How to make wedding makeup yourself


Wedding day is important for every woman, because he will be remembered for a lifetime. The wedding dress, accessories, hairstyle and face of the bride should be impeccable, because all eyes will be turned to her. The easiest way to achieve the perfect image, if you turn to professionals: makeup artist, stylist, hairdresser. But this is an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford. If you know how to make the perfect wedding make-up by yourself, taking into account all its subtleties and nuances, then appeals to makeup artists can be avoided.

Basic rules for applying makeup

The wedding make-up has several important features. He must:

  1. Perfectly emphasize the freshness and beauty of the newlywed face.
  2. Match harmoniously with the dress and accessories of the bride.
  3. Look good in the frame.
  4. Look perfect in daylight and evening lighting.

To make the bride herself a make-up that meets all of the above requirements, you need to use professional cosmetics. Makeup artists know that only with the help of high-quality cosmetics can «make a face» bride, in which she will not be afraid to cry or laugh with happiness. She will not get powder or lipstick during numerous kisses with her husband.

For perfect bride makeup, you will need professional cosmetics

If the bride wants to use unusual elements in her wedding make-up to match the new fashion trends, then special paints for face drawings, rhinestones, feathers, false eyelashes should be purchased. To make an unusual make-up look perfect in any light, you need to make it brighter than a normal day make-up, and a little muffled than an evening.

Do not use a single color scheme for wedding makeup. If you want to make the face as natural as possible, then for this there is a large number of pastel colors. Eccentric persons can please the groom with a beautiful make-up, complemented by sparkles and rhinestones, creating an intriguing image. And for a themed wedding, it is easy for the bride to independently make Greek makeup with a golden shade of facial skin, dark eyebrows and shades of sand tones.

What you need for makeup

To make the most perfect wedding makeup, you need to stock up on the mandatory minimum of makeup. If the celebration is planned in hot weather, then you need to purchase in advance:

  • thermal spray bottle;
  • light foundation (SS or BB cream, fluid, tinting gel);
  • tight corrector to mask skin imperfections;
  • makeup fixer or fine powder;
  • eyeliner;
  • waterproof mascara;
  • matting face wipes.

If the wedding is planned in the autumn-winter period, then the bride should buy:

  • silicone base under the main make-up;
  • dense foundation moisturizer;
  • friable powder;
  • waterproof mascara;
  • lip balm.

For the summer and winter versions, tints, lip markers or persistent lipsticks are suitable. For a dramatic look, get bundles of eyelashes of different lengths and special glue to stick them yourself. On the eve of the celebration, you should not do any radical procedures such as peeling, cleansing or acid masks, so as not to cause unwanted redness or irritation of the skin on the face. You can only correct the shape of the eyebrows, make a mask cleansing from black dots and moisturize your skin a little more intensively.

A set of brushes for wedding makeup

Foundation preparation

To properly create the foundation for a wedding make-up, you need to perform only four steps:

  1. To do the correct makeup yourself, you need to use a moisturizer before performing it. This will keep the skin velvety and smooth, and a moisturizer will be an excellent protective layer. If you have oily skin or combination skin, you should use an oil-free cream labeled oil free or with a gel structure. It will retain moisture and allow cosmetics to lie down and stay better.
  2. After the moisturizer, a corrector is applied to the problem areas, hiding spots, redness or acne. You should not apply the corrector to the whole face so as not to get a mask effect. Ideally, the corrector should be in tone with the skin, and apply it with your fingers or a dense brush, carefully blending the edges. In order to carefully mask the circles under the eyes, buy a special corrector with a yellow undertone that perfectly neutralizes bruises.
  3. Then you need to apply a tonal foundation, which should merge with the natural tone of the face. To do this, choose a foundation of light texture that does not clog pores - with it the face will look natural. When applying a tone, you should use a quality sponge that will provide you with a dense and even coating of the base. Thoroughly blend the chin, nose, and nasolabial folds. But on the neckline and neck should not be applied tonal means, so as not to stain the wedding dress.
  4. To fix makeup and avoid shine on your face, use clear powder. For a more even and natural application, use a natural brush. The transparent texture will provide your face with a perfect matting effect. After the powder blush is applied. If the base is applied correctly, one touch of the brush is enough to emphasize the cheekbones. Dry blush for wedding make-up is preferable - they provide the bride with a natural look and last much longer.

How to do makeup yourself: step by step instructions

When the base is applied, you can start applying decorative cosmetics. Knowing your skin color type, it’s easy to get the right colors of the shadows. For example, if you are blonde, it is better to use pastel shades of eyeshadow, and if you are a brunette, then you can afford a more vivid wedding makeup. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for universal wedding makeup with a photo suitable for any skin tone. So, after applying the base, we proceed to further make-up adjustment:

  • We choose shadows of a neutral light shade, as close as possible to natural. Apply them forever to the eyebrow line, using as a base. Then apply a little dark brown eye shadow to the outer edge of the eyelid to make the eyes more expressive.
  • After the shadows, we smoothly draw the lines on the contours of the lower and upper eyelids with a black or brown pencil. Well, if it is waterproof.

  • Next, apply moisture resistant mascara in two layers on the lower and upper eyelashes.
  • To create a bride who is fashionable this season, we will use matte bronzing powder. It should be applied a small amount on the bridge of the nose, the area around the hair, on the chin and under the cheekbones. The main thing is not to overdo it with the quantity, but for this you need to use a large soft brush.

  • The final touch will be the application of lipstick. We used a universal pink color that was perfect for our natural makeup. Lipstick is applied with a small brush, and then the lips are covered with a non-sticky colorless gloss for long-term preservation of color. Our wedding makeup is ready!

Video: how to do your own wedding makeup

To make the makeup perfect on the wedding day, you need to take care of your skin long before the appointed date. To do this, provide the person with daily good care, regularly making cleansing and moisturizing masks. Do not expose the skin to excessive sunlight or cold air - this leads to chapping, clogging of pores, allergic rashes, sunburn and other unnecessary problems.

Future brides should eat right, because not only normal weight, but also skin condition depends on it. Refuse spicy and fatty foods, include vitamins, green leafy vegetables, juices and fresh fruits in the diet - and then on the wedding day you don’t need a ton of cosmetics to hide the flaws, because they will not be. Watch the video in which a professional makeup artist reveals the secrets of a successful independent wedding make-up: