Cascading Bridal Bouquet


Each girl becoming a bride carefully approaches the creation of her wedding image. A large role is given to the selection of a bouquet that reflects the taste of the bride and attracts the views of the guests. There are many options for this magnificent accessory, but the cascading bouquet of the bride looks the most festive and solemn. It can be performed in different styles, be contrasting, bright, with clear contours or delicate, airy - it all depends on the preferences of the future wife.

Cascading brides bouquet

Cascading bouquets are extremely popular among brides and fashionable florists - this is due to its sophistication, solemnity and beauty. The shape of the bouquet is a cascade, suitable for almost any wedding dress. When choosing such an accessory, consider all the nuances: an acceptable price for the accessory, style, harmonious combination with the image as a whole.

What is a cascading bouquet

A cascading bouquet is a way of arranging flowers made up of two geometric shapes: a circle and a triangle. He can strictly observe these proportions, causing a feeling of solemnity and tranquility, or have more «loose», disheveled and cute look. This wedding attribute first appeared in the early twentieth century, gaining wide popularity by the beginning of the 30s. After the war, cascading attributes were forgotten for a long time - until the 80s.

Geometry of a beautiful cascade bouquet

Then Lady Spencer, Princess Diana, returned fashion to them when she appeared with a cascading bouquet at her own wedding with Prince Charles. Previously, an attribute with flowing flowering plants was created mainly in red colors, and roses and carnations were usually included in it. After his loud return, the accessory has changed, acquiring a more natural look. Numerous plant species began to be used in creating the attribute..

The basic requirements for modern bouquets are their naturalness, lightness, durability, and convenience. With a cascading accessory, the bride should feel free. Flowers in a bouquet can be arranged in groups, lines or randomly. Each method of arranging the material is selected based on the requirements and preferences of the bride. An experienced florist will make a great accessory for the wedding, which is ideal for the image of the customer.

Great cascade options

Who is suitable for

When choosing a cascading bouquet, it is important to consider several points:

  • Firstly, this is the growth of the bride. Long solemn accessories are perfect for tall slender brides, further emphasizing the beautiful features of the figure, and low girls can make more «mundane». Brides with growth below 160 centimeters are better off not risking choosing this type of wedding attribute. If you definitely want this accessory, it is better to take a version that is not too long.
  • Secondly, you definitely need to think about combining an attribute with a dress. Brides who choose a short dress for a wedding should better refuse a cascading accessory. Such bouquets look great mainly with long dresses. White outfits with a train, Greek dresses, dresses with a straight cut and dresses with a no-skirt, A-line models look beautiful and harmonious with a cascading attribute..
  • If the girl chose the image «Princess», preference should be given to a laconic cascade without unnecessary decorative elements. And the restrained elegant options for the outfit will look beautiful with a lush, richly decorated attribute of the celebration.

How to hold a bouquet

How to keep an attribute

A cascading bouquet looks great when the bride holds it with both hands at the waist. This way of wearing the accessory will emphasize the image, draw attention to the colors and will definitely please those present. You can hold the attribute with one hand, the main thing is that the girl is comfortable: the hand may get tired of the gravity of the falling flowers. In any case, it will emphasize your good taste in choosing a bouquet.

Cascading bouquet of roses

Pink wedding attribute is a classic bride decoration. These elegant, delicate flowers emphasize the sophistication of the girl, her good taste and devotion to tradition. The bouquet can consist of roses alone or include other magnificent plants, creating amazing compositions. Look at the photo below how different accessories with roses can be: tender and airy, contrasting and bright..

Pink culprit accessory

Bridal bouquet of orchids, lilies

Orchids and lilies are the favorite flowers of many girls. Their exotic look and splendor remarkably emphasize the solemn, magnificent image of the girl. A cascading attribute of this type can be a modest classical composition or please with an unusual shape, a combination of orchids and lilies with other interesting plants. The wedding accessory will look great on photos and videos from the wedding.

Attributes with Lilies Orchids

Bouquets with peonies look amazing - delicate, lush buds can be of any color and size, each bride will find a flower to her taste. These attributes of celebration have gained great popularity due to naturalness, touching and airiness. Peonies harmoniously look not only other flowers, but also all kinds of branches, herbs, leaves. See photo for details:

Peonies - a magnificent decoration of the hero of the occasion

How to make a cascading bouquet: master class

For girls who do not want to seek help from a florist, dream of showing imagination by creating an accessory for a wedding, there is an option to make a bouquet with your own hands. Below is a master class, where artificial orchids participate in creating the attribute. High-quality artificial flowers will allow the girl all day not to worry about the safety of the accessory. Brides who dream of natural plants can replace artificial flowers with real taped ones.

What is needed:

  • artificial orchids;
  • wire;
  • ribbons or floristic paper;
  • portbuketnitsa.

How to do:

  1. Insert a wire (10-15 cm long) into the base of a short flower stalk. Wrap it with a plant from the beginning of the petals to the mount, twist. Cover the stem with floral paper.
    Making flowers for an accessory
  2. Do the same with all other plants that will decorate the bouquet. When all the flowers are ready, begin to form the branches of the plant, fastening the wires and wrapping them with floral paper. Use glue to hold it better. Fasten the branches along the edges of the portbasket.
    Fastening branches to portbuketnitsa
  3. Decorate the main part of the portbasket with flowers and leaves. Wrap its handle with matching ribbons. Apply glue under the tapes so that they do not fall off, do not untie during the holiday. An interesting cascading bridal bouquet is ready!
    Color tape mount

The resulting work result

Video lesson: cascading bouquet