Wedding hairstyles with long veil


A bridal veil is a wedding headdress that emphasizes the clean, innocent nature of a girl. In Russia, no ceremony could do without this accessory: it was believed that it was able to protect the bride from the dark forces, to the influence of which she was especially vulnerable during the celebration. Today, wedding hairstyles with a long veil are an optional part of the outfit, but many girls prefer them. And the veil can be short, medium or long. Do you know what hairstyles are fashionable this season? All answers in the article.

Bride hairstyle with long veil 2016

For wedding hairstyles with a long team veil to look harmonious, you need to carefully consider your own image. The main part of the outfit is the dress, so you need to proceed from its style and decor. If the dress does not abound in many jewelry (pearls, beads, rhinestones, lace, sparkles), the hairstyle should be simple, modest, and a long veil concise. Attention to these details will help create the perfect wedding look..

On short hair

Owners of a short haircut will perfectly wear a long veil - it will visually make the hair longer. There are several options for beautiful styling - wind up funny curls, elegantly lay your hair back, make sticking sloppy «feathers». Short stylish haircut «bean» put, having done a high pile, attach the veil to the parietal zone.

When attaching a wedding veil to this length, extended or overhead strands, special hoops are used so that it is firmly fixed on the head. The decoration is better to choose light, airy. Look at the photo of 2016, what hairstyles look for such a length:

For short length

On long

For girls with long hair, various styling options are suitable - it all depends on the bride’s imagination. The veil looks feminine, solemn, so you need to choose a hairstyle that matches this attribute of the outfit. Loosen your hair, wind gentle and beautiful curls, make a luxurious high hairstyle, open your neck with an elegant bundle, twist the plaits. Asymmetric options look interesting - parting, uneven bangs, hairstyles fixed on the side.

For long hair

On medium

Medium-length girls are great for retro styling. It can be smooth waves in the style of the twenties, magnificent surround «babette». Elegant and neat styling shell will look great. Bow-hairstyle looks interesting - it looks gentle and stylish. If you have a lush hair, use a special chignon roller, which will create an impression of density.

A haircut above the shoulders with a veil will look playful and mischievous if you wind the strands on curlers.

For medium hair length

Loose hair with a long veil

Loose hair looks beautiful and romantic. To create an image, use large curls, wound on a curling iron, soft elegant curls or completely straighten your hair with an iron. The veil in this case will be attached to the crown. Decorate the resulting styling with fresh flowers, a wreath, beautiful hairpins, a diadem that suit the style of the whole wedding.

Watch a video that tells you how to fix a veil on her loose long hair:

High volume beam

The bunch has become very popular and has become a classic wedding hairstyle. It will be possible to make it on the hair of medium or large length - the veil will be attached under the styling. The master himself will assemble the beam on the top of the head, and when decorating it, you can use weaving, tows. Decor elements that are used to create a high or low beam are hairpins, hairpins, silk ribbons. The choice of this styling for the wedding celebration will emphasize the delicate taste of the bride, her elegance.

High beam

Greek style wedding hairstyle

Greek hairstyle looks gorgeous. It is done like this:

  • with a clip, the bulk of the hair is attached at the top, the lower part is separated, wound with curlers or curling irons, fixed a little with varnish;
  • then the next part of the hair is separated and so on until all the hair is covered with curls;
  • after that you can give different forms - make a mulvin woman, raise it up, release strands at the temples;
  • the final chord - decorate the styling with flower buds, ribbons, artificial or real pearls.

Greek styling

Beautiful braided hairstyles with photo 2016

Wedding hairstyles with weaves and a long veil look beautiful and gentle. They will suit brides who have chosen a romantic look for a celebration. It can be braids-spikelets, French braids, weaving-wreaths. Before doing the hairstyle, twist the hair a little so that the braid is more voluminous, braid it, secure it with a thin rubber band or ribbon. Beat the ends of the hair a little to give them volume.

Interesting weaving

Video: how to attach a bunk long veil

The two-tier veil can be attached with scallops, hairpins and invisible. This type of accessory is perfect for a church wedding. Watch a visual video that details how to attach a two-tier veil:

Tips for choosing a long veil hairstyle

A few tips to help you make your hair look great with a long veil during your wedding:

  • If you choose loose hair, make sure that they look natural, healthy. The abundance of varnish and split ends is unlikely to please anyone..
  • Keep harmony: hairstyle, veil and dress must match each other.
  • Make sure to remove the veil without harming the hair. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable going to a banquet with such a long decoration.
  • A lush veil is worth buying only for a dress with a voluminous skirt.
  • Do not give preference to too pretentious hairstyle - a long veil in itself will become a chic decoration.

Wedding hairstyles with a long beautiful veil look luxurious and elegant. Decide in advance on the image that you embody during the wedding. Make some trial hairstyle options and choose a veil that is perfect for you.

What styling with long decoration did you like? Leave a comment.