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Without bright floral arrangements, it’s hard to imagine any celebration, especially a wedding. For this holiday, the most delicate, delicate flowers are selected. Among other varieties, peony roses have become a real masterpiece. These unusual flowers, resembling peonies, were bred at the end of the last century by the English breeder David Austin. Until now, a wedding bouquet of peony roses is the best option for the wedding day, it is chosen by people of different ages in many countries. And not in vain! Exquisite buds mesmeriz with their beauty.

The advantages of a peony rose over the usual

It's no secret that fragrant peonies and noble roses best emphasize the image of a romantic bride. With such a bouquet, the girl will look fantastically feminine, charming, tender. No one will allow herself to doubt her delicate taste. Therefore, modern brides who want to be considered original and stylish, choose peonies or roses for their wedding composition.

If you are interested in flower symbolism, you will certainly find out that peonies have long been symbolizing love and prosperity. Given this, a wedding bouquet of peony roses will be a good sign of the inviolability of a new family, a long and lasting relationship. And if you decorate your composition with peonies, then no one will have any doubts - your union was created seriously and for a long time.

Peonies and peony roses in wedding bouquets

Creating his new magnificent variety, David Austin argued that a truly beautiful rose should be magnificent, large and a bit like a woman’s ball gown. Guided by such criteria, he created stunning flowers, also called Austin. They are similar to peony flowers, they have the same bud shape, many large, beautiful, indented petals and a wonderful heady aroma, but they look much more feminine, elegant. Wedding arrangements of these wonderful flowers are extremely popular among today's brides..

Peony roses for wedding bouquets

Austin differ from other varieties in a huge palette of colors. They are all different, but each flower is beautiful in its own way. The shade of the petals, pastel at the edges, becomes more saturated towards the center of the bud. The most popular shades are:

  • peachy,
  • white,
  • dark raspberry,
  • pale pink.

Dreamy, romantic girls are suitable for light roses of pastel shades. They will give the image of sensuality, fragile beauty. We advise young adventurers to choose bright colors that emphasize the originality of their nature. Find out more about peony roses and the famous breeder David Austin by watching our video:

What colors is combined with a peony rose in a bouquet

Austin roses look elegant in a separate bouquet, independently composing a classic wedding composition. Europeans consider them the most suitable for the ceremony. So, if you make a wedding in a European way, such flowers will be appropriate. Also, these roses combine well with sprigs of matthiola, which gives a bouquet of playfulness and charm. Mattiola can be replaced by an astilbe. The composition will look fresher and brighter if you add blackberries.

The bright and unusual combination of Austin with lily of the valley, ranunculus, hydrangea, freesia, eustoma, stefanotis, gypsophila, sweet peas, bouvardia, white violets, jasmine, muscari, cotton, hypericum berries, and even floor flowers attracts the eyes. Small inflorescences successfully fill the space between large buds, give the composition lightness, airiness.

Austin roses combined with other colors



Following the style of the bride’s bouquet, it’s a good solution to decorate the groom’s boutonniere with the peony roses, the girlfriend’s hairstyles, and enrich the decoration of the wedding hall with them. Then the whole wedding will be imbued with the magical spirit of this romantic flower. It’s very convenient that the remains are available at any time of the year, and if you want to revitalize the wedding with delicate spring peonies in autumn or winter, Austin roses will advantageously replace them.

How to keep a bride’s bouquet fresh

Unfortunately, peony roses, like other commercial varieties, have a short lifespan after cutting. In order to keep the bride’s bouquet beautiful before and during the wedding, it’s very important to drink flowers well before preparing the composition. They should be infused in water from 4 to 12 hours, this will allow them to stay fresh all day. Before the celebration begins, it is recommended to store the flowers in the refrigerator and change the water twice a day. Do not leave them in the open sun.

You can order a bouquet from a florist in a special portbuketnitsa. It contains the amount of water needed by plants. Put the bouquet in a vase just so that it does not deform. Well, if there is no portbuketnitsa, then the flowers must be immersed in water to the level of the ribbon decorating the composition. To prolong the life of plants, a special substance is added to the water - chrysal. In good floristic salons, they will give it to you as a free purchase application.

It looks like a bouquet of roses in portbuketnitsa

Most likely, the florist will pack your bouquet in cellophane. Therefore, first of all, remove the plastic packaging from it. Before starting the wedding, refresh the flowers by sprinkling them with water. Spray the plants periodically throughout the day. It is advisable to moisten the open stems and wrap them in a plastic bag. Having listened to our simple tips, you can keep your wedding bouquet fresh all day.

Photo of beautiful bouquets with a peony rose