How to make a bride’s wedding bouquet of lilies


Lily is the second flower after the rose in popularity, which florists use to make wedding bouquets. But such popularity is absolutely justified, because everything that a true bride should have is associated with her petals - nobility, innocence, purity, tenderness. The pastel colors of this flower go well with a wedding dress, so a bouquet with lilies for the bride for a long time will occupy the top of the top of the most popular wedding bouquets.

The meaning and symbolism of lilies in the bride's bouquet

Lily is an ancient floristic symbol used in many countries of the world for several centuries. There are legends that tell of the divine origin of her buds. It is found on the arms of the royal clans; it is considered a favorite flower of the French and representatives of aristocratic houses of other European states. But predominantly white lilies appear to be the embodiment of nobility, aristocracy, mercy, purity, purity of thoughts, motherhood, while its other colors have an additional meaning.

Lilies come in the following colors:

  • Yellow. For fun, extraordinary, flirty brides, a wedding arrangement with yellow lilies is suitable, which means not separation or envy, but corresponds to a cheerful disposition, sociability, activity.
  • Tiger. For extraordinary, even outrageous personalities, tiger beauties are ideal. Their bright coloring will help you to declare yourself at the wedding, show your sexuality, courage, originality.

Tiger Lilies - An Original Bouquet

  • Golden For elegant brides, who love sophisticated luxury, who want to emphasize wealth and great taste, golden color is an ideal option.
  • Orange For the proud, strong character, knowing their worth brides orange flowers can be a good choice. This shade means strong emotions, pride on the border with pride, curiosity, stamina, and therefore it is rarely chosen for wedding compositions.
  • Scarlet. Passionate, majestic nature, possessing a bright natural beauty, can choose a red bud. It is a symbol of strong, sensual love, devotion to the heart, love sublimity.
  • Blue. Noble, aristocratic, spiritually exalted persons may like blue petals, which demonstrate the sophistication of its owner. This is an unusual color for a wedding, because it has a cold tint.
  • Pink. Suitable for young, romantic, gentle brides. Their pastel delicate color is perfect for a wedding event, favorably shading the dress, as well as moderately highlighting the wedding bouquet.

Pink lilies for festive moments

Options for a wedding bouquet of lilies

Lilies in floral arrangements can be combined with other flowers, soloing or acting as a background. Field or noble, buds and flowers help to bring additional dynamics to the composition, as well as additional symbolism. However, those that are made exclusively using lilies of one or several colors have special tenderness and harmony..

Mono bouquet of white lilies

A composition in which there are only white flowers is an especially solemn option. This bouquet is perfect for any wedding dress. Make a mono bouquet with your own hands:

  1. Cut the stems (stem length - 20 cm), put the flowers in a bouquet (leaves down, flowers on top) so that in the end a rounded shape is formed. Tie tightly.
  2. If the leaves are too long, trim them - they should be only slightly visible against the background of flowers.
  3. Spray a brilliant spray onto the finished composition..
  4. Use transparent glue to attach decorations directly to the petals (beads, butterfly, crystals, decorative stones).
  5. Tie the stem with a ribbon of pastel colors, such as beige or pink. Tie on the side with a bow.

White composition for the bride

Bouquet of lilies and chrysanthemums

A bouquet with chrysanthemums woven into it, in addition to lilies, is also symbolic. These flowers from different nations personify nobility, deep aesthetic experiences, love. The snow-white composition will be diluted by interspersing small flowers, which will make it more dynamic, sincere, not so artsy. To add tenderness to the image of the bride, they are woven into the lower tier, the center part is left in the possession of lilies. Such bouquets will look great with various decorations: sequins, ribbons, decorative nets, crystals, background colors.

Round wedding arrangement: two types of flowers

Bridal bouquet of lilies and roses

A bouquet composed with roses and lilies is the most popular combination used at weddings. They correspond well to each other: delicate, feminine, have many colors and varieties.

  • Pink roses against a snow-white lilac grace look especially profitable, shading the bouquet, adding to it the missing pastel palette.
  • White roses are perfectly combined with pink lilies: if you decorate such a composition with a bunch of decorative pearls, apply shine, such a bouquet will look incredibly tender in the hands of the bride.
  • Both types of flowers of a gentle pink shade are perfectly combined, if their tone is slightly different, and the bride is dressed in white or cream dress.

The original combination in a bouquet

How to make a bouquet of lilies and gerberas

Lilies and gerberas in wedding transcription look good together if the composition has the shape of a ball. To create such beauty you need the following:

  1. Prepare the lilies for storage. To prevent the flowers from fading, immerse them in water with sugar and aspirin, hold there for a while. The aroma after such a procedure remains, but the buds themselves are saturated with water, becoming more elastic.
  2. Prepare a portbuketnits base. Its design is shown in the photo..

Portbuketnitsa-microphone for a bouquet of lilies

  1. To do this, put a special gasket inside its mesh («oasis»), saturated with water - the flowers deepened into it will last longer. Fasten the upper part of the portbasket to the lower part with wire. Wrap the lower part with double-sided tape, veil the leaves of the aspidistra.
  2. Fasten the leaves with the lower tier, sticking them into the oasis, then place flowers in a circle.
  3. Add greens, decorative twigs, small background flowers, beads, sparkles, crystals - everything that will give your bouquet an elegance, gloss. Finish off the look with a sparkle spray.
  4. Decorate the leg of the portbasket with ribbon or bow. Artificial details after decor should not be visible.

Arrangement with Lilies, Gerberas

What are the bouquets of lilies in shape

As for the filling, wedding bouquets of lilies and other plants can have different configurations. The following options for wedding bouquets are distinguished:

  • Lush bouquet - a composition in which one or more types of flowers are woven, having a rounded shape.
  • Bouquet-ball - a voluminous spherical figure, composed with the use of buds of lilies, other flowers. The stem is not visible, worn on the hand like a handbag.

Balloon bouquet

  • One flower bouquet is a composition, where the centerpiece is a single lily surrounded by buds, herbs, decorations.
  • Lilimelia (glamelia) - a composition composed with one large lush bud created by a florist manually by parsing several lilies on the petals, gluing them into one large flower.
  • Biedermeier - a magnificent bouquet, composed with the participation of several species of plants that are intertwined in tiers in a circle.

Biedermeier with Lilies

  • A long bouquet with a rigid frame - weaving of buds in an artificial long leg-portbuketnitsa. The whole composition is attached to it, it itself is masked by a ribbon.
  • Bouquet on a long leg - binding flowers legs. Available only for flowers with a long stem.

How to make a bouquet of lilies with your own hands

This year's fashion trend is considered to be lilymelia - a composition with one large bud created by gluing lily petals. This form may seem complicated in design, but in reality it is easy to do it yourself a few hours before the wedding. For an excellent result, prepare everything you need in advance so that the time to collect the bouquet does not disperse into the bustle.

The process of bonding petals to the base

  • For a dense pillow-frame of spherical shape, we take a cotton fabric, cut, sew. It is sheathed with fabric, a wire is fastened to it, covered with green corrugated paper, the excess ends are carefully removed by wire cutters. The pillow will be the middle of the bud, the wire will be the stem.
  • The buds are disassembled into separate petals, covered with varnish, and then attached with glue to the pillow, starting from the bottom, in a circle.
  • The middle of the bud is made out with original beads. The wedding bouquet is covered with fixing varnish, decorated with greens, other decorations.

Decorations for wedding arrangements

Beautiful bridal bouquets of lilies photo