Wedding bouquets with berries


Beautiful, unusual, exclusive flowers in the hands of the bride look like berries. A newlywed with wedding flowers diluted with strawberries, blackberries or viburnum looks original. A berry note of the bouquet will be especially appropriate at the celebration of the wedding, which will be held outdoors. Compositions with blueberries or mountain ash will add bright colors to the image of the newlywed and will surprise all guests with their beauty. What fruits are suitable for creating such wedding accessories?

Options for bridal wedding bouquets with berries

In summer, sometimes nature gives us a lot of berries, from which we get original wedding accessories. Moreover, their color scheme, shape and size can be varied. The bouquet can consist entirely of mountain ash, viburnum or bright brushes of berries can be part of it. Such compositions are perfect for summer wedding celebrations..

Creative compositions

To create a beautiful element in a wedding image, girls use both ripe and green berries. Unripe berries of blackberry, currant of different varieties, rose hips, olives, snowdrops, mountain ash, kumwat are perfect for decorating the bride and groom. But not every girl at the wedding risk holding flowers and bushes with ripe strawberries or blackberries in her hands, because she will worry about the purity of her snow-white dress.

In this case, it’s a good option to add artificial red raspberries, strawberries or other fruits to the accessory of the newlywed. Decor from fake berries in flowers is successfully used in the winter season. The advantage of this girl’s decoration is that the bouquet will not lose its beauty at all during a frosty walk, unlike tender living plants. Photos of the newlyweds in the white snow will be original, unusual due to the bright berry bouquet.

Compositions with Red Hypericum Berries

Bright scarlet fruits of St. John's wort, which is also called hypericum, can become an original decoration of a wedding floral composition. Berries on twigs perfectly combine with different colors, so their florists consider them universal for creating wedding accessories. It is believed that twigs of hypericum are well suited for a celebration in style «country», but St. John's wort will look great on any wedding celebration.

Hypericum Design

Red hypericum harmonizes perfectly with tulips, roses, calla lilies, irises, fireweeds, chrysanthemums. Twigs of scarlet St. John's wort will give the wedding flowers a unique, stylish, original look. The universality of the hypericum attracts florists, so they create beautiful plant decorations to create an irresistible image of brides. Well, when the bouquet exists in a single copy, it is created for the bride, taking into account her image.

Wedding bouquet with viburnum

Scarlet viburnum (viburnum) symbolize femininity, love, motherhood. In the Slavic peoples, red fruits were often present at weddings. Kalina was previously considered the personification of girlish beauty. And the branches of the plant were placed on the festive table, which was a sign of fidelity and kindred feelings. In light of this, it is not unusual for some newlyweds to choose flowers supplemented with viburnum. It goes well with red roses, eustomas, poppies (red, white, purple).

Bright compositions with viburnum

Blackberry Floral Arrangements

Florists appreciate blackberries for their beauty, versatility. She can give the bouquet a summer mood and freshness. If you want the accessory to exude a pleasant aroma, then add it with sprigs of ripened blackberry, but in this case, the girl at the holiday needs to be careful so as not to stain the dress. A safer option is to use green blackberries in the bouquet. She will not fade and will please the eye for a long time.

BlackBerry Design

Bridal bouquet with rowan berries

Orange clusters of mountain ash can be a bright accent in the wedding arrangement. If your wedding is scheduled for the fall, then the fruits with a redhead will give the floral accessory a cheerful, original look. Perfectly branches of mountain ash are in harmony with gerberas, bushy small roses, creating a spectacular and vivid look for the bride’s bouquet. The accessory with mountain ash will suit a cheerful and extraordinary newlywed. Orange clusters and white or bright flowers harmonize beautifully in the compositions.

Mountain ash for the bride

With strawberry

If the bride loves strawberries, then her fragrant fruits can become the basis of a bouquet for marriage. The only drawback of such a composition is the risk of staining the festive outfit. An original, spectacular accessory made from strawberries and figs looks in the hands of a newlywed, but only courageous and extravagant newlyweds will decide on such an experiment to create their wedding image. The combination of strawberry bushes and flowers is perfect for the image of a girl at the celebration of the same name.

Strawberry decoration

Photo of wedding bouquets with berries

The bride will look creative, fashionable, with her hands decorated with a composition combining flowers and berries. When choosing an unusual raspberry, strawberry, blackberry bouquet, keep in mind that it can quickly lose its appearance or crumble. It is best to entrust the design of the accessory to a florist who knows all the subtleties of this matter. The girl, whose wedding image will be decorated with berry fantasy, will be irresistible, mysterious.

An artificial or immature blackberry, strawberry, viburnum is the best option for decorating an accessory for a newlywed, because from her a girl’s wedding dress or groom’s suit will not be affected by the juice of the plant. Fruits and their leaves are in good harmony with field and noble plants. Such combinations of plants are perfect for autumn and summer celebrations. They look beautiful, appetizing, natural, and their amazing and unusual image will impress all guests..

Design options