Hairstyles for mother of the bride


A wedding is a significant event in the life of a bride, groom, and parents of young people. It is worth saying that for parents the wedding celebration is more exciting than for the newlyweds themselves. They think through everything to the smallest detail, including their appearance for the ceremony. This applies more to the mothers of brides who are trying to create a perfect image. Solemn styling will help to hide the true age of the woman, and also emphasize the beautiful features of the face. What hairstyles for mom of the bride are suitable?

Classic hairstyle for mom for a wedding - a bun

The bundle fits perfectly into the image of the mother of the bride, emphasizing her elegance. In addition, it is securely fixed on the head, so the woman manages to relax, without worrying about her hair participating in competitions. Consider the types of bunches for the holiday, as well as brief instructions for creating them.


A low beam is attached to the back of the head using hairpins, hairpins, and clips. It is better to choose beautiful hair accessories, otherwise the hairstyle for mom of the bride will not look solemn. How to make a low bun for mom of the bride yourself, the following instruction will prompt:

  1. Comb the hair, wind it with a curling iron with a large diameter nozzle.
  2. After that, beat the resulting curls with your own hands, make a low tail.
  3. Use a flat comb to comb the tail. Wrap the strands around your hand, then fix the resulting bunch with beautiful hairpins, invisible hairpins.
  4. Spray your hairstyle with varnish so that it does not fray.

This styling is perfect for the mother of the bride, emphasizes the oval of the face, and also freshens his features.

Low beam

Voluminous with curls

A volumetric bundle with curls is allowed to be fixed both on the top of the head and in the neck of the woman. If you want to demonstrate the whiteness of the neck and shoulders, then make a volumetric beam at the crown. The styling fixed in the neck area will look neat. Consider the instruction that will help create a volumetric bundle with curls on your own:

  1. Lock the tail where you want to fix the bundle. Next, curl large curls with a curler or curler.
  2. Comb each strand of curl with a flat comb. Spray the resulting voluminous tail with varnish.
  3. Wrap the tail around your arm or fingers. So you get a bunch that should be fixed with studs.

A voluminous bun with curls is an excellent choice for mature ladies who want to attract attention with their elegance.

Decoration bunches with accessories


Under a smooth beam, you need to choose not only original accessories, but also a good make-up, as well as bright large-sized earrings. After all, such a hairstyle needs elements that will complement it. But at the same time, a smooth beam looks great in the image of adult women. The instructions below will help to make it:

  1. Comb the washed hair back. Apply styling gel to your hair.
  2. Using a comb with rare teeth, comb the locks and collect the hair in a tight tail. Make sure that the strands lie smoothly in the tail, otherwise the creases are placed to make a smooth bundle.
  3. Smooth your hair with a gloss, and create a bun by wrapping locks several times around your fingers. Fix it with studs and invisible hairpins.
  4. Spray your hair with glitter.

A smooth bun is suitable for owners of long hair, because otherwise you can’t do this hairstyle. With such styling, the mother of the bride will look unsurpassed in all wedding photos!

Hairstyles for mother of the bride on medium hair (photo)

The average length of the hair is universal, because many different hairstyles are suitable for such locks. It is advisable for the mother of the bride to choose a styling that will be in harmony with the color of the hair. According to experts, braids look especially good on light locks, because the weaving pattern is clearly visible. Now there are many hairstyles that suggest weaving. At the wedding, the braid will be appropriate «Fish tail», which should be decorated with rhinestones, beads.

Hairstyles for mother of the bride on medium hair

As for brunettes with brown eyes, it is desirable for them to emphasize the depth of the dark color of their hair. This will help to do high hairstyles, as well as a smooth bunch in the shape of a pear, that is, without curls. Also, on strands of medium length, it is convenient to make a hairstyle in the Greek style. You should choose stylish jewelry, and the mother of the bride will look irresistible at the wedding of her own daughter!

On long hair

Mother of the bride with long hair is invited to experiment with wedding hairstyles. So, a good idea would be to make French «Shell». This styling is easily done from long hair, because «Shell» provides for a high pile in the crown area, which requires long, thick locks. Also, mothers of brides prefer the Greek hairstyle. It is worth saying that it suits a full as well as a round face, because the hairstyle visually makes it smaller.

Stylish Shell

For short

Short haircuts are suitable to create solemn, elegant hairstyles. A great solution is to create a smooth styling, in which short hair is laid back. This hairstyle should be sprinkled with glitter varnish so that it does not seem boring. Also popular hairstyles that suit the mother of the bride are the cold wave, as well as high styling. These styling provide the effect of slight negligence. Curls give hairstyles romance, sophistication.

Beautiful options for loose hair

Well-groomed loose locks at any age will look chic. But after all, for the wedding, you need to carefully consider every detail of the image, including the hairstyle. Therefore, simply dissolving the hair is not enough. We offer several options for loose hair for the mother of the bride:

Hollywood styling

Many celebrities prefer to curl their hair in large curls. Therefore, volumetric curls acquired a second name - «hollywood styling». To make it, you need curlers of large diameter (about 4 cm), or a curling iron with a wide nozzle. Twist the strands alternately on the curling iron, sprinkle the hair with varnish. If you use curlers, then you need to wind strands on them, and go to bed like that. In the morning, remove the curlers, comb the hair, knock the curls.

Curl Options

Curls put back

Torn back curls - the current hairstyle that will suit the mother of the bride. You can either comb your hair curled back into curls, or collect it in a bun or tail. To fix the curls, use beautiful accessories: clips, hair clips, hairpins. Decorative flowers are also suitable. But do not overdo it with the decoration of the hairstyle, because the main advantage of the mother of the bride is modesty.

Stylish styling for haircuts

For each haircut, hairdressers manage to select the best hairstyles. A short haircut involves the creation of stylish hairstyles, but many of them are suitable for special occasions. Consider a few stylish styling for mothers of brides with short hair:

Cold wave

This hairstyle appeared in the 30s of the last century, but it still does not lose its relevance. But if a cold wave is foreseen for the mother of the bride, it is necessary to trace - she must fit along. Clothing should be elegant, emphasize the dignity of the figure, as well as hide flaws. It is advisable to choose an elegant retro dress, and the mother of the bride will have an unrivaled look with a cold wave!

High styling

High styling is suitable for a very short haircut, similar to a man's. This styling is done using styling products such as wax, mousse, gel, and others. Fleece up should begin to perform with the temples, gradually rising up to the crown. Fix the hairstyle with persistent hair spray, otherwise there is a risk that the styling will not last until the end of the ceremony. A high styling hairstyle will look stylish and modern on the mother of the bride, so it’s worth experimenting.

Stylish haircuts


Smooth styling on short hair looks elegant. To create it, you need to comb the hair back, and smooth it with wax or gel. The strands are allowed to be left loose, but if you are doing a classic smooth hairstyle, you should fix the hair in a ponytail on the back of the head. The styling should be decorated with several miniature hair clips, as well as sprinkled with varnish to fix.

French «Shell»

Hairstyle «Shell» has long won the hearts of women who seek to look stylish. But french «Shell» It was created exclusively for celebrations, so the mothers of the brides boldly make it for her daughter's wedding. The hairstyle is a multi-layered design of twisted locks. Consider how to make French «Shell» independently:

French cockleshell for celebration

  1. Divide the hair into two horizontal partings. Secure the bottom with a clip.
  2. The upper part of the hair must be combed from the inside. So, you get a kind of beam, which must be sprayed with varnish and secured with an invisible hairpin.
  3. Take two wide strands of hair from your temples, wrap them around the end of the bun, and lock the strands with hairpins.
  4. The rest of the hair should be wrapped from left to right. Fix the resulting hump with a beautiful hairpin.

French «Shell» suitable not only for glamorous parties, but also for the wedding of your own daughter.

Options with weaving elements

Original patterns of weaving in the hairstyle are widely used to create a solemn image. Unusual braids will rejuvenate the mother of the bride, make the face more lively. What hairstyles with weaving elements to make for a wedding?

  • Scythe «Snail» exposes the shoulders, neck of a woman, and attracts the eyes of guests of the holiday. This braid is also called «Italian», After all, this variant of weaving was invented in Italy. The hairstyle should not be made too tight, on the contrary, the strands should be freely located in the braid.
  • Scythe «Fish tail» - favorite among evening hairstyles with weaving. It is believed that this braid is not suitable for special occasions, but it is not. Decorating your hairstyle with exquisite decorative elements, you will create an irresistible look!
  • A braid flower is a weave that occupies the entire head. Braiding begins with a side parting, and ends in the back of the head. The braid needs to be wrapped around itself several times, and fixed on the back of the head.
    Using weaves

Weaving hairstyles belong to the most original styling, and are perfect for mom of the bride.

In greek style

For a hairstyle in the Greek style, you will need a bezel on which the locks will be wound. Choose a bezel of bright colors, decorated with beads, rhinestones. Then the hairstyle in the Greek style will look solemn. Consider how to create such a styling:

  1. Comb the hair, dividing it into a straight part. Put on the bezel.
  2. Separate one strand from both temples, tuck them by the rim.
  3. Next, separate small strands from the left and right sides of the head, and twist them by the rim.
  4. When you reach the back of the head, braid the remaining hair into a braid. Tuck her into the rim.

This hairstyle will be appreciated not only by the family of the mother of the bride, but also by the guests of the event.

Greek image

High hairstyle for mother of the bride

High hairstyles are used to create an elegant look. They should be created not only for newlyweds, but also for mothers of brides. Such styling can be done on long hair and locks of medium length. High hairstyles include: «Shell», «Babette», fleece and many others. To create a high styling, you need to arm yourself with a flat comb, a hairdryer with a flat nozzle, mousse and hair spray. A high hairstyle, you can create yourself, or turn to the services of a hairdresser.

Video: How to make an evening hairstyle with your own hands

French «Shell» It is considered a classic hairstyle for special occasions, and impresses mothers of brides. But how to do it yourself? Watch the video master class, and you can easily create a French «Shell»:

A hairstyle for mom of the bride is difficult to choose, but a well-chosen styling makes the woman attractive, thanks to which she looks irresistibly in all wedding photos and videos. It is worthwhile to work on the choice of hairstyle, and then the mother of the bride will catch admiring glances all evening! Do you know more hairstyles that suit mother of the bride? Leave your ideas in the comments to the article!