Hairstyle bride for long hair


Hair is the main girl’s accessory and during the wedding it should look stunning. Girls with long thick hair were really lucky - their choice is limited only by imagination. There are many beautiful styling for long hair, which will help emphasize any festive look - romantic, delicate, fragile, mischievous or elegant. Below are the popular wedding hairstyles for long hair that will help you make a choice in advance.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a diadem and veil

Elegant diadem is a beautiful accessory that will make a real princess out of a bride. Along with a veil, a symbol of purity, innocence, purity, they will create a gentle fairy-tale image. The diadem can be decorated with small rhinestones, pearls, large precious and semiprecious stones, beads - depending on the financial possibilities of the bride. She will be a wonderful decoration of a wedding hairstyle for long hair. The veil is attached to the crown or back of the head with a comb, hairpins, invisibility or a special hoop. The more complex the structure of the bride’s hairstyle, the easier the decor of the headgear should be and vice versa.

Brides in tiaras


A short veil, barely reaching the bride’s shoulders, and a diadem jewelry will be the perfect complement to a bridal hairstyle for long hair. This option for using accessories suits low-bodied girls. The veil will look good if you collect the strands - make a high styling or a fashionable low bunch.


A long veil can reach several meters - it all depends on the scale of the celebration, the style of the dress. If the bride chooses a long decoration, she should take care of an elegant, simple styling so as not to overload the image with bright details.


A fabulous image is perfectly emphasized by a lush veil. The voluminous decoration, the diadem, along with the wide skirt of the outfit, will make the bride a real princess, as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale. This veil is perfect for weddings, if the girl’s dress is open - she will hide her arms, shoulders, back. Full girls are advised to choose less lush options so that the headgear does not make their figure visually more «heavy».

With and without bangs

Brides with a slanting asymmetric bangs can neatly lay it on its side, spin a stylish curl at the temple - any veil is suitable for this styling option. For owners of straight bangs who want to emphasize it by creating a deliberately straight line that hides their foreheads, simple decoration options without unnecessary decor are suitable. See photos where wedding hairstyles for long hair with bangs and without.

Bride with and without bangs

No veil with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers - an original, beautiful decoration of a wedding hairstyle for long hair. Using imagination, create an interesting floral arrangement that will delight those present during the celebration. Natural plants that adorn the hair, look interesting, give the image of naturalness, lightness. They can be in the form of a single flower, composition or stylish wreath. Ideal with this accessory looks hairstyle-spikelet or loose curls.

Fresh flowers as an accessory

Beautiful evening hairstyles for the bride

All wedding hairstyles for long beautiful hair are created on the basis of evening styling. Below you will find spectacular options that will help your hair look amazing. To decorate the bride can use accessories that she will like - ribbons, hair clips, wreaths, tiaras.

Loose curls and curls

Naturalness is the main trend of the weddings of the season 2014. No other hairstyle reflects this trend like loose curls and mischievous curls. In order to appear during the celebration with such styling, take care of the timely improvement of the hair - make masks in a month, use special moisturizing and nourishing oils, cut the cut ends the day before. To curled curls looked as much as possible «lively», naturally, use the services of a wizard. You can end this interesting hairstyle with a wreath of fresh flowers, and a natural make-up will be the perfect make-up for such an image..

Brides with loose curls

With weaving

The graceful weaving created by the hairdresser-stylist will make the bride feminine and tender. This popular type of hairstyle for long hair will turn out to be used at celebrations of various sizes, it will suit various models of dresses - modest and richly decorated.

Braid on the side for very long hair

Super-long-haired brides can weave a chic braid on their sides. With a huge massive hair, they will not be comfortable wearing a high hairstyle or loose hair, so a stylish French braid, spikelet or «fish tail» will be the salvation of the situation.

Wedding braids and weaving

One way pick up

Elegant styling, taken to one side, can be made in the form of curls or hair straightened with an iron, use a side part or be completely parted at all. Smooth Hollywood waves will look great - you can make such a hairstyle in the salon with a specialist.

In greek style

A hairstyle created in the Greek style can be high or low. Often used the Greek version of the Malvinka. To add femininity to this styling, even from the high version, stylists release several locks that fall to the bride’s neck.

Retro fleece (babette)

The tall babette looks stylish, interesting - it is suitable for a wedding in a retro style. To keep the styling in shape, it is necessary to use strong styling products - mousse, hairspray. The finishing touch of the babette hairstyle will be an elegant ribbon tied with a bow, matching the color of the dress. Watch the tutorial video to help you make babette yourself:


Smooth or sloppy bunches are a popular type of wedding hairstyle for long hair. This styling option for several years does not go beyond the wedding fashion. The bride, whose hair is gathered in a stylish bun, looks feminine, elegant and tender.

On straight dark hair

You can collect straight dark hair into a bold ponytail - it will be an interesting solution for hairstyles. Straight loose hair flowing over the shoulders also looks beautiful. Gather this type of hair in a malvinka, make a stylish babette - different options will work.

For curly blonde

Curly blondes can not collect hair, but gently pin them on the temples - funny curls themselves look festive and interesting. With curly hair, you can also make a beautiful volumetric bun or other high hairstyle.

Step-by-step video instruction: how to make easy styling with your own hands, step by step

Gatsby Looks

Greek look

Weaving elements

Hollywood styling

Think about your wedding hairstyle in advance. Remember her mandatory combination with the outfit, selected accessories, the concept of celebration. What styling options did you like, which is fashionable this season? Leave a comment, it will be interesting to other readers.