Greek style wedding makeup


Greek-style makeup is very popular among honeymooners. It is especially suitable for brides who chose hairstyles of this orientation and outfits. Why is Greek makeup so attractive to us? Ancient Greek women wanted to bring their own appearance closer to the beautiful and majestic face of one of the goddesses, and what modern bride does not want to be divinely beautiful on her wedding day?

Features of Greek style wedding makeup

Features of the Greek style makeup

Greek makeup is suitable for girls with any type of appearance, and this is its main advantage. It is harmoniously combined with the Greek dress, a hairdress. You can make up yourself by practicing before that, or consult a specialist. Distinctive features of this style are:

  • natural radiance of the skin;
  • bronze-golden tan;
  • expressive eyes;
  • beige and sand gamut of shadows;
  • saturated clear eyebrows;
  • natural lip color.

Greek Style Wedding Makeup Rules

All elements of the Greek-style bride should be in harmony with each other. This style looks best of all on brunettes and brown-haired women, rather than fair-skinned, blond ladies. However, this does not forbid blondes to try on the image of the Greek goddess, only in this case they are given to draw eyebrows and eyes in more restrained tones, to choose lipstick of a very gentle shade.

Expressive wedding makeup

It is very important in Greek wedding makeup to skillfully apply tone on the face, because this item is one of the most necessary. You will have to tint not only the skin of the face, but also the shoulders, décolleté, neck, so that there are no sudden transitions. Emphasis is placed on the eyes and eyebrows: expressive, clear, they will give the image sexuality and confidence.

Greek Makeup Technique

Before applying makeup, you should prepare your face. First, cleanse the skin, wipe with lotion, moisturize. After 15 minutes, remove the remaining funds with a paper towel and proceed to the most interesting:

Greek Makeup Technique

  • Apply the foundation.
  • For a soft glow, apply a foundation fluid. It is better to choose a matting agent, which contains reflective particles.
  • Using the corrector we mask the circles under the eyes, imperfections on the skin.
  • Using a fluffy brush, apply friable powder to fix the tone.

When the tone is applied evenly to the whole face, it becomes flat, loses its natural volume. With some tricks, we need to restore this:

Contouring for exact features

  • We take a highlighter and apply it to the middle of the forehead, the back of the nose, chin, checkmark above the upper lip, cheekbones, which will put forward these facial features is not the first plan.
  • With the contouring agent or bronzer we select the cheekbones, drawing a line under the zygomatic bone, blending it. We also darken the temples, the wings of the nose, the oval of the face. This will make the features more refined..

When the framework is ready, we proceed to draw individual accents:

  • Impeccable eyebrows immediately make the face more interesting, eye shade is advantageous. To do this, comb the hairs, apply a concealer under and above the eyebrow. Using a pencil of a suitable color, draw a curved eyebrow, thickening and drawing hairs if necessary. Shadows for eyebrows give volume, fluffiness. Using the gel we fix the result.
    Beautiful eyebrows make your face more attractive
  • For eyes, apply golden shadows to the upper and lower eyelids. Above the folds, apply a brown matte shade, blending the borders. The pigment should be bright and soft at the same time. We draw the arrow with a liquid eyeliner or a pencil: from the middle of the eye it should become thicker, go beyond the outer corner towards the temple. As a result, we get an almond-shaped form. On the eyelashes we apply several layers of lengthening black mascara.
  • For lips, choose a matte lipstick in warm shades. First, draw a line around the mouth with the corrector, blend the borders. We dust our lips so that the lipstick lasts longer and lies evenly. Circle the outline with a suitable pencil in color, apply lipstick with a brush. In the center of the lower lip, a drop of shimmering shadows is allowed to add shine..

Wedding lip and eye makeup

Greek Eye Makeup

To achieve flawless eye makeup, do not rush. To create the perfect look, you need to use the basic colors of the shadows, for example, matte brown tones, golden mother of pearl. Often wedding eye makeup is not complete without an arrow. It should pass in a straight line throughout the upper eyelid, leaving a little at the outer corner. This gives the effect of cat eyes.

Greek Eye Makeup

For lips

The Greek style is distinguished by sensuality and tenderness. Therefore, you should not highlight lips more than eyes. In the daytime, apply a lip balm with a brownish tint or matte resistant lipstick in light colors. When it gets dark, you can use red lipstick with gold sparkles. Shine should not be applied in a thick layer, since the Greek style is not characterized by the effect of wet lips.

Greek style wedding lip makeup

Wedding make-up by a professional makeup artist

Not all brides will risk doing wedding makeup on their own. Sometimes you want to trust a professional. Makeup artists in their arsenal have professional long-lasting high-quality cosmetics, have the necessary experience and skills, which helps them to take into account all the features of makeup for special occasions. The eye of a real master will quickly determine your image, style, pick up colors that emphasize your beauty and harmoniously fit into the image.

Creation of a wedding image by a professional masseur

It is better to contact the makeup artist a couple of weeks before the event, to do a trial wedding makeup. In some cases, the services of a cosmetologist are required, which carries out procedures for the improvement of the skin, their nutrition and hydration. Without perfect skin, makeup will not look stunning. Tell the makeup artist in advance about your intention to create for yourself the image of the Greek goddess.

Photo of Greek wedding makeup

When the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite is mentioned somewhere, what image pops up in my head? In most cases, the imagination draws a slender beautiful woman with long luxurious hair, in flowing robes, with flawless facial features, a captivating look and golden skin. The image of this goddess for Greek women was considered a standard of beauty. Modern brides are also not averse to trying on such a look for a celebration due to a suitable dress and wedding makeup, which emphasizes the natural beauty.

Greek Wedding Makeup Options