Types of wedding hairstyles for short hair


For girls with a short haircut, choosing a hairstyle for a celebration can cause some difficulties. But, despite the fact that the most options for long-haired girls, wedding hairstyles for short hair can also be varied and interesting..

How to choose a wedding hairstyle for short hair

To have a wonderful look on the day of the holiday, choose a hairstyle for the shape of your face, and also take into account the wedding image as a whole:

  • Brides who are lucky to have the right facial features, fit almost all hairstyles for short hair.
  • Consider the style, model of the dress - if it is complex, with many details, it is better to style your hair as simple as possible, and vice versa.
  • For girls with a high forehead, options with bangs are suitable.
  • Wide-shouldered ladies need all kinds of curls, curls.
  • A short hairstyle focuses all attention on the girl's face. Therefore, it is important to choose the right makeup - it should be discreet, the ideal option is a natural make-up in the style of new.

If you want to appear at the wedding with a long-haired beauty - do not despair. False hairpieces, hair extensions or even beautiful wigs will help you look the way you want.

Types of Hairstyles

The assortment of wedding hairstyles for short hair compared to long is not so wide, but this does not prevent the owners of short lengths from choosing the appropriate option among them. Depending on how the hair is laid, a girl with a short length can look playful, elegant, bold, touching or innocent. A variety of hair accessories.

Different styling options for short-haired brides

With a bang

Girls with bangs look flirty, playful. Wedding styling with bangs creates a space for creating images, since the bangs can be laid as you like - to make it perfectly straight, wind, stab to one side, lift up. Straight bangs will make a vintage babette, asymmetric oblique will add romanticism, torn - playfulness. Small accessories are good for bangs - hairpins, tiaras, as well as a fluffy short veil.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs for short-haired brides

With veil

Veil is one of the main wedding accessories. It is worth choosing her, taking into account the outfit of the bride - the dress and veil must match in texture, but there are no restrictions on the length and pomp.

Veil is a great accessory for short-haired brides


Hair of small length is decorated with an elegant hairstyle-shell in a retro style or a neat styling that opens the neck, the face of the bride. To do this, rinse them well, dry them, apply mousse and put in a hairdryer, as you like best. Part of the hair can be stabbed to one side, decorated with a flower bud. Choose large earrings from jewelry, and you can refuse a necklace.

Elegant short haircut wedding styling


To create a gentle, romantic look, use all kinds of curls, curls that frame your face. It is best to wind them on special rags, but a curling iron or curlers are also suitable (this option is ideal for creating large volumes). Openwork wedding hairstyle with curls will also add romanticism.

Romantic wedding styling for short-haired girls


Used haircuts «under the boy» or square were considered unsuitable for women, because they destroyed all kinds of stereotypes. To this day, there is an opinion that girls who choose a short haircut style are distinguished by their unstable character. To emphasize their rebellious spirit, brides can turn to cheeky hair styling.

Cheeky style wedding hairstyle for short-haired girls

With fleece

To add volume to the hair, many bridal hairstyles use bouffant. This option is suitable for those who try elegant options in a vintage style - bangs, if any, are stabbed to the side or hidden back, and in the crown area they are combed. Extra volume will also help give the hair dryer a diffuser..

Short hairstyle for the wedding: bouffant

Retro waves

Retro waves were in fashion back in the twenties, but such a hairstyle does not lose its relevance today, displaying a beautiful image of the past. Hairdresser styling hair with mousse or gel. The second remedy helps create an effect. «cold wave». Well fit here accessories - feathers, large stones, hairpins.

Short bridal hairstyle: elegant retro waves

Stylish styling

A variety of stylish styling will help the bride look amazing. Original decisions depend on the skill of the master, the preferences of the bride herself. Straighten your hair with an iron or make an unusual parting, divide into strands, gently brush the ends with wax to give them a natural look. Make a parting on the side, give the hair volume at the roots - and your bob-haircut will turn into a real masterpiece. Hair styling looks unusual «feathers», when some strands straighten while others curl.

Stylish wedding hairstyles with short haircuts

Original waving

Stylists learned to make curls not only to long-haired ladies. Beautiful curls are easy to achieve on short haircuts. For example, «flower» represents wound strands that are collected on the back of the head in the form of a flower. Even the curls that are wound with a regular curling iron, an experienced master can gracefully lay.

Wedding hairstyles: curl on short hair

Hairstyles for curly hair

Some girls find naughty curls bad luck, but there is nothing more romantic than neatly arranged curly locks. Try an interesting weaving or just give the curls a shape, fixing it with varnish. If you want a smooth hairstyle, ask the stylist to straighten her hair with an iron or smooth with a gel.

Short hair bridal hair styling

Using accessories

Accessories will give the haircut on a short haircut a special charm, but you need to use them wisely. The main rule is not to overdo it with their number, correctly choosing the color, style of decoration.

Caps caps

This hat is a classic headless hat. This option will add elegance to the bride..

Wedding styling accessories: caps caps


Veil - the same «tablet», only with a veil covering part of the bride’s face. She is perfect for short-haired girls, adding an image of retro chic.

Wedding Hair Jewelry: Veils

Headbands and Hoops

These accessories will make the image of the hero of the occasion cute and enjoyable..

Short Hair Bridal Styling: Headbands

Wedding bandages and elastic bands

Super short hair or extra long square look great in tandem with bandages and elastic bands tailored to the style.

Romantic bridal styling


The diadem is a universal decoration for a festive day. She makes the bride a real princess. Remember that on short haircuts tiaras look better, not «overloaded» the details.

Diadem - the basis of short styling wedding

Barrettes and combs

Properly selected hairpins and combs will suit any party for a celebration.


Flowers emphasize femininity, tenderness of a girl. It is better to use one large flower - it can be real or decorative.

Short Hair Styling Decoration: Flowers

DIY hairstyles

Short hair makes it easy to make beautiful hairstyles with your own hands.

How do gentle curls for short hair look like, watch the video:

Volumetric braid for elongated caret:

The owner of a short hair should take care of the wedding hairstyle in advance. To choose the perfect option, you need to determine the style, and then make a trial version at the hairdresser.

Tell us in a comment which wedding styling you like..