Lip focus wedding makeup


Wedding makeup is the final step in creating an irresistible image of the bride. He is able to give the girl's face more expressiveness and beauty. Bold and decisive newlyweds often choose makeup with an emphasis on lips. A bright shade of lipstick will make the image of the bride spectacular and festive. What are the makeup options for a newlywed with an emphasis on lips?

Lip Makeup Wedding Ideas

Famous wedding make-up artists recently often use makeup with an emphasis on lips. It remains a fashion trend for brides in 2016. Bride makeup, which focuses on the lower part of the face, is suitable for a thematic wedding in the spirit of Hollywood or in a classic style. The color scheme of bright shades of cosmetics provides a wide selection of tones for any type of appearance.

Lip focus wedding makeup

But brides need to be careful when choosing poisonous, orange, lilac, acid and berry shades of sparkles and lipsticks. They are inappropriate for wedding makeup, as they will look too defiant, vulgar and ridiculous in the image of the bride. Depending on the color type, the girls are divided into 4 categories, each of which has its own shades of lipsticks:

  • Winter. This group includes blue-eyed brunettes with porcelain skin. Newlyweds of this type are suitable products that have bright and saturated colors..
  • Fall. So called red-haired girls. For them, the best option is to color the lips in warm, having a golden hue.
  • Summer. This category includes women with fair skin and blond hair. The bride-summer will be irresistible with lips of cool shades: lilac, mother-of-pearl pink.
  • «Spring» - This is a girl who has a warm skin tone and light blond hair. Such ladies are perfect pencils in warm colors. Cold lip colors are not at all suitable for the spring type of women..

Light haze with dark red lips

For a wedding make-up with a slight haze, shades of brown, gray-blue shades are suitable. No need to choose too dark tones. When applying cosmetics, it is important not to overdo it with the brightness of the shadows. To avoid this, it is better to first paint the mouth in dark red. This will help determine the necessary muted shade for the eyes. Try different textures. For example, for makeup, you can use matte eyeshadow and lipstick with a pearly shine or vice versa.

Looks with dark red lipstick

Scarlet lipstick nude makeup

Naturalness is not the first season in fashion, so nude wedding makeup is especially popular among brides. It is suitable for young and adult girls. Using cosmetics in a natural style, you can create an image of a newlywed with even skin, a barely noticeable blush, expressive and natural eyes and lips. The main rule in nude makeup is the perfect look of the skin, so for a natural make-up it is important to choose the right foundation.

It should moisturize, even out complexion and create a matting effect. And flaws in the skin and pimples will perfectly mask the concealer. If the wedding is planned for the hot season, the makeup base is better to choose with a light texture, sunscreen and moisturizing. The hue of the tonal means is selected, taking into account the complexion of the bride. It must be applied to the neck and neck. The natural appearance of the eyes is emphasized by beige, pale pink or other neutral and close to skin color shades of shadows. Emphasis on lips is easy to make scarlet.

Nude Brides

Red lips combined with thin arrows

The bride’s make-up with thin arrows along the eyelash growth line and red lipstick will create a delicate but effective look. The eyeliner of the upper eyelid will give the eyelashes a fluffy look and make the look expressive, deep, and red lips will add the newlywed sensuality, brightness. This look is especially suitable for brides who have an almond-shaped eye shape.

Red lipstick and arrows on the eyes

Classic neutral eye makeup

For classic eye make-up, matte shades of neutral tones are suitable. To create an expressive image, you will need another eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara. The classic make-up includes highlighting the contour of the eye with a pencil or eyeliner, mascara dyeing, applying eye shadow on the upper eyelids. The latter are selected in accordance with the color type of the girl. The color of the shadows should be slightly darker than the shade of the skin or foundation on the face. The technique of applying classic eye makeup:

  1. Apply shadows on the entire upper eyelid and on the hollow of the inner part of the corner of the eye.
  2. Using a thin brush, apply paint to the lower eyelids along the line of eyelash growth to the center of the eyelid, blend.
  3. Cover the upper movable eyelid with saturated color, which harmoniously changes to light in the selected palette. Feather the borders well during the process..

Neutral makeup

Beige or neutral smokey ice with bright lips.

For bold newlyweds, smoky eyes makeup with shades in beige tones with an emphasis on lips is suitable. To perform this technique, it is necessary to carefully prepare the face with a tonic, tonal foundation and powder. On the lower and upper eyelids, apply a shadow-substrate. For smoky eyes, they are applied in the form of a stretch, which consists of 3-4 shades of beige from dark to light.

The main thing is that the transitions of tones are smooth, like a haze. The line under the eyebrow is allowed to brighten with bright matte shadows to give the look expressiveness and visually enlarge the eyes. At the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid, the contour should be as dark as possible. Bright lipstick in accordance with the bride’s color type will give the girl’s look a unique look.

Smokey ice and focus on lips.

How to apply bright lipstick on lips?

For emphasis on lips in makeup you will need bright makeup. She will emphasize the beauty of snow-white teeth, perfect skin. To improve the condition of the lips and get rid of peeling, use a moisturizing balm. If you plan to use a lipstick with a silk, soft texture for the wedding make-up, before applying it, tint the skin with foundation. Next, the skin must be powdered. Pick up a contour pencil in the same color as the lipstick of your choice in advance. Then do the following:

Step by step application of red lipstick

  1. Draw with a contour pencil «cupid bow» (tick on top of mouth).
  2. In the closed state, draw an almost straight line in the center of the lower lip.
  3. Put strokes in the mouth contour with a pencil.
  4. From the corner of the mouth with a pencil, draw a contour, connecting it with the upper tick.
  5. Gently and thoroughly paint over the corners of the mouth or for greater stability shade the entire surface of the lips.
  6. Brush with paint.
  7. Add a drop of colorless glitter over it..

Photo of wedding makeup with emphasis on lips

Bright lips - it is stylish and fashionable. To create a spectacular image, the newlywed needs cosmetic means to even out her face tone, remove dark circles under her eyes. Makeup with a focus on the mouth looks beautiful on any girl. When using a wedding make-up with bright lips, pay attention to the eyebrows. They should be dark and have a soft bend. If you choose the right texture, the color of bright lipstick, then it will help create a beautiful image for the bride.

Makeup brides with emphasis on lips