pink, which represents youth or white, symbolizing innocence and purity. But today bright flowers are popular that look spectacular in photographs, against the background of the bride’s light attire.

According to traditions, during the whole wedding the bride should not let out a bouquet from her hands. Only a young spouse or mother, not a guest and not a girlfriend, is allowed to trust flowers. During the banquet, the color composition is placed in front of the newlyweds on the table, and then transferred to the bedroom. According to legend, if you let out flowers, then happiness will fly away like a bird. However, the tradition of throwing their girlfriends, as well as a garter for men who are still single, directly contradicts the above. How to be You need to order a similar bouquet, which should catch one of the girlfriends.

Red cascading wedding bouquet

Who should buy a bridal bouquet for a wedding?

In the old days of the bride, getting married, they wove wedding bouquets themselves from specially selected flowers and herbs. Each plant had its own meaning, and the bouquet played the role of a talisman of a young couple, which protected from damage and misfortune. In this regard, the flowers are carefully stored throughout the ceremony, and then dried and placed at home. So who should buy a bride’s bouquet for a wedding? According to customs, the groom does this and gives it before the start of the wedding ceremony. The bride must accept what consent to this marriage means..

Tips for the groom to buy a bouquet

Delicate lilac flowers for a wedding

With a question, who buys a bridal bouquet for the wedding, we figured it out. Let's touch on the nuances of choosing this holiday detail. First of all, decide on a company that provides floral services. Order the bride’s bouquet in advance, three weeks before the celebration. Florists in some cases take an order the day before the wedding, but the assembly of such a composition is made from what is available at the moment. In addition, the freshness of flowers will not be up to par.

It would be wiser to place an order with a florist rather than an intermediary. The latter provide a very wide range of wedding services. When working with them, you may come across inaccuracies in the details of the order. In addition, it will not be clear who to blame for the poor-quality product. The price of intermediaries will also be higher. In addition, choose a company where there is such a service as flower delivery in the morning. In this case, they will be the freshest and the storage problem will disappear from you.

Falling white flower arrangements

We turn to the questions that you should discuss directly with the florist:

  • When creating a color composition, listen to the recommendations of a professional or use your imagination by defining your own design. In the latter case, it is required to explain to the florist how you see the composition, what shape, size. It is not forbidden to order a repetition from a photograph.
  • Such a wedding detail should emphasize and complement the dress, but not merge with it. Therefore, it is important to describe the model, color of the dress to the florist. The bouquet itself may contain fabric elements in the decor that should match the fabric of the bride’s outfit. In addition, it is worth considering the bride's hair color and other external data. If a girl is fragile and elegant, a spherical bouquet will not work, for a girl with curvaceous forms - with falling buds.
  • Discuss with the florist such moments as who, when, how will pick up the flowers. If you plan to pick up in the evening, ask for recommendations regarding storage conditions..
  • Do not choose flowers with a pungent smell, otherwise the bride may get a headache.
  • Boutonniere and bouquet should be in the same style.

Do not forget about the color scheme. If the wedding attire is bright and unusual, then the flowers should be saturated colors. This applies to bright makeup. But remember that bright colors harmoniously look with a young bride, but in the hands of a mature lady they look ridiculous. In the latter case, choose calm and gentle tones. Flowers can be decorated with eucalyptus leaves, ivy, fern, strands of beads, beads, pearls, ribbons and other accessories.

Wedding poppies

What flowers to choose for composition?

Callas for the bride's bouquet

The most verbose is considered a rose. The traditional color is maroon, symbolizing eternal beauty, red is the color of passion, cream is the sign of happy love, white is the deification. The combination of red and white roses speak of unanimity, harmony, yellow - congratulation. If thorns are cut on a rose, this indicates that the future spouse will protect her chosen one.

Often used lilies, personifying happiness, hope. Myrtle is considered the flower of regal young girls. Orchids report admiration for beauty, tulips protect from unrequited feelings, phloxes indicate passion, and asters - overwhelming joy. Least of all in the bouquets of the bride are used gladioli, daffodils, camellias, since they symbolize both triumph and sadness.

Daisies for a wedding

The size of the flowers and the shape of the bouquet

When choosing a bouquet, remember that the lady will have to wear it all day: in the registry office, for a walk, photo shoot, so leave a heavy armful of flowers for a more suitable occasion. When choosing a size, consider the complexion, the growth of the bride. The bouquet should be discreet, but expressive. Consider also that the bouquet can have a different shape:

  • Cascade - the shape of an inverted drop, waterfall, arc. Created by arranging flowers with a long stem.
    Cascading Form of Wedding Flower Arrangement
  • Biedermeier is a small, tight bouquet. Flowers are arranged in rings arranged in each other..
    Biedermeier-shaped wedding flowers
  • Glamelia - flowers are disassembled into petals, glue in one color. It looks very original.
    Unusual glamoria wedding bouquet
  • Bouquet-ball - the shape of a perfect ball, flowers are fixed in a spherical base.
    Ball-shaped wedding flowers
  • Round - looks like a hemisphere.
    Round bridal bouquet
  • Form-linear - elements randomly located in color and shape with a violation of proportions and the introduction of asymmetry.
    Creative bridal bouquet